Syrian Arab Army Beating Two Captured Mercenaries

Syrian Arab Army Beating Two Captured Mercenaries

I don’t know whether this video is fairly recent or from a while back, but it appears to show member of the Syrian Arab Army brutally beating two captured mercenaries.

While I understand the SAA are fighting foreign forces that invaded their land and murder their people, this type of torture of prisoners of war is unjustifiable. SAA fight and put their lives on the line for the right cause, but torture of prisoners lowers them to the level of the American army (Abu Ghraib, anyone?), and that’s the lowest anyone could descend.

Props to Best Gore member kuzey for the video:

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    1. Yah, seriously, are we sure this isn’t just some middle-eastern version of gay porn? Too much ass whipping going on, pretty creepy. At least one guy had the right idea of setting that guy’s head on fire, and then the other douchebags put it out….upsetting.

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  2. An obvious question needs asking here: are attacks on ISIS in Syria simply a backdoor for an attack on Assad?

    It is definitely a very likely possibility.
    Though the whole thing is such a mess, that level of cunning being possessed by their dirty operators seems almost impossible.
    It is just as likely that ISIS, funded by the US to fight Assad, is now completely off the reservation and the Jews have no choice but to attack them wherever they are to keep the whole thing from collapsing in on itself completely.

    Though if I had to guess, I would suppose they are going to go ahead and take Assad out while their at it.

    The insane part here is not that the Jews are engaging in these weird shenanigans, but that the American people are willing to go along with it, still, like ?yeah, giter dun.?

  3. Wtf there are perfectly good cinder blocks piled up in the background grab one and open these dune coons up. I wanna see if they really have shit in there heads.. The lighting of the hair was good but brain matter splatter is what pays the bills round here.. Fuckin shape up!!

  4. Haven’t seen hanabi in a while, but if she’s trolling and sees this clip, she’d be wet as hel l between her legs for days!! Shit, I got some chub watching these turds screaming in pain…my friends, that’s exactly how a beating is supposed to look like, the lynching that eclipses all other lynchings. Hahahaha, these fuckers are going to have to sit on plastic donuts for at least a year, if they make it through their injuries. Great post!!!

  5. yeah I think this video is about a year old if not older, but it gives me the creeps every time I see it. Mostly because of that dudes snapped leg…fuck me no wonder he was yelling. Everytime they slammed his leg onto the ground after it was snapped just gives me the freakin willies…uggh!

  6. By the way you can hear an “allah akbar” at about 1:00…do you guys really think that the saa are the good boys in all this shit?? Come on they all are fucking scum. They are as brutal as their enemy is…come on don’t tell me assad is an innocent nun

  7. Man..this is seriously gross. They kill their reputation by torturing this scums like that making themselves same assholes as them.
    War is full of shit but know that you must stay human and fight honorably.
    I can understand hard core beating in rage but this people sadistically enjoying in beating. Pure pathology.

  8. The Syrian soldiers probably have so much rage inside of them. Foreign people in their land, killing their people. I’m sure it felt so good to beat these two guys. IS never shows any mercy to Syrian soldiers or civilians alike, they were just getting some payback.

  9. FSA free syrian army. They are filoterroristic rebel armed by USA, this army fight against the syrian government of assad. Go on youtube for find their scum , for see their videos just write “fsa torture” normally are they that kill people in this way, and many times people that are tortured are civilians.

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