Swedish Youth Beaten and Urinated on by Negro Immigrants

Swedish Youth Beaten and Urinated on by Negro Immigrants

Swedish Youth Beaten and Urinated on by Negro Immigrants

On the wonderful, multicultural haven that is Sweden, a white young man was culturally enriched by being assaulted, beaten and urinated on by negro immigrants. It looks like the immigrant forced the youth to open his mouth so he can piss in his throat.

Recently, Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson said during an interview with SVD Näringsliv that he is considering moving Volvo out of Sweden due to violent crime, including grenade attacks, and because as a result of the rising migrant crime rates, it’s become hard attracting engineers.

Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre approves.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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392 thoughts on “Swedish Youth Beaten and Urinated on by Negro Immigrants”

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  1. Yeah, the vikings would turn and flip in their graves to see what a cucked-up shithole the women of scandinavia have produced.

    Unfortunately it will take a much harder response than the “lady power” 60s bitches can handle to correct it

    The great thing is shit has no camouflage in the snow

    1. “The revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities.” ~ Max Horkheimer, jewish sociologist, influential contributor to critical theory and the Frankfurt school

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    1. ’cause they’re fucked so much that their women don’t want to report being arseraped and pissed on because they don’t want the poor Rapefugees maltreatedg,because the muzzies had a hard life you see. Laughable!

      I am not joking ,many women who went to help them in the rapefugees helping centres have been brutally sodomised and they refused to file charges for the reasons I have mentioned. The cops there are so ducked they don’t file charges either ! When did cops need permission to file charges over criminal matters! It is a public policy matter where victims’ opinions don’t count.

      It murder or rape someone here in Aus ,it doesn’t matter if the victim’s mother forgives me . I still get charged and go on for murder or rape! Full stop!

      Fucked country,bombs go off all the time in churches ,whole suburbs are on fire and cops are afraid of getting bashed . All since rapefugees were allowed in.

      No wonder every Moslem shitkicker thinks he is in heaven in Europe and we Christians are simply cattle to do as he desires in this almost-Caliphate! Every stinking ,fat ,hairy ,boorish moffo is laughing all the way to his mosque as he is in pussy ,food and shelter without a lick of work! The “Raya “Christians can do that!

    2. these niggers are opportunistic predators. They probably befriended a weakling, maybe a medically invalid person, and then became his tormentors. Worst part, the part that shows the abject cowardcie and dishonor of these niggers is that as soon as they are brought to account, they shriek wail and scream like banshees. hat is why USA needs to revisit the constitution and amend the part outlawing cruel punishment. If your actionas are cruel, such as tormenting a weak person without provocation, we shoulf b breaking that criminal on the wheel, in public. You will see how fast niggers learn to respect the law once that and hard labor are re-introduced. Problem is finding a court trustworthy to wield that kind of power over other humans.

  4. Once again we see typical Coon Nigger behavior.
    All these ‘lefties’ cry their eyes out on TV saying “Just let ’em in .. We gotta let ’em in .. their countries no good ..”
    So, the West takes ’em in, and we give ’em: housing, money, education, a tax payer funded Cultural Center/Mosque.
    And what do we get? Attacked by a gang of tar-babies, and even pissed in the face?
    IF it is racist to say “Send these black cunts all back” then I am happy to be a racist.
    As I said in one poem : “The nigger is just Scum ..”
    True or false ??

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  5. Lol, you let an enemy into your country, do you think good things are going to happen? Niggers are sub human animals, they are not human. Any white person that likes niggers, should be skinned alive and gutted or something that is perfect for viewing on this website. Left wing whites have a sick, perverted and denigrate obsession with niggers and they are the reason, niggers are everywhere where they shouldn’t be.

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    1. agreed, I don’t understand what the obsession with blacks is in the US, primarily in a democratic state like California where blacks are always greeted and approached by whites and vice versa. Whites greet blacks but ignore other races with the white blank stare, or complete avoidance of eye contact with other races other than blacks. You’ll never see an asian or latino with a white, but you’ll see a parade and worship of the black from the whites. I guess it’s slave ownership guilt.

      Furthermore, the media in California highly represents black culture more than any other culture or race. The obession with the black baby is ridiculous. Id like to see those babies flayed and impaled like Vlad did in Romania .

        1. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that no niggers are human. I have worked with a few who were
          perfectly intelligent, decent (see note) people, more so than many white people I have known. However, the great majority do appear to be “waste matter remaining after food has been digested.”

          Note: I don’t really like using the word “decent” as it is a term that many people apply to themselves, when they are in fact anything but decent. Such people believe that thinking, saying and doing what their leaders tell them to think, say and do automatically makes them decent people. It doesn’t. I certainly am not a decent person, for many reasons . . .

          1. Whites are cucked too. I remember watching a video on YouTube where some nigger streamer recorded himself kissing a white man’s wife on camera and he even had the nerve to say “If he can’t beat me up he’s not your husband”. The whore was smiling and sucking on those nigger lips the whole time. It made me so disgusted. Then the husband showed up and he did nothing.

            Though this is not specifically a black thing. White men do this to other white men as well. There are so many stories of whore white sluts sleeping with their husband’s or boyfriend’s best friends etc… No wonder the younger generation is becoming more and more introverted and isolated every day. It’s not technology, it’s not social media. It’s that people are assholes and a couple decades ago it was harder to survive being lonely but it’s easier now with the internet bringing everything to your home.

            This period from the 80s onwards has ruined the West. Your region is full of degeneracy everywhere and this behaviour is even promoted in your media and movies. Pre-marital sex leading to lack of respect for marriage, whoring, prostitution, adultery, divorce. All western people are looking for is their next dopamine release and it has destroyed your society and the reason why foreign workers are being hired from Asia who are more focused.

            Funny thing but I always wondered how come stuff like strip clubs and even porn magazines were allowed even in the old days when America was always supposed to be a Christian nation? It just shows that America was never truly Christian. It has always been under the control of The Jew.

          2. @nukethisworld
            It has always been the case that the great majority of Christians are “Sunday morning Christians.” They go to church on Sunday morning, but for the rest of the week their lifestyle is indistinguishable from that of the non-Christians around them.

  6. Yes !!! Yes !!! Yes!!! Go Sweden go!!
    Continue to make your tax payers
    Fucked on the streets , make your country
    Miserable so you in the edge of the pyramid at the government will be more
    Corrupted whene taxpayers are bussy
    With awful immigrants fucking their children on the street….
    A hell of generation and best yeas coming
    A head….
    All of that couse you wanna be nice and

      1. @nukethisworld
        I must defend his/her username. Given how young white women in Europe and North America dress and behave, it’s very difficult to tell which are whores and which aren’t. Actually, they really are all whores, but most of them don’t charge anything: they do it because it’s in their nature to do so.

      2. Continuing my previous comment . . .

        I’m sure the first generation of feminists, from the sixties, must be proud to see all the young women vomiting in the streets on a Saturday night, and generally behaving in as gross and disgusting a manner as the young men. Finally, equality! Isn’t that what they fought for: a woman’s right to be as disgusting as any man?

        When I look at today’s young I am comforted to know that the future is in such good hands. [Yes, that’s sarcasm]

  7. You are all correct.
    Notice that every single Western country who has let in Moslem filth (whether from mid. East or Africa) the society is now WORSE OFF than before they came.
    The budgets can never get in surplus really, because of all the handouts and freebies given to these Moslem scum.
    They claim ‘refugee status’ while they are not, and get free housing, cars, money, education, clothes.
    Yet they send their vile brown kids to a ‘Private Islamic School’, to learn terror against the whites, so they can’t be poor can they?
    My parents couldn’t afford private schools for the kids.
    So .. they live these monumentally good lives now compared to what they would have in their own country (which has been fucked up by THEIR RACE, not ours)
    Then, to repay us for our kindness, they either shoot, stab, bash, or piss on our face.
    Death to all blacks AND all Moslem scum.
    We only have 2 choices now : Kill them, or round them up and ship them back..
    (same choice Hitler had – nothing really changes in this World)

    1. @badanddy, almost people consider me liberal ,a fairly ok guy ,moderate in my views and know I am not especially fond of Hitler /Neo Nazis or of Stalin and hard- core Commies.

      So it means a lot when a kind of middle- of -the -road kinda guy like me agrees with almost all you have said.

      I disagree with you only as to the degree of extreme prejudice used. I do not think we should kill ALL Mohammedans and Blacks in Aus ,only the troublemakers.

      However ,the New Blacks brought to Australia ie the Sudanese are pure trouble even if they are Christians. Fuck them all,all as a group need to be sent back or to The US and Israel who caused the country to be split in half for their own purposes. We tried our best ,gave them everything but you can’t mollify a rabid dog regardless of how often you pet it or feed it choice morsels. You get rid of it or shoot it!

      1. Yes Nem, good point. I have changed my extreme position a little.
        I agree with you. I tend to ‘go overboard’ sometimes, because I often type first and think later (not always) but alot of the time.
        So .. let me re-phrase what I really mean:
        We should not kill ALL Mohammedans and Blacks in Aus ,only the troublemakers.
        However, when you look at the Bus Bombing Muzzies in London, they were all good muzzie citizens UNTIL they decided to murder innocent babies, kids and adults.
        So .. today’s good non-terror muzzie, is tomorrow’s bus bomber!
        And .. once the cops put a terror muzzie in gaol, his WHOLE family then hates the country they live in, and want ‘revenge’ on whitey who they blame for why their Dad is in gaol.
        The brothers & sisters & mom all now fully support terror against whitey.
        Even if it’s just financial aid.
        See the huge mess we have??

      2. I’m not a resident of the wrong side of the planet but I still feel like mathematics works the same everywhere.
        To simplify: Only Troublemakers = All
        I would show my work but I’ll just refer you to Ja’Lique and crew in the above video.

      3. True: But,,,,,,,, when you have a problem with roaches infesting your house, do you only go after the “bad” roaches? No. You exterminate ALL OF THEM if possible.
        Kind of has to be done in the US, New Zealand, Europe, Australia and many other parts of the world.
        Maybe put a few on a secluded island. Like a “nigger zoo” or something. But other than that, they shouldn’t be allowed to multiply.

        Someone else posted this, I’ll repost. Especially good ideas for xmas.: http://iraaa.museum.hamptonu.edu/page/The-Nigger-Head-Deep-In-All-Of-Our-Heads

        1. Haha. Yes, I agree with you re the Sudanese (Black) community brought here recently. They are too far gone and must collectively be shipped out.

          Your logic is sound re roaches. I just can’t agree to that for ALL blacks and Muzzies in Australia yet,especially Blacks. Almost all Blacks I have dealt with here have been decent people ;mainly because there are few of them here ,they are recently arrived and are mainly educated. The same cannot be said for the Mohammedans:too many ,too troublesome and with All The advantages given them by Aust still remain relatively illiterate and uneducated.

          Presently , I would choose a Black here anyday over a Mohammedan. At the very least a Black may form ghettos like they do in the US and UK but are not born or bred with a superior “I am a born leader over whites or Christians “as are Moslems.

          The stinkiest ,fattest ,hairiest Mohammedan is born and bred to consider us as their property ,which they can rape,murder or live off as is their will.

    1. True but not good enough. You forget to mention rapefugees were allowed into France ,UK ,Germany etc ,all by the Right. Let’s keep to the facts.

      There is no Right nor Left anymore;there is only subservience to the ZioUncleSammers or not. If you are a vassal of ZioYankeestan then you will and have already brought in filthy rapefugees because they told you to,and it doesn’t matter if your gov is left or right.

      The only ones that didn’t so far are mainly Serbia /Hungary ,who are still strong enough to not be totally fucked by Zio Yankers. They know what it was to live under Moslem rule and never want to go through it again. Until recently ,Italy and Greece were 99% white euro caucasian ,the envy of all other euros including France ,UK and Germany ,who brought in moffos/Turks even sixty years ago! Now italy and Greece is overun by moffos too ,to match Western /central europe parlours proportions. Greece and Italy was even purer than Hungary ,Czechoslovakia and Romania etc because it had nowhere as many gypsies (subcontinentals).

    1. That’s actually how they mark their territory. Some of them fling shit. So wherever you smell piss and shit, look up because they sometimes drop down from the trees. They’re called drop-monkeys that can easily chimp out especially if there’s 4 or more. They have little to no impulse control because their brains are very small.

  8. Nice knowing you Sweden. Try this shit where I am and this Canadian wolverine will shred your monkey ass. And if you manage to get away I’ll track down your blood trail through 3 feet of snow if I have to so I can finish you off. Crows will be pecking at your pasty frozen corps. You fucking shit stained pavement apes will wish you were back in that dirt pile you and the rest of those brainless knuckle-draggers came from when I come after you. Fucking retarded monkeys.

        1. Hey nemesis, Uncle Sammy had nothing to do with the cuckisation of Canada. So wtf are you talking about? You have your own negro problem in Australia now ! Or you going to blame that on us too? Your leftists pigs are scooping up those boat drifting niggers just offshore of your penitentiary colony. So look into the mirror and see yourselves turning negro in color. Fuck you are have gook now too!

          1. Dude . I never said we don’t have a problem as well. Have you even read my comments on the newly -arrived Blacks and what Iwant to do with them ?
            So ,I don’t know what you are referring to.

            Next time , Do your fucken homework before you open your mouth with me .

            Headchoppers and Black Foreigners have been let in by Rightist govs in Aus ,idiot! We have almost always had Rightist govs in Aus and they also follow the Uncle Sammer’s line so we took in Mohammedans from Iraq ,Afghanistan and Blacks from Sudan.

            I told you why Uncle Sammers are to blame for allowing in White Helmets in Canada so when can I expect your apology wanker?

            I regret commenting and replying to you with respect as an equal ,dumbfuck!

  9. He had a good, healthy urine flow. Ah, to be young again!

    Negroes are the “missing link” between man and the apes. They are not quite human. I know the idea of a missing link has been discredited among evolutionary biologists, but at times it still seems to make sense.

    1. Actually, Neanderthals with a higher level of intellect came down from the north to central Africa. They came across these small-brained beings in mud huts and started fucking them. This created hybrids with just enough intellect to sharpen spears. Then they started stabbing each other.

      1. Didn’t the Neanderthals come from Germany? Europeans and East Asians do have high percentage of Neanderthals in their DNA, but people from sub-Sahara Africa don’t have anything, which explains a lot. I am 98.5% Northwestern European, and I have 92% more Neanderthals than the average person according to 23 And Me, which I am pretty proud of actually.

        1. @Mads……..My other theory is perhaps extra-terrestrials visited earth 200K years ago and saw these small-brained tree swingers that shit where they sleep and decided to play a joke on us by taking a few of them, re-sequencing their DNA just enough for tool making and put them back into their population knowing we’d be stuck with them still shitting all over the place while we evolved.

  10. Sickening is one word! But also…..FIGHT THEM BACK ! Don’t cower in a corner and hope that these niggers don’t piss on you or worse yet stab you to death for $10 measly dollars. And I bet that Volvo CEO is catching hell for saying what he said. Even though it’s fucking true. Jews are behind this. Hitler was right!

  11. This is what happens when you teach young white boys to be feminine. They are soft and weak. Stop raising white boys to be faggots. Send them to boxing classes. Send them to the gym to lift weights. Teach them how to fight. Turn them into men. It’s his fathers fault that he’s soft. He should have stood up and beat the shit out of that asshole. Fight back for crying out loud.

    1. Thanks to those cunt-stick dumb ass feminist politicians that think they need to ram the gender fuck-stick up everyone’s ass. It’s getting pretty bad here in Canada as well with Prime Minister Mr Dressup either snuggling up to the towel heads and their retarded beard growing contest or waving the fag flag.

    2. In all fairness ,I believe I have heard this case before and I believe he was autistic. However ,the same beatings have happened to otherwise able kids as well. Cucked country .

      I admired Scandinavia once ,now I am disgusted with their weakness and stupidity. People spat blood to build this soceity and in one generation they pissed it all down the drain for ungrateful Mohammedans who will enslave them all and have their womenfolk in sex harems. Won’t be long.

    3. There are a couple of interesting Youtube videos of Camille Paglia speaking about the dangers of feminizing men and defending men’s contribution to the arts, etc. She can be a little difficult to listen to at times, but it’s good to hear a woman (and a feminist) defending men.

      “Lesson from History: Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse”

      “Truth Bombs about Feminism, Male Creativity & Generation Snowflake”

    1. @organikhispanik

      Lol. To be fair it doesn’t take much effort to have a logical distain for niggers. Just having eyes and ears is enough to lead you to such conclusions.

      You don’t even need to make shit up about them either because the actual reality of what they are and what they get up to on a daily basis provides far more material to work from than the human mind could ever conjure up.

      I could write a lengthy book on the failings of the nigger and yet still find it incomplete and in need of a second and third follow up and future revisions. They are that wretched.

          1. @Empty soul
            Good Brother i am happy to hear that Brexit has had a positive effect on your overall outlook On Britain. And yes like you day,,, it will make for A Nice Christmas Present for you’s all.

            So may You & Yours Have/Enjoy A Good, Safe, & Happy Holiday Season my good Friend & B G Brother! 🙂

        1. LMFAO! signage is so damn funny! wish I could show it to someone. at work but everyone here now black

          further misery because they have radio on blast, slo jam Christmas tunes. I like Lou Rawls much as the next but I don’t ever want to hear him croon lil drummer boy

  12. There’s bad in every ethnic group but niggers and Spics are animals. They take violence to another level. Brown people should be eradicated like vermin. Probably isn’t even a hate crime here cuz whites aren’t a “protected” group. Where’s a cop with a gun when you need one?

    1. Kinda agree. Studies have shown that certain genes are responsible for more aggressive/barbaric/uncivilized behaviour among both humans and even animals like dogs. These genes are found in much higher proportion among Blacks and least among Whites. I’m not white but I believe that to be true. Prison is not the cure for these people because it’s in their DNA. Once they get out, they do the same things all over again. Only death is the solution and making sure their savage rapist genes don’t pass on.

  13. What a little bitch, Honestly, any white man who would let niggers do that to him, deserves to be killed along with the niggers… This man had no balls, thus he should be executed along with these niggers. He is no better than them, worse in fact in my eyes. I swear to god I would have knocked the black off them niggers and made them white, then killed the white man along with these niggers.

    1. I have heard it said that the Japanese are the most racist nation on Earth. They get away with it because they are so polite. It’s an unspoken racism. They are quietly united in their determination to retain their racial purity. Of course that’s just what I’ve heard, but I hope it’s true. It’s sad how the Japanese have taken on so much of Western culture when their own culture and history is so impressive. I hope they are never contaminated by the West’s current form of fascism: political correctness.

      Many years ago, when I lived in London, I saw an incident which made a strong impression on me. I was walking down Piccadilly and a few yards in front of me was a group of four or five Japanese businessmen, walking in the same direction as me. Coming towards us was a young Japanese woman hand in hand with a negro. As the couple passed the businessmen, the man nearest the couple kind of lunged at her and stamped his foot hard, as if to say “What are you doing with a negro?” I have never forgotten that.

      1. They get away with it because they are largely a closed society. They don’t anywhere near the numbers of poverty stricken niggers, sand niggers, Spics and other browns infesting their nation by the millions unchecked and uncontrolled. The aren’t festering in a cesspool of ignorant, angry, violent filth with demands. Europe has been fucked for decades and their mistakes are finally coming home to roost. If the U.S. were just half as white as we should be we would that much better off. Every fucking brown urchin that shows up at our shores and borders with two or more little shit skins in tow arrive with their hands out and full of gripes and demands and the ever so slight Liberal nitwit majority here give in to them out of spineless white guilt and for votes.

        That brings up a long held gripe of mine. If these pussy, nitwit, hand wringing guilty Libs in this fading republic really do so much for the poor and the minorities why is it that so few of them ever really manage to thrive and succeed??? Every fucking election they pander to the poor minorities and say how much they “fight” for them and what they will do for them YET every year they still wallow in violence and poverty and despair. They too ignorant to quit believing them and to do something for themselves so they stay stuck in the cycle. They hand down Welfare and the rest of the subsidized lifestyle the same way the rest of us pass down a small family heirloom.

        Hey, most of us with any wits about us have known for a long time that this planet and society is fucked and doomed. We are heading for a loooooong, sloooooow end and it is getting worse all the time. This website just confirms that fact.

      2. Japan is definitely race -conscious or racist. They don’t allow foreigners of any sort to obtain citizenship unless there is government permission. That is why there are very few whites /blacks etc living there as citizens or at all.

        When I was in Japan for business ,I was one of the only white Men I saw. I was the only White man I saw in Hiroshima when I was there as a tourist and the only black men i saw in Japan were professional baseball or basketball players given permission by the gov to be there playing for Jap teams. I was infuriated to see turk kebab sellers in the streets but only ’cause a few were deemed Asians by the gov. Funny how Turks play both sides. Pretend they are Asian to get into Japan and pretend they are Euro to get into EuropeJapan does not take crap from Mohammedans and will only take minute numbers of them ie Turks.

        The only white women I saw were fellow business travellers /tourists or whores or Jap men’s mail -order brides. Both the latter were almost always Russian /Ukro bombshells. In Hiroshima a hot Russian wife nearly had a heartattack when she saw me as i was prob the only White man she had seen in ages.

        I do know a Jap woman marrying a non- Jap man does not ever get Jap citizenship for herself or her children ever unless by some special permission from gov or at least this was the case fifteen years ago. It may be diff for a Jap man marrying non Jap wife.

        Japs are very racist against any other sort of Asian ie Chinese ,Korean etc. White guys are highly sought-after byJap women of all classes over there. There are many Aussie men there who teach English unofficially and have Jap harems and they are not even good -looking.
        However ,they have no decision making leeway at all and are never citizens unless by SPE ial gov dispensation.

        I do not doubt what you have said about the Jap businessmen in London acting that way but I would suggest that the new generation of Jap men are totally cucked out and are now known as grass-eaters ie they get no female flesh at all ie incels.

        I hope I interested some of you.

          1. Haha. I bet i did! Also the beauty is that you can be very sure that the girl is into you for only you and not money ;as Japanese girls are not “poor” so do not need white -man’s- wallet. Contrast this with Thailand.

            Japan is very free in sexual mores. ” Lovehotels “or kinked- up rooms for a quick fuck with your girlfriend ,coworker ,wife or anyone who takes your fancy abound.

            P.s Jap girls being short and chunky is a myth. Plenty of Jap girls are just as tall ,slim and can have coltish legs as Euro /White women do.

          2. @Hoping for Nemesis no communism didn’t help the people it was a tyranny it only shielded the eastern nations from getting tainted by the degenerated western culture which is the fault of all of our problems right now

        1. @Hoping for Nemesis guess being racists makes a nation safe and being tolerant makes your nation a third world shithole filled to the brim with rape, theft, murder etc.

          i wonder if a regular Jap citizen knows something about what the fuck is going on in Europe or the US? cause they recently loosen the immigration laws for low skill workers

          1. Nor really. Western countries had all this but much less than shitholes. Shitholes always had crap people, which were intolerant , but still will have high theft,rape and murder due to the crap population.

            What is evident is that tolerant Western nations have turned into shitholes as they are letting in crap people.
            Ie rapefugees .

            Japan and China are both clever enough and strong enough to withstand rapefugees and Natoist pressure to take them. China especially takes no shit from them at all.

            The last outposts in Europe are Czecho/slovakia ,Poland and Hungary as they were lucky enough to have had Russia as a guarrantor power.

            Greece ,which was ninety nine percent Caucasian ,like Iceland, and an ally of NatoYankeestand was forced to be soiled as was the Uk ,Germany ,France and the Pay Bas. So now they can all squat in the faeces together like retarded kids.

            Yugoslavia ,who also had brains like Greece, and more power as it was neutral, tried to get rid of them once they started to make trouble ,got bombed and destroyed by Natoists for its troubles. Don’t ask me why Europe turned on Yugoslavia as I Will shed tears.

        2. @Hoping for Nemesis i meant about intolerant civilized first world nations that are safer than other more tolerant nations i didn’t mean about western shitholes who whether they are tolerant or not the will forever be shitholes because western culture fucked them up to the core

          you didn’t answer my second question

          1. Oh ok. Yes ,NOW ,intolerant first world nations will be safer than tolerant First World Nations.

            Poland ,Hungary ,Czecho/slovakia were lucky as well,in that Moslems were never able to settle there in large numbers at any time. Being part of the Communist Bloc also meant it did not allow in moslems ,illiterate Blacks or rapefugees.Why not ? Because Communism was there to help the people(native) not the business owners increase their profits!

  14. The truth is this is tame. Itll get A HELL OF ALOT WORSE IN DAYS TO COME…

    They fucked up their own countries and they’ll breed like mad and fuck up all the countries they currently polluting.

    It’ll happen.

    It’s happening right now.

    In 20 years time every single country, once beautiful and ‘first world’ will be ….. ‘3rd World.’

    Mark my words.


    The ‘PEOPLE’ need to wake up and arm themselves. Begin and open secretive ‘clubs/groups’ and get ‘like minded’ people of all ages to come together and become group vigilantes!

    Dont sit and watch your countries ruined by these savages. Believe me, they will visit your door one day. Dont wait for it to happen.


    1. Most people are donkeys and will not do a thing. If they do something it will be the wrong thing on the wrong target.

      Outrage should be expressed at the politicians everyday all day so that THEY change the law. You want to be hardassed,break out the Rapefugees from their receiving centres and set them up camping in the backyards of politicians ,without touching a hair on the rapefugees’ head for the moment. Record it All on camera and show it on sites like this . You watch the politicians change their minds.

      1. @nems – you say some interesting things but you can’t honestly believe this is a realistic plan of attack. Explain to me how you would break out some dirty Muslims and set them up in a tent in Kirribilli House? Or even in the paddock of Barnaby Joyce’s property. Do you not think police would be called on you and the scummy campers within 10 mins of arriving? How would that force politicians to change anything, other than increasing gaol time for trouble making protesters breaking into detention centres (which would essentially be impossible anyway). Just saying……,…

        1. True! It is not very realistic at all. More a symbolic move like gandhi, done by people willing to be manhandled and jailed in the first instance. All revolutions need a touchstone. The Americano- instigated Arab Springs all started by little guys burning themselves over expensive foodstuffs and petrol.

          How to separate bad moslems from good? A start would be getting all the returnees from Syria who fought with headchoppers. Get them and park them in the spare bedrooms of pollies as a symbolic move for tv impact etc.

    1. It would have been all over the TV and newspapers for days. There would have been an appeal for witnesses. Worst of all, we would have been treated to the spectacle of liberals fighting each other to see who could express the most outrage.

      Having said that, I have no idea how much this incident was publicised in Sweden.

      1. Probably the same as here in north america…. No outrage, no publicity, no accusation of hate crime and surely nobody’s care but but this is just speculation on my part. I don’t know if we have swedish people on best gore

  15. Fucking disgusting Niggers, they make me sick…..

    Anyone are surprised about the fact that no
    Western journalists will ever talk about this savage attack ?

          1. I am sick and angry to see this kind of aggression against our race again and again and again. This is happen not only in my country but everywhere. Our race is under attack every fucking day !

            Arabs are like Jews, they are both Negroes of the desert and they are the enemies of Christianity.

  16. Come on you can look at this video and see that It’s so fake. For example you can see that the black guy is clearly pulling his punches and for two that piss stream doesn’t even look real. It looks like water. I can make that same piss stream. Take a yellow rubber cleaning glove, fill it up with water and tie it off. Cut a little hole in the tip of the finger and squeeze. If you are around the corner of something and couldn’t see me squeezing it you would not be able to tell that it is a fake piss stream

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