Student Beaten by Group of Teachers in Tanzania

Student Beaten by Group of Teachers in Tanzania

Video from Tanzania in Eastern Africa depicts a group of teachers beating a male student. As Best Gore member @real_nigger explains:

It is allowed in Tanzania for a teacher to whip students with up to 3 strokes per day, and in cases where a student is supposed to be whipped with more than 3 strokes, then it should be administered over several days at 3 strokes per day. These teachers took it a bit too far and they have been suspended from work.

Thanks a lot for the video and the insights, @real_nigger:

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59 thoughts on “Student Beaten by Group of Teachers in Tanzania”

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  1. Black children need to be beaten to learn discipline. Otherwise they can be quite disruptive.
    You gotta show them who is boss. Leniency is for whites and asians, as they tend to work harder.

    This is not a racist comment, it is a fact.

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    2. Utter bullshit…..all children need to learn how to behave regardless of their race…..different cultures have different ways to achieve that….question is, does this level of discipline reap beneficial results in the future?

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    One look at the academic statistics in any first world country shows the above to be true. These African teachers are therefore correct in their actions because they know what it is to be black and what is needed to control that blackness.

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  4. I used to be a proper problem child and got sent to an all girls boarding school. Some of the teachers would give us a good slap across the head, nothing like this though. My mum would half kill me when I was bad, which was often. Tbh I needed it. Kids need tough discipline not this soft ‘lets talk about why you smashed the gym window.’ Just my opinion.

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    1. Most human beings around the world live within homogeneous societies, East Asia, Eastern Europe, half of western Asia as well, and it is only really a hand full of countries around the world that have melting pot societies such as the Americas, France, Germany ect.

      In the above then, the people of these countries never do see a member of another race in any of the roles you specified and so their viewpoints can and do go unchallenged.

      Also, Bestgore is a website that tends not to attract a left-wing following due to the strong content and commentary that exists here which also means racist viewpoints tend to be the norm.

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      The answer is simple, Sub-Saharan Africa never made their mark in this world. They have never been at the forefront of science, arts, politics etc and were living like hunter/gatherers for much of their existence(in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa they still are) when other peoples and cultures had already long since developed industry and intercontinental trade. This was also well before the white man and his slave trade ever entered Sub-Saharan Africa.

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