Student Protester Beaten by Riot Police in Naples, Italy

Student Protester Beaten by Riot Police in Naples, Italy

On November 15, 2013 over 4,000 Italian students took to the streets in protest of crumbling societal structures, devastation of natural resources, for the right to housing, the right to education accessible to all and against the future of exploitation.

The protest started on Piazza Del GesΓΉ in Naples and proceeded toward the Department for Environmental Policies. There they were met with force from riot police.

Most protesters ran and took refuge in nearby University, but at least two were arrested and treated in Naples’ Loreto Mare Hospital after receiving brutal beatings from the cops.

We don’t tend to see many videos from Italy on Best Gore so here’s one to make up for it. It appears to have been filmed from a balcony overlooking a scene of an assault on a protester by riot police.

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  1. Well they had the shields, but these cops would have been better outfitted with the uniforms of the Roman Legions and if they had been armed with a gladius instead of a baton. It was wonderful to see how they just naturally went into battle formations. Ah the memories.

          1. Lasagna in the microwave, dizgraziato. My dead Italian grandmothers are spinning in their graves, and if they were still alive they’d beat me to death with a rolling pin.

  2. This is the way the world works, dissent is punished whilst acceptance is rewarded.
    Mistakes are praised, not punished.
    The world we live in today is a world of bankers and propaganda, the media feeding us lies and pumping owed money into the war machine, I only ask the few who see this to remember that we are all human, no matter how evil, we can escape none of our natures, none of our faults.
    The difference between us and them (rich, powerful zionist bankers) is the fact that we are not typically as narcissistic, sociopathic, and lacking regard for human life.
    Please keep your eyes open, head up, and mind straight.

    1. its part of a big ass wide spread union protest going on in spain, greece. portugal france and belgium..
      things got ugly in front o jewish synogog and student in black hoods beat shit out of a riot cop with metal pipe, and then tosses large firecrackers at the oncoming riot cops and severly burned 2 of them..

      glad students are demonstrating “palestinian style”, fuck cardboard placard messages and jhohn lennon-esque chants..shake the cage of that syetem right the hell up kids!!

  3. The Naples Riot Policemen arrive in packs, terrorizing anyone that crosses their path. Armed with plastic shields, impenetrable by there meager protest signs. The flock of students fly away as it is their best chance of survival

  4. “hey! teacher! leave them kids alone….”

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    more than your fucking feta stinks!
    cheesy kids , battling government illusion of sensitivity…only to end up a pig in reality, not unlike that douch bag John Mayer who sings of bodies and wonderlands but prefers them
    drenched in piss

    as the world spins on its evil/good axle the students rose becoming one day crooked leaders more traiterous and fucked than axel rose.*yeah hey thanks for your $$$, fuck you no refund

    but youth IS optimism .
    may they not fart their blood in vain.
    Onwards! People!!!

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