Teacher Delivers Brutal Slap to Unruly Student

Teacher Delivers Brutal Slap to Unruly Student

I’m not entirely sure if this video is real or staged. There are all kinds of well played videos on the internet, but taking the popular troll route and call every single video a fugazi just because it’s on teh interweb is not much of a win.

It’s a video of a teacher writing something on the blackboard while a couple of students horse around behind his back. He warns one of them a few times and eventually loses it and delivers a pretty brutal slap to him. What do you think – real of fake?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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107 thoughts on “Teacher Delivers Brutal Slap to Unruly Student”

          1. I play it at the laundromat I go to sometimes. They have an old SF2 arcade machine. I suck, but it’s still fun to play. Favorite character: Ken!

          2. It was my first as well. Deff Ken’s them guys, I am an Electronic music producer and I am actually working on a SSF2 mix. This video was amazing, because Ken’s theme is actually one of my fav tunes ever created. I also enjoy watching punks get put in their place.

    1. Well, looking a couple years back, atleast on my end I can tell that a lot of people in my class were “that stupid” even though they looked like adults.
      Anyway, this one is a fugazi for sure especially how the teacher already approaches the student to slap him.

      1. actually love and hate are the same emotions moving in different direction. they come from the same place, thats why lovers sometimes decapitate each other and kill one another from rage. Anyway happy Bastille day everyone!

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  1. the student looks like a nigger so I say its fake because I don’t recall a story about a teacher getting jumped by twenty fucking niggers in the parking lot of a school. which is what would happen if you slapped a nigger like that.

    1. I’m all for school corporal punishment. I do not recall any moment in my life where I disrespected a teacher or professor. Just look at the discipline of the students in East Asia. If western countries could instill such discipline into the students, then maybe the youth could steer away from the lifestyle that many of them have right now to become proactive members of the society to ensure development and to safeguard their respective countries from destructive elements.

      1. I agree with you! I have never get the need to or wanted to disrespect a teacher! I always just figure that they go to college to get a maters degree, which can be 6-8 years and spend thousands of dollars in tuition, just so they can teach me the things I need for life. They sure as hell don’t do if for the money! I believe that teachers should be paid more than NFL or MLB players! Or at least praised more! Teachers are amazing people! Well good teachers! If it wasn’t for my 9-10th grade art teacher, I would not at all be where I am today! I am grateful!

  2. It really wasn’t all that deep, for him to get so worked up over a little faggotry in the front row, it’s obviously a student, pretending to teach, for the sake of the slap, and hence the video. He didn’t even look much like a teacher anyway. Either way, always nice to see someone get knocked on the floor ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It’s fake; you can tell it from the position the “student” takes just before the slap; he is ready to cast himself to the right by planting his left leg on the floor, and the body has a sort of pre-impulse so he can fly away to his right.

  4. If you get slapped by a teacher, you can slap them back! Why not? If this was real or did happen I would have kicked his little Korean ass. Probably threw him right out a window! I don’t like being touched, by strange people, period!

  5. I saw this video long ago. its really funny, the teacher decides he had enough of there dicking around and just smacked him. ๐Ÿ™‚ i dont blame him. its gotta be a pain in the ass getting two people to shut up, and i guess he just cut the shit and smacked him so hard his overwieght mother siting on the couch at home could feel it.

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