Suffolk County Cop Enters House Without Warrant, Chokes and Threatens Owner

Suffolk County Cop Enters House Without Warrant, Chokes and Threatens Owner

The only thing worse than a nigger state, is a police state. This is for the millionth time why:

Despite being told multiple times he couldn’t come in without a warrant, a Suffolk County cop forced his way into the Sound Beach, New York home where he uttered threats and physically choked 28 year old Michael Schuchman in his own kitchen. The incident happened on March 28, 2013.

Police were reportedly responding to complaints about a party in the house and dispersed the partygoers. In the vertically filmed video filmed after the fact, the officer was recorded threatening the house owner with physical violence and abuse of authority by saying:

I’ll beat the living shit out of you and drag your fucking ass to jail.

After these verbal threats, the pig laid his filthy hands on Michael Schuchman, grabbed him by the neck and pushed him against the kitchen cabinet, choking him.

Michael Schuchman told Newsday that he didn’t want to press charges, stating that: “As long as he’s learned his lesson, I don’t want to get him fired.

Are you fucking serious, dude? That pig laid his filthy hands on you and abused his position as a cop to fulfill his own personal gratification knowing you couldn’t fight back. In a police state, a civilian has nobody to protect him from police. This cop realizes it and makes himself feel good by abusing his authority. He must be stopped at any cost.

The video is another one of those “if there was no video of it, did it even happen” situations. That is why if you live in a police state, it is essential to videotape cops at all times because as a civilian, there is nothing else to protect you from gangsters in uniform. This is also why the cops don’t want you to film them and become excessively aggressive with anyone who does. For too long have they abused us. It’s time to stand up for ourselves.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “Suffolk County Cop Enters House Without Warrant, Chokes and Threatens Owner”

  1. what kind of education are cops getting in USA? they really need a better psycho test before the recruitment process… and then an every-year course “how to treat other humans without violence”. It’s a modern country and I’m always surprised how many freaks there are ^^

        1. No, I mean cops scared to death to go into some neighborhoods because they are filled with Muslims or Africans.

          Cops scared to do anything when these people riot, and start burning cars, buildings.

          Cops who get attacked and run like a scared little girl.

          1. Nah, I’m in Canada.

            And I doubt American cops run from Black neighborhoods or Mexican neighborhoods.

            I could be wrong, I suppose, but I highly doubt it.

          2. So, as a Canadian you know cops in Western Europe are pussy cops and scared, because there are muslims and africans filled citys… interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

          3. Elaboration: From speaking with and conversing with Swedes, I have been able to learn that the Riots went on as long as they did because the Police (and Government) were scared of stopping them.

            Through conversing with many actually Europeans living in Western Europe, I have been able to find out that there are suburbs and cities so full of Africans and Muslims, the police not dare go near there as they get attacked.

            Actually, there was a thing recently in France where the cops did go into a place full of Africans and Muslims, and actually got shot at in their cars.

          4. ๐Ÿ˜€ maybe I’m not (or the city I live in) the best example for western europe ^^ There’s too much freedom and savety here. so maybe you are right for some parts in Western Europe… my first thought was Paris, It’s awfull there!!!

          5. Yeah, Paris is probably one of the worst off. Followed by Amsterdam, and then London. Brussels is pretty choke full of Muslims (Over 30% of their population) but I confess Belgium has escaped my gaze. I do know however, a Muslim Politician who was elected there promised to turn Belgium into an Islamic Republic.

            Anyway – Where do you live in Western Europe and what city? (You don’t have to say if you don’t feel comfortable)

          6. I also visited Amsterdam and London and I have to say, Amsterdam was okay… that must be the cannabis xD my hotel was in the slut area and I felt save. I loved London, but yeah, some neughbourhoods were fucked up (my Hotel was at Elephant & Castle, with a lot of immigrants there). I live in Munich, Germany. So visit me in september and I will show you the oktoberfest, haha ๐Ÿ˜€

          7. I heard an 80 year old German man was beaten by two Muslim Immigrants in their 20s in Munich, in the subway, if I recall correctly. Any truth to that? I can’t remember how long ago this was – it was said in conjunction with a teen there who got jumped by a group of Muslim immigrants after be beat one of them in a game of Soccer.

            As far as Amsterdam, that city is full of Muslims. Around 40% or more of the population, if I am recalling correctly. Also an assortment of Africans (Both the Berber/Arab kind and Black kind). Moroccans being the major problem.

            I’d never visit it. From what I’m hearing, it’s become a cesspit.

            London is obvious. Blacks run rampant there and Muslims are a huge problem, of course. With Muslim patrols and the like. Running down and beheading soldiers, protests/demonstrations demanding Sharia law.. Hellhole. England is weak enough to give it to them, too.

            There are others not as notable as those, like Malmo, Sweden, Copenhagen, Oslo etc.

          8. You’re right, It was a huge media thing… A turk and a greek, the turk got 12 years and the greek 8,5 years in prison. In Munich are also a lot of immigrant, but the crime rate is low… I think It’s because there are not much unemployeed and in this case they don’t start a criminal career or get parasites. When someone gets murdered here, It’s always a big media hysteria, the reasons are often alcohol or psychiatric disorders and include germans and immigrants equal. So, It’s boring here^^ By the way, in Copenhagen and Malm? I didn’t saw that much immigrant (maybe they come out at night..^^), so I don’t know. I only looked at the boys in Copenhagen, they are good-looking!! *.*

          9. And the beheading thing in UK was freaky as hell! I can’t understand, why some immigrants are psychos and extreme in religios way. Must be a composition of unemployment and having no future or unlimited stupidity or whatever. Why should someone be extreme when he has everything in life? And for myself I didn’t find out, why immigrants won’t immigrate… On BG there’s a clearly opinion, but I’m too much based on psychology of humans. Have to sleep now… Good night ๐Ÿ™‚

          10. I see your the first to stand up and be a man in the great debate about cops… I don’t want to call you a dick but if you think about it you are as brit cops are not armed with all and sundry to defend themselves against sick imports .

    1. its not all the cops in the USA, its mainly the ones from new York, they don’t care about rules or anything. Because of prior terrorist attacks, they now have the right to randomly search you and violate all the laws. Nothing can be done man. Its a lose /lose situation. The guy you call and complain to about the aggressor, is the same guy who barbeque’s with the him. What can be done when a cop picks on you, and talks to you like you are his bitch. fight?The sad truth is, nothing.

      1. Its just cops in general. i live in Oklahoma, and you don’t know shit about cops unless you’ve had to deal with one thats power tripping, and thats 80% of them. People try to act like they’re so noble for harassing people and ruining peoples lives with bullshit crimes. I couldn’t walk outside at night as a kid without getting stopped by a cop and asked if I was high or stealing something.

  2. Wow, i hope he goes to jail, a cop here in Connecticut just got convicted for assaulting a dude in handcuffs and it was in a holding cell with a camera. Kinda a dumb cop but he is facing 20 years. His dad is the police chief, so we will see how it really pans out.

    1. while I absolutely side with the civilian in this video, I just want to point out that in this situation, the cops did not need to get a warrant to enter the home. They were dispatched there because of a complaint, and any number of things the cops observed on scene could have given probable cause. Bunch of cars and people to loud music would have been enough to enter. Doesn’t justify what the cop did in the house, but they certainly didn’t need a warrant to enter.

    1. There are plenty of pussys on Long Island that threaten to sue and have you arrested for anything they feel threatened by. This dude wasn’t one of them. He probably had enough satisfaction from the cop pathetically crying and apologizing, as I’m sure he did to keep his high paid job. He didn’t want to lower himself to the level of the those who sue for everything, you know those types…

  3. Suffolk fucking County is a hick country having a guy sippend gas when we have Sandy and they don’t like Asians mostly Filipinos which im one i have ten reasons i hate Long Island but born and raised there i really talk shit about

    1. Can’t tell if trolling lol. Well for what it’s worth my dad said when he was a hippy in college 1970, NYC, the cops stopped him for being drunk and drinking in public. They put him in the back of the cop car and beat him a few times with a billy club until his face was bloody and then they drove him home. He said he preferred that to going downtown and paying a fine. They can’t do that type of street justice anymore. I personally like that idea. I rather get beaten than have an arrest record.

  4. Damn Bullies with badges ,never ending bullshit, whats it gonna take for this to stop.i know not all are like this. maybe to filter them out, they should have an asshole tag next to their name tag.

  5. Today a ex-cop went to the court here in holland
    He lost his job because he didnt follow the rules
    He dicided to rob a supermarket and the dumb fuck got cought. He probebly dont gonna do time in jail because he was a cop. Thats Holland justice lol

    1. please read my response above. A warrant is not needed if they have probable cause. Learn your local and state laws, and you will be much better off dealing with the police. You cant act like a fucktard, then claim that your house is off limits unless a judge signs a warrant. Simply not true. All actions have consequences. For the cop to treat the man that way, he was wrong and should be punished. But he had absolutely every right, and the authority to be there based on someone reporting the disturbance.

  6. It’s funny how no one knows the whole story or the whole video is seen. People only show what they want to be seen. Not saying the police officer is right. I’m also not saying he’s wrong. This cop could be a complete roid rage phyco or this guy could be a know druggie/ dealer who isn’t getting nearly what he deserves.

    1. There’s nothing that justifies such behavior from a cop, I dont care how much of a slimeball the guy is.

      Geniuses like you actually make cops feel ok with taking the law into their own hands, which they have no right to. Punishment is dished out by a judge, not a fucking cop.

      Don’t you understand how the court system is a good thing and why we evolved into having one?

      1. Yes, your right. That is until a judge decides that a career robber is ok to be back in society. That is until he decided to pull off home invasions and kills innocent people. So “genius” if you have faith in America’s judicial system you need a wake up call. If we were more like South America and your hands got smashed every time you robbed from someone this country would be a better place. No reason why we should pay to keep a killer alive.

    1. The police can handcuff you if you are being detained for questioning. If I were the dude, once the cuffs went on, i would exercised my fifth amendment and answered no further questions. At that point, either they had enough evidence to arrest, or they didn’t and would have to free me.

  7. That cop has some serious anger issues.. And he is just using his power to deal with his anger, not very professional.

    Police-officers are assholes most of the time but damn, uniforms are a turn on for me, I’m not even joking.

    1. Some cops who have personal problems (family, kids, wife..) always try to fuck their frustration out on other people during their work..

      (Apparently officers are a turn on for you like nurses are for some guys :b )

      1. Yeah I think so lol!

        But DerSteppenwolf, the video you gave to BestGore about that guy that was beheaded with a dull knife (with the funny scream in the end) includes my language! I was watching the news and that video was partly shown (not the beheading-part) and our government is now looking for the people who were speaking Dutch/Belgian. Finally something interesting that has to do with my country, haha! If you want to know more you should look at the comments under that video and you’ll see mine and some comments from fellow-Dutch people. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. I just read your comment now, I’m acutually glad that they discovered the video from bestGore, it will make our community more famous.

          In addition to syrian/arabic and dutch, I heard a french sentence too “comme ?a c’est bon”..

          So I believe they came from belgium more than your country, since belgium is more infested with islam and people there speak french besides dutch.

          Your goverment and the belgian one should start investigating, in case those muslims return to belgium or your country they should be arrested.

          Muslims are invading syria from all over the word, in my case, there are so many tunisians who went fighting there, and of course, good riddance, they will be smashed by the syrian army like all the others, and my country will be disinfected from such scums.

          (click on my nickname and add me if you want :D)

          1. Hey DerSteppenwolf, yes I think they are from Belgium too. Because they are speaking French (I heard later on) and in Belgium you have a radical Muslim group named ”Sharia4Belgium” and that community told people (journalists) that they send people to Syria to the Jihad or something like that, I can’t really explain but I know that you’ll understand what I am saying! People in Holland are acting all shocked and stuff about this video and I’m like: ”Well, I knew BestGore long before this went public on the news lol”.
            I see that I can add you on Facebook? That’s nice, I’ll add you. I use my mother’s last name on Facebook because I don’t want certain people (my dad’s family) to find me on Facebook, but when I add you I guess you’ll recognize me. I can explain more about that when I have you on Facebook. Have a good day! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. If I was a cop, and I saw a shirtless douchebag with douchebag tattooes, throwing a loud-ass party and giving me attitude at the door, I would probably abuse my power too, because if you are keeping the neighborhood awake and telling the police to fuck off (when they have clearly been called to the scene at the behest of sleepless cohabitants of the surrounding area) then you are a fucking prick bastard and you do not deserve the respect that is otherwise guaranteed you by the law, simply in and of the fact that you are disrespecting other people in a blatant and selfish manner.

    I DO HOWEVER AGREE with many of the other cop videos that show reckless abuse of power, bullying, and unprovoked violence. I just think this video is a a different story.

  9. Another HUGE PROBLEM with the police force in many counties throughout the USA is, they hire kids that between the ages of 18 to 21 to be cops or state troopers. I just got pulled over by a cop less than a month ago and he couldn’t have been more than 20 years old. He was extremely mouthy and had the, “I’ve gotta badge and armed gun” attitude and thought he was a total badass.

  10. We need cops like that in Australia . Our police force are too weak. So many scum bags have no fear of the law here. Not to mention sentencing of some criminals is a joke as well. Cops in Australia would rather hide in the bushes with their radars and book you for doing 10km of the limit in your car. Dick heads !

  11. I’ve got experience with 2 types of cops, good ones who are laid back and cool. and complete dicks who are power hungry and bullies. Unfortunately the bad ones out number the few good, and they get all worked into a power tripping frenzy

  12. This reflects a problem with society more so than police. Remember that policemen do not just conjure out of thin air- they come from American schools, American homes, etc.

    The problem is that we as a society have been thoughtless enough to allow this to happen. We say “its okay” when its an obvious breach of dignity.

  13. Suffolk cops are the worst man, every encounter I’ve had with them turned out ugly, there fucking bullies, I don’t tolerate there shit, I got locked up last summer fighting with 3 of them, funny thing is my charges were dropped because there was witnesses that seen it go down, I got fucked up pretty good but in the end it was worth it, rugh me up for no reason and I’m not supposed to react hahaha, fuck that

  14. I live in Nassau County,the other county besides Suffolk here in long island,and police abuse and cover ups are huge on the island,but i suppose thats the way of the world now,so you better be recording every interaction with the police you have

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