Sudanese Woman Whipped for Getting Into Car with Man Not Related to Her

Sudanese Woman Whipped for Getting Into Car with Man Not Related to Her

Sudanese woman named Halima was publicly flogged by police for allegedly getting into a car with a man not related to her. In the video, the officer is heard warning the woman by saying: “This is so you don’t get into cars anymore.

This is not the first time we’ve seen a video of public whipping in Sudan. Sudan’s public order law allows cops to flog women who are accused of “public indecency.” Cops act as a judge, jury and executioner, delivering the punishment on the spot.

Halima crouched on the floor and tried to cover her head with a pink cloth as the officer whipped her. Abdul Rahman Al Khidir – Governor of Khartoum, where the incident took place said he didn’t think the punishment was severe enough considering her transgression.

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      1. i can honestly way i would whoop my kid if he ever tried a stunt like that for having me worried as fuck. but ill hit him with a belt so he’ll know that is wrong and don’t want him to do it ever again.

      1. not in islam. women thinking for themselves is a crime. women are considered less than animals in these backward religeon infested villages. Only the empoerment of women has proven to increase the progress of places where the population is what Dawin would consider “the missing link”. not quite ape not quite human.

      2. This is how Islam treats women. The Quran condones the beating of women.

        The Quran says, “Men are in charge of women… So righteous women are devoutly obedient… But those wives from whom you fear arrogance – first advise them; then if they persist, shun them in bed; and finally, strike them.” (Quran 4:34).

        The prophet Muhammad was also reported as saying, “I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers were women who were ungrateful… they are ungrateful to their husbands and are ungrateful for the favors and the charitable deeds done to them” (Sahih al-Bukhari, volume 1, book 2, number 29).

        That’s what Islam has to say about women.

          1. Off topic ….just think Sudan offered bid Ladin’s head on platter to bubba Clinton but instead he lobbed a few missiles to blow up a few tents and a pharmaceutical plant….just think if he would of done the right thing and sent in the seal teams there wouldn’t of been a 9-11….

    1. Islam’s penalties for fornication and adultery are kind of inconsistent. The Quran says that any man or woman guilty of adultery or fornication should receive one hundred lashes (verse 24:2). But it also says that women found guilty of lewd behaviour should be kept under house arrest for the rest of their lives (verse 4:15), but it doesn’t say men found guilty should be given that same punishment. To make matters even more confusing, the hadith (that is, the sayings and deeds of Muhammad) says that execution is the proper punishment for adultery.

  1. 97% of the Sudanese practice Islam. This is what happens if you ride to the Mall with your boyfriend, instead of Uncle Abdul.
    Now, her loving family can’t sell her for 3 cows and 8 goats. Whore! I hope you’re happy, you’ve shamed your entire family forever by getting into a car with a man not related to you. Do you know what happened to the man not related to her? Nothing, because this is Islam.

        1. This is her family’s fault for not finding her a husband to trade for the goats and cows when she was 9.

          Now she is older and a dried out 20 year old, she can get up to mischief.

          See, follow the example of Mohammed and you can avoid troublesome issues like this.

          1. that would explain why she seemed almost indifferent toward the cop and his weak wristed attempts at whipping her. it’s over and they both know it

          2. That’s because they want to train them. Training increases their value and they’re worth more camels or goats…

            I was joking, but it’s probably true. I’m sure ’tis true.

          1. I bet you aren’t putting your hand up to trade places, no? Especially if you ever stole a pen at the bank. They will cut that hand right off too.

          2. It would be extremely hard to accept their lifestyle. Especially so for a woman, where something as simple as accepting a ride from a male friend can result in a public lashing. I wouldn’t be interested in changing places. By the way, McTreblar, you’ve been doing a great job, so thank you! As have everyone else who’s filling in and helping out until the boss returns!

        1. no womens are not animals or slaves.
          They need to grow open and give love to earth, not being in box.
          I understand your frustration, they get too powerful, but life is like this, those people are weak, Ego wins, wars,
          ending is same, world wont change, thats why you just have to save yourself. we have to save ourselves to not become another piece of paralyctic construct we hate
          ( and if possible help those helpless mindfucks to not become one with the darkness forever )

    1. I believe most woman in the western world need a bit of a flogging.

      I think woman should stay classy and act with decency the same goes for men but it looks so much worse for a woman. This is because men are naturally looking to impregnate its in his nature. Woman are far to loose nowadays due to the sale of sex and change of society which you can thank us men for. woman are used to make men money making themselves some on the side. I love a woman who holds her own and doesn’t show off. In fact they are far more attractive to me when they dress and act respectfully.

      I cant stand woman who dress with belts and get drunk falling all over the place seeking attention. I see this most nights here in the UK

  2. Sudan vs the first world, they both share a common problem in that they both operate on extreme ideology.

    Sudan with their extreme religious viewpoint rule with an iron hand against all those who go against those views and the first world with their extreme liberal viewpoints rule with an iron hand and for much the same reasons.

    Both are dictatorships and both punish you for going against government policy, policies that are forever changing due to corrupt leaders making it up as they go along.

    The end result is whippings and executions in Sudan and prison sentences in the first world for all those who dare to act against government policy, even the most peace loving citizens are criminals under those rules.

    My conclusion, we all have a boot pressed against our throats by the people who rule us, the Sudanese with their Islamic laws and we, the first world, with our forced multiculturalism and mass immigration, our police states, our corrupt politicians and the never ending taxation.

    I look at this whipping footage and I feel not for her, for Islam is unknown to me, I instead feel for all the indigenous people throughout the world who are whipped and abused daily for wanting to protect their own countries from the parasites that wish to consume them.

      1. @TheProtocolsOfZion,

        The strong and weak in nature is decided based upon physical strength, speed and skill whereas the strong and weak in human society is decided based upon wealth.

        When you consider that most of our leaders, the politicians, the big business men, the bank owners were all born into vast amounts of wealth then it cannot be said that the strong rule the weak, merely that those with the most money have power over those with the least money.

        Strip away society and the money system and those so called “strong” will be the first to die because they are few in number and other than wealth they have no such physical strength, speed and skill.

        Chance of birth dictates your place in human society.

        1. Well, that would be financial strength. The strong can become the weak. Look at the Jews, they are dominating us because they are outwitting us with their master chess moves. As of now, they are the strong, mentally and financially, but if we up our game, they could become the weak. That’s how we will defeat them, we need to weaken them.

      2. @TPOFZ

        I personally only see weakness from the guy with the whip . Who , due to him being a brainwashed retard , is meting out punishment based on his twisted belief that all women are sluts . Thing is , by it’s very nature, the punishment implies that all men are perverts too . A backwards religion but wtf is new there !?!

  3. I love a good whooping but I’m not really into whipping- unless it’s egg whites for my homemade lemon meringue.

    Sucks for her though. I’d totally be a suicide story of I lived there- or I probably would’ve been whipped to death by now..

          1. I can only speak for my country but the FDA is a fucking joke as is their lame food pyramid! The dairy farmers of America are extremely influential on everyone and have BIG bucks! There’s SOOoo many autoimmune diseases these days and most are diet related. There’s really no ancient seed for grains left and it’s sad that money and power are reasoning behind most of it. Sugar is another one with its addictive qualities ranking right up there with crack cocaine! I can’t say I don’t miss some of my favorite processed foods but I don’t miss the way I used to feel. Clean eating (to the best of my ability) is just the way to go..

        1. Hi Juicy, Do you find cutting out gluten helped with your energy level? I am thinking of cutting out dairy to see if that helps me. I did the vegan thing for two weeks. I missed yogurt and cheese, soy yogurt is so gross! Do you have an autoimmune disease? I have a few of them, it sucks! Especially the side effects of the chemo and steroids, they are terrible.

        2. Juicy, that’s awesome. I do the organic thing and no gluten. Just works for me. Love lemon meringue pie, though.

          Poor suppressed woman on here being beaten for wanting to feel the sun on her face (metaphorically). Women in the middle east spend the gross majority of their lives never feeling the sun on their skin. They spend a life sentence in a prison they carry with them for committing the crime of being born the wrong gender.

  4. looks like you are ignorant of sudanese politcal climate of the last 61/2 years

    yeah sudan re- enforced this ban not just to clamp down on sexual vices but to restrict the female upper middle class academics from gathering and opposing the regime
    dont forget once upon a time these ladies supported the rivals of those supressive south /north regime.
    it was those very academics that brought thier dire plight to amnesty international and amfar and sat onits board of directors

    1. @ScHoLaR oF SMuT, I totally agree with you, all the moderators are great and are doing a wonderful job with keeping the web site going, also with their back stories to the videos with a smidgin of their personal opinions – well done guys and gals.

      With regards to the post, how would the cops know she got into a car with a man who was not related to her, someone who knows her must have snitched on her.

      1. i’m going to teach you one of the most IMPORTANT arab words ever… Mukhabarat

        it means a spy, a mole if you will
        these inconspicous covert men/women are everywhere and their job is to be the eyes and ears of gov’t and police reporting evrybody’s move.
        the man she got in car wth may have been one

          1. rats are bottom feeders.
            accomplished mukhabarat are crucial for terror cells intelligence for strategizing big hits
            munich athlete hijacking, 911, harriri murder, and 245 american soldier beirut bunker deaths

      1. thank you for seeing arabian girls without hate in your heart 🙂

        -after famed american hostage terry anderson was released from 7 yrs captivity by our hezbollah army he divorced his american wife and came back lebanon to marry hezbollah madeline bassil. actually all hostages even british returned and married arabian women
        anderson said we persian lebanese arabs is the most beautiful hearted women ever created by the hand of god .

        and many american soldiers iraqi

        i’d rather die than not be that persian arabian woman my parents proudly and lovingly raised me to be

        1. Does hezbollah really kidnaps every person who visit their country.
          How was terry so stupid to show himself publicly or he knew it can happen, but he was smart to stole iran money atleast and make revenge. He said he forgived iran but still got lot of money from them. Good owning

          1. be a VERY BAD idea for jewish or americans to visit our hezbollah strongholds.
            *cause they’d be presumed guilty until proven innocent

            terry anderson still comes visit baalbek!!
            chef anthony bourdain did a show where he feasted with hezbollah and got shitfaced happy with out people.
            *he’s done three shows in lebanon aand already stated its his fave place and we his fave people and lebanese food fucking delicous as the ladies are

            iran wont be paying terry one fucking penny…terry is just being a sillydilly ninkypoop

    1. maybe those women are staying there because they get turned on too, but are too ashamed of it or scare to escape from that country
      Maybe they feel same bad like women in USA who try suicides.
      They need someone safe in their life. Not this fear. Someone needs to help them. I need to save the world, but i dont have enough power and money . hahaaa

        1. im confused here. Not sure that anger is right word in here, but why non arab women cannot have baby.
          For some females, childrens are only thing that keeps them alive.
          Is this better when they suffer, turn into mean old lady who judge and say bad things to young peoples or worse.
          Help me to figure it out this. ( take my hand lets go for a walk have a conversation:)

          1. arab persian women are groomed to love ONE AND ONLY one man in their life..

            life would be ugly without the site and laughter of good man in the house

            babies come easy for persian and arabs ladies and we loveeee to make little babies for the hubbies

          2. This is what i really admire about persians.
            For me the LOYALNESS is most importnant thing. If my partner is not telling truth about anything or hiding, sneak around, it will end up badly for our relationship.
            Americans act maybe differently, but its their choice if they want to ruin childs life.and make bad decisions in their life

  5. Dude with whip unleashs frustration far from her attempt prostitution , he secretly packs a baby weeny and coin purse …lol you can definitely see and hear it all in his thrust …She’s probably so wet , bet she’s squirt’n ?.!!!

  6. Obviously nothing worse than accepting a lift from a male FRIEND in that shit hole.

    Such retarded beliefs and paranoia………

    Having a pussy in a backward swamp can lead to all sorts of condemnation.

      1. 😆

        In 09…….. I was infected with swine flu and near death for 7 days with 40% lung capacity in ICU.

        Apparently 50 fleshy viruses died of it that year here down under.

        I fought like never before and got lucky.

        Took me 3 months to recover fully.

  7. Isn’t shit like this NORMAL to these people?!?’d think they’d be used to getting beaten by now…yeah it’s sad but my Mexican neighbors always getting beaten by her straight outta the Mexican river wet backed husband for smiling and waving at fellow neighbors..she has this guy by like 3 inches…but she takes it because that’s how they get their woman in shape…same here..beat that bitch for hitchhiking….better turn into a dusty old spinster….grab a cat or 5and run for the hills babygirl!!!…lolz..

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