Swedish Youth Beaten and Urinated on by Negro Immigrants

Swedish Youth Beaten and Urinated on by Negro Immigrants

Swedish Youth Beaten and Urinated on by Negro Immigrants

On the wonderful, multicultural haven that is Sweden, a white young man was culturally enriched by being assaulted, beaten and urinated on by negro immigrants. It looks like the immigrant forced the youth to open his mouth so he can piss in his throat.

Recently, Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson said during an interview with SVD Näringsliv that he is considering moving Volvo out of Sweden due to violent crime, including grenade attacks, and because as a result of the rising migrant crime rates, it’s become hard attracting engineers.

Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre approves.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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390 thoughts on “Swedish Youth Beaten and Urinated on by Negro Immigrants”

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  2. I don’t know what all the fucking fuss is about? These Baboons receive literature upon arrival in Sweden on how they must live their lives in the country, and on page 29 (after the page which lists where there are Climbing Frames located in the City where Coon can go to swing) they are advised to piss on anybody they meet to indicate they wish to be accepted into the Swedish way of life.

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  4. One of the few good things about this forced migration of browns/blacks/Muslims to white nations is they finally see what the US has had to deal with. Those “racist” views of different breeds having different hereditary traits and levels of cilivity isn’t so far fetched now huh Brit Brit?

  5. I’m from Sweden. Here’s a word by word translation of the video:
    “Shut up”
    “I’m going to piss on him” – the guy filming
    “Why are you fucking around with me? Why do you not have my money? Why don’t I get my money?”
    *The guy filming starts pissing*
    “Open your mouth”

  6. There is something kinda hot about this video.

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    That being said, I don’t know if I should feel sorry for these cucked fucks. They’re all okay with niggers in their country (“one of us!”) but I love to say I told you so.
    So many Europeans have told me it’s just the blacks in America who do shit like this.
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  10. Listen. This just needs to be said. This is one of the weakest beatings we have ever seen on this site. Some little white guy owed these guys some money, so they lightly beat him and peed on him. So what? The little bitch got a pussy pass. Everyone is going ape shit about it. I’ve heard everything from feminism, to slavery to blame for this. You know what the real problem is? It’s you. People watch a minute long video of something, and without thinking, let their emotions totally control their thoughts and actions. Talk about sheep. That’s exactly how the powers that be control people. “Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they vote with their emotions”? Ha! None of y’all should be voting then. None of you know what’s going on in the video, yet you become sociology professors all of a sudden, and can solve the world’s problems. I bet you haven’t solved your own problems. One thing I’m sure of, is that it’s someone else’s fault. People get their heads cut off, and this is what sets you off. Y’all sound like a bunch of FEMINIST, LIBERAL, BITCHES!
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  11. I’ll go ahead and translate the video:

    “Yeah, now you’re not talking, huh?”
    “Son of a whore”
    “Mother fucker” (with a heavy invader accent)
    “I’m gonna piss on him!”
    “Go go!”
    “Why are you fucking around with me? Give me my money!”
    “Give me my money!”
    *starts pissing* “Open your mouth (times three)”

    This is so fucking enraging. What a fucking pussy! They told him to open his fucking mouth so they could piss into his throat, and the cuck ACTUALLY DID IT! What happened to my beautiful country and its people!? In our national anthem there is a sentence that sums it up perfectly: “We linger on memories of the great old days, when with honor our name proudly spread ’round the globe”. The vikings are turning in their graves!

    I can’t stop thinking about this video, and thus what our beautiful country has become with the rise of the jew lead/conspired invasion of third world porch monkeys and sand niggers. The kalergi plan. It is working! Ever since the Rabbis in Roman captivity wrote the satanic Talmud and thus developed hate for the white man they have had a general plan to get back at us. Only now, hundreds of years later, it is being realized. It started with the rise of (((Communism))) and when they realized there would be no “workers revolution” they fell back on (((Cultural Marxism))). And boy is it effective. Cultural Marxism started with the women’s rights movement and hippie “peace and love”, then the embracing of homosexuality, trannies, free sex and whatnot, destroying the white core family ideal in the process and leading to single mothers sleeping around while their children are out taking drugs, aspiring to be nothing and embracing communist propaganda, multi-culturallity becoming Panty-fa LARPers. The white youth do this willingly, just as the jews intended, because of how effectively the propaganda has been sown in the fabric of modern western society. They don’t even realize they have been manipulated and lied to their entire lives! But with Gen Z becoming increasingly conservative, maybe there is hope left.

    The Sweden Democrats are leading all political polls here in Sweden. They are at least While SD are quite tame and they bend the knee to certain parties and people and have many flaws, they are at least a good first step to Sweden embracing true nationalism and truly nationalistic parties like Alternative for Sweden or The Nordic Resistance Movement.
    Just a couple of years ago, people I met were so afraid of speaking their mind and expressing their true feelings in public, now almost everyone I speak to are openly saying that the immigration needs to stop, that we need to deport more and that the muslim immigrants are the cause of the recent crime wave, including bombings and shootings, I’ve even heard a few people saying that Islam isn’t compatible with western society.

    Long fucking post, sorry, but had to get this off my chest. It’s amazing how blind the average person is.

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  13. Ah, such a shame the once great European powers that so graciously devastated the lives of my forefathers with brilliant tactics and a will of iron that brought my ancestors to their knees in capitulation would welcome with open mouths and spread cheeks the very same barbarians they attacked us for castrating and enslaving… Perhaps now it will be clear to them why we made eunuchs of them and put their wrists into irons for so many long years before they saw fit to try and imprint their silly ideals of freedom onto us by destruction. Those brilliant European warriors of old are now forced to lie in earth soaked with the piss of African animals in their homelands. Truely the peace of death must be better than this hell on Earth?

    1. Blame does not lay only with those who will purchase animals to use as beasts of burden my friend. The auctioneers are equally to blame for spreading such filth around the planet…. Every man should know that inevitably animals will escape their enclosures and start a breeding population in these foreign lands. Slavery has existed in the world since humans themselves, so why you choose to single out the Confederates of America is beyond me.

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  15. this is why Sverigedemokraterna needs to win the election
    all these immigrants are ruining Sweden
    outside every store theres a begger
    on every bus 70% (or more) of the passengers are not Swedish
    same when you go on a subway train or anywhere
    people need to stop being such fucking pussies, people need to say things like this, and who gives a shit if it offends someone, its basic facts
    we need to do something about this

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