Tallahassee Cop Tases 62 Year Old Woman Walking Away from Him in the Back

Tallahassee Cop Tases 62 Year Old Woman Walking Away from Him in the Back

A Tallahassee Cop by the name of Terry Mahan tased a 62 year old woman in the back while she was walking away from him. Because the incident, which took place in the 500 block of Dunn Street, off Old Bainbridge Road, in Frenchtown, Florida was caught on video by one of the residents, the Tallahassee Police Department Chief Michael DeLeo placed Terry Mahan on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal-affairs investigation.

After she was tased, Viola Young fell face-first onto the pavement. She was then taken to the Leon County Jail on a charge of resisting an officer without violence.

According to court documents, officers noticed 23 year old Quontarrious Jones walking in the street and arrested him on a charge of resisting without violence because he kept walking instead of getting out of their way. Subsequently, 41 year old Laguna Young and 20 year old Quaneshia Rivers were arrested for resisting without violence too, because, according to police report, they talked back at the officers.

Shortly after the arrests, 62 year old Viola Young approached officers and, according to court documents, shouted: “I just want to know what is going on.

Officer Terry Mahan told her she was under arrest, but she was moving away from him. Mahan responded by pulling out his taser and firing it into her back.

Terry Mahan, in a probable-cause affidavit, explained the use of force on Young thus:

Viola Young caused me to take my focus off of one of the arrestees and engage her…

Pouchon Richard, who recorded the video, said in an interview with Tallahassee Democrat that five people including a child were walking down the street when an officer pulled up and asked them to step out of the road. They replied by saying they had no other place to walk.

The officer then proceeded to arrest one of them, which caused escalation of tension because, as Pouchon Richard put it: “Everyone else was like – Why are you arresting him?

If you look at the video, it’s quite obvious that there is no sidewalk, so the group had nowhere else to walk but in the street. Apparently, one of them did not step aside enough for the cop to like it, so he decided to arrest him. Others started ask why he was arresting him, so he arrested them too. Then the old woman came to ask why he was arresting all these people, so he tased her and arrested her too. That’s in a nutshell what happened.

It’s a full blown police state you live in if you get arrested for asking why someone else is being arrested. I mean – how fucking dare you think you have the right to know why an armed man is kidnapping you?

Unfortunately for the civilian, if you live in a police state, you are guilty by virtue of existing. The laws are intentionally written in such a way, so that a cop can easily justify any arrest. Disturbing the peace? Interfering with a police officer? Obstruction of justice? Obstruction of traffic? You name it…

Also, for the officer to tase someone on solid ground like seen in the video could easily kill them. If you also consider that the target was 62 year old, that only makes it worse. A taser effectively locks the body up so one can’t brace their fall. A full impact to your head could easily be fatal.

By right, the cop should be immediately fired and tried for battery and reckless endangerment. Except that in the police state, he will (as he is) receive paid vacation before he’s reinstated. Unless of course the public outrage continues, in which case he will move to a different state and get a job as a cop there.

Though I’m sure having to work elsewhere would be pretty painful for this cop. I mean – in Tallahassee, where there are neighborhoods with no sidewalks, he can go around arresting people at will just for being outside.

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      1. Obviously those bastards have NOTHING else to do, like “protect and serve”. Even with a video they still get out of everything they do wrong. Oh, and most likely some planted drug paraphernalia will be found on at least one victim. Yep, not allowed to even ask a question.

  1. Beyond fucked up. A group of people “the cops” come to your neighborhood and start beating and assaulting the residents, who are they supposed to call when the people doing the thugging are the police ? Talk about being helpless in America. How can anyone justify what that MFer did to that lady ?

  2. The people of Tallahassee are gonna be in for a big surprise when Terry Mahan gets out of shorts and into big boy pants.

    The tazer will be gone and replaced by a real weapon.

    Serious question here. When i was a member of security forces, on my days off and in public i wore discreet body armour.

    Would it not be in US peoples best interests to start buying and wearing their own?

    The amount of videos we see here of cops wantonly firing at civilians is beyond real for some of us that live outside that country.

      1. I would have agreed with that before 9/11, Obli. Since then however, LE has enjoyed a consistent flow of upgraded surplus military hardware into its arsenals, including armored vehicles.

        Civilians today have no chance against that (see the immediate and total response to the Boston Marathon bombing). I’m sure some LE would get killed, but the citizenry would be decimated.

        1. Harumph. Thats kinda what I meant by going toe to toe; take away all their fancy gear and vehicles and rely solely on knowledge, experience and capability and yes, they would lose.

          Besides, an LEO is not trained to combat the guerilla tactics which would be utilized by r ednecks and especially, as @elma said, ex military.

          I should also note that I do not condone murder nor do I wish to see any more violence. I have lived enough of that….but all peoples have the right to defend their lives and properly from a corrupt infrastructure.And is that not what america was based on? It has become the opposite of what the founding fathers fought so hard for

          1. They will become the pray. and with the fear alone they would lose. they can’t shoot worth shit now. imagine in a revolution scenario?
            We don’t need military tanks. we can make our own bullet proof vehicles with steel. highJack brinks trucks. our survival can outsmart their paranoia in the battlefield.

          2. Yes because America is based on foreign forefathers murdering native americans and entirley destroying there culture and believes. O yeah almost forgot stealing the land with no regrets. Yeah the good old USA u guys should be proud

          3. @M3asub – hmmm… Yep, no other group or country in the WORLD has EVER, since homosapiens (people -in case you are stupid enough not to know what species you fall under) have walked the earth, conquered someone else’s land. Oh, and as you have so thoughtfully ignored, the US is only one country in the Americas AND the US has been paying and supporting the Native Americans for decades – trying to make up for their loses due to our forefathers. But it will never end because too many have become lazy and unmotivated to even try to help themselves in any way.

          1. lol. indeed. that is why i push that all americans own firearms and be properly trained in their use.

            if it is one thing i cannot stand, it is irresponsible gun owners. you don’t have to go further than the you tube to see these fucking idiots in action.

  3. I shot the granny
    but i did not shoot no heroin

    all around my hometown
    they’re trying to tase me
    they say they want to
    bring me in guilty
    for walking down my own damn street
    and for talking back at the po-lice

  4. This is what happens when children have parents that are not invested in their upbringing and education for whatever reason, no matter how circumstantial. Today’s LE does not tolerate any forms of civil disobedience, and these types of poorer folks know of no other way to conduct themselves.

    Somewhere along the recent past, protect and serve changed from citizenry to LE self preservation. When civilians become the enemy, this is the result from day to day.

    Where I grew up, respect was always earned, not bestowed. In the police state however, you had better learn to follow orders.

    1. These niggers had no where else to go after their working visa expired. so the government put them in these ghettos. so they can’t invest in education like you can.

      You can’t put a bunch of wild dogs in a cage, pull one out and expect it to sit on command, just because your dog does, when you taught your dog to.

      1. And through in a master that enjoys trying to make said wild dog sit while poking it in the balls with an electric cattle prod. Who’s supposed to take that shit sitting down? I may be a harsh critic of blacks, but fuck. Wrong is wrong. Imagine if they pulled that same shit with an Abuela in a barrio neighborhood. Those credentialed thugs deserve a good humbling nation wide. Victimize them, victimize all. After all, it’s The Police vs. “Them” on PCP & steroids.

      2. @elmaspison – actually, they have their own black only schools, special scholarships, mentors, etc., so IF they were to try more they could easily get a good education. If they’re good enough in sports, they get scholarships to universities and make a hell of a lot of money if they go pro(fessional). But unfortunately, many are more interested in RAP (even if they aren’t “good”) and making a fast buck selling drugs than getting educated. Others just become drug addicts and/or baby factories and go on welfare (social system) funded by taxpayers.

        Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of white trash doing the same and plenty of all races of people on welfare who really do need it.

        Our fearless leader, Obummer – aka Kenyan – has made it so that mothers can quit working entirely and “stay home with their children” (also at taxpayer’s expense) so as you’ve probably already guessed, it behooves certain females to quit work and sit around having babies. No offense to women who do that because they actually enjoy being home and spending time with their children, but some just do it for selfish reasons and don’t spend their time with their kids and husbands).

        It would be awesome if it really did help to make the family bond stronger, but with today’s over-inflated costs and the ridiculous price of a college education, it’s very expensive to live and raise kids in most of the US. To give you an idea, the first 2 years of college costs for my daughter has set us back over $25,000. Many foreign students even get free US university educations – again at mainly taxpayers expense.
        While the rich get super rich, the middle class gets poorer due in part to taxes and health care insurance that has little real benefit unless you have a medical crisis and even then you are stuck with a huge bill because of over priced meds, supplies and physician/healthcare worker’s wages. On the other hand, certain ethnicities and those who make below a certain amount of money get FREE healthcare, food, housing, house-hold goods, clothes, utilities, college, etc. and even tax refunds OVER the amount they actually earned if working (non-working people can even qualify for “refunds” based on child “tax credits”. They get coordinators who do all the paperwork and running around for them. It’s unbelievable how the middle and lower middle class get gouged.
        Still, I am thankful that I was born in the US, even if it has shitty govt. and cops. I do know how lucky I am, I’m just extremely disillusioned. : (
        *sorry guys – end of rant…

        1. Yeah fair enough too @iluvmygramps.

          But, black or white, it seems your Uniformed Street Gangs are out of control. To me, it seems it doesn’t really matter who you are, if you don’t conform and do it within a second, your gunna get fucked up bad. No warning, no second chance and no humanity. That is really fucked up.

          When did guns and tazers ever start to get used on non violent people in this country that was supposedly formed on freedom ( as Obli says above)?

          And as we saw with the guy who got shot getting his license out after that Uniformed Street Gang Banger asked him too, it seems you may probably get
          fucked up conforming quickly too.

        2. now they have all these things avaliable to them. It wasn’t too long ago that, that nigger did his speech “I have a dream…” niggers still dream. and their dreams consist of driving a bentley and having stacks of money on the table everytime they have dinner with their tribe of baboons.
          In other parts of the world there is Indians that were abused. and they’re not getting reparations. they have to work and put their kids through school by any means necessary. In these countries you don’t have welfare.
          I pay taxes for the Indians in Canada. and these fuck heads are lazier then a sloth. and what’s worse is that they want to be like the niggers in the USA niggers, rapping about their struggle, when they get everything for free. They blame alcohol, shit i can drink a bottle of Grey goose and still show up to work next day if I had to. I say cut them off. and do full investigations into who really needs social assistance. And they shall be helped accordingly.

  5. I forgot about the Jay Walking thing first time in Florida. What would happen if a cop saw a tourist walking in the street in your typical Florida town ?

    Green Cross Code would work in the U.S just as it dies here surely !

  6. The American mindset is a schism born of FUD programming by a police state. Actually, it’s the natural order of things. Life that requires growth in a finite environment cannot thrive for long. Even the scientists concluded that capitalism is the cause of pollution and cleanup is futile unless that system changes. Eight to five Hell freezes over first.

  7. What you idiots don’t understand we are owned by the US government. If you don’t live in the US you and you’re country don’t know it but you’re owned as well by them. Anyways , when confronting a Police Officer. You are being talked to by a US represenTive . Meaning like in work place you’re boss. ” ohhh I don’t take demands ” stfu . Reality will hit you Alll hard one day. What I’m trying to say is , stfu unless you are 100% wrongly accused. Not 97 % 100.. Then you give em hell even if it means that cops life. Still this lady has authority in her household not the streets.

    1. I think you’re underestimating, condescending attitude actually says more about you. If I was to make a broad reaching ass-ump-shun, it’d be that a lot of the contributors here are acutely aware of that and that you’re naively & ignorantly *un*aware of it. If I were to assume, that is.

  8. Up until August 1st, I lived 3 streets south of this, same block too. Doesn’t surprise me at all as Frenchtown is a bunch of wannabe thugs like the ones shooting their AK in my backyard after a party and then a couple got killed by TPD after they tried fleeing from some robbery.

    But then TPD isn’t much help as they have a bunch of assholes working for them, with a few good ones mixed in, especially after that lady had her head smashed into the cruiser & pavement a few months back

  9. Well I can’t blame them for walking on the street. Where the fuck else are they gonna walk on the soft mushy grass with alligators and pythons and all that kind of shit around there. I’d be on concrete and asphalt too.

  10. Tasing old ladies on the road simply because of the lack of a suitable sidewalk. Perhaps if those black people were chained up in leg irons and forced to break rocks they could build themselves a sidewalk so that thery could be tased on that instead.

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