Teen Tripping on Xanax Delivered Beating by Other Teens in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Teen Tripping on Xanax Delivered Beating by Other Teens in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Teen Tripping on Xanax Delivered Beating by Other Teens in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

In Eau Claire, Wisconsin, a group of teenagers delivered beating to a guy named Chase Passon after he supposedly stole their drugs. At the time of the assault, Chase Passon was high as a kite on Xanax, and so were the assailants.

One of the assailants streamed the beating live on Instagram and incriminated herself and her compadres. According to Eau Claire County Court records, Ruby Jimenez Nevarez and Alexis Strenke have been charged with battery, and Chase Passon with possession of narcotic drugs. One more person involved was a juvenile. The other three were all 18 years old.

Props to Best Gore member @naturalselexn for the video:

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    1. Damn, he probably didn’t realize he was gettin the shit beaten outta him. tbh he’s lucky none of them had a firearm, or a blade for that matter. Guarentee the video would’ve been 20 times better.

  1. You don’t trip on Xanax you black the fuck out and don’t remember anything when you take too much and consume alcohol. I’m sure that is what happened to the nigger that wouldn’t get the fuck out.

    1. I’m going to assume he had no fucking clue what was happening. I was addicted to Xanax a few years back and one night after work I took waaay too many. I didn’t make it home for a day and a half (my work commute was only 15 mins). I forgot how to get home and apparently just walked around the city and took trains all over the place. Long story short, my boyfriend was driving around looking for me and found me as the police were about to take me to the police station to sober up (I don’t remember this at all, but I vaguely remember police lights???). When I woke up in my bed two days later I had two black eyes that I could hardly open, cuts and bruises all over my face and my body was all bruised and cut up. I don’t remember a fucking thing. I still don’t know what happened. Just by putting things together I think I was beaten and robbed bc when my boyfriend found me I didn’t have my purse, wallet, cell phone but I honestly just don’t remember.

      This dude will probably wake up in a day or two and be like ‘wtf happened?!?!’ And someone will show him the video and he still won’t remember a thing.

  2. What goes on inside these shit-for-brains’ heads that makes them think that punching the shit out of a guy blacked out on Xanax is going to get him to leave any faster?
    And they care about this guy enough to drive him to his grandma’s but not enough to not beat the shit out of him?
    Weird-ass kids

    1. @notl2n they never won a fight, specially bc kids these days dont fight they either shoot or talk shit on the internet. And I think they are feeling the rush of “oh, wait! we can fuck him up like we normally threaten to do on the internetz! Yes alejandra, you will def suck me off after this!”

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  5. Never beat a person on drugs (which includes alcohol) Just get their ass in the morning. Like a person said above they wont feel or remember shit. But if I guess it just makes you feel better then go ahead and don’t be surprised if it happens again.

  6. Gotta love how an 18 year old high on Xanax that he stole from someone ends up being portrayed as the victim of a racial/hate crime and has a GoFundMe set up for “hospital bills” that most likely his parents insurance will pay for or the courts will have the others pay restitution on. So he’s gonna get thousands of dollars to go buy Xanax and overdose on because now he’s going to have a RX for pain meds too…. Those dumbass kids did that and are facing thousands of dollars in legal costs, his hospital bills over around $40-$60 worth of Xanax at MOST. When I sold bars, the most I charged was $10 a piece at times that they were hard to find. I’d bet anything the ones they were on were blue footballs that are only $2-$3 a piece. Maybe even less if it’s a lower dose…

      1. @hopingfornemesis
        Regarding “bars”
        Xanax is the tradename of Alprazolam. A short acting, but very powerful benzodiazapine drug.
        “Bars” or “Xanax Bars” are a form of the drug, or more correctly a form of the tablet/pill. I do know that The 2mg tablet can come in the form of these “bars” – a small thin rectangular tablet, with three scores on it so that [in theory!] it can be broken into 4 doses of 0.5mg.
        I am by no means on expert on Alprazolam. It is [to best of my knowledge] not prescribed in my country, so maybe a U.S. bestgore member could tell you more than i can regarding other strength bars, other colours, etc and more about xanax in general.
        The following pic is somewhat deceptive in regards to the true size, the tablets/bars are actually very small about 12mm long, and maybe 3-4mm wide. This is a 2mg Bar:
        So, I Hope you and yours are doing ok mate. It warming up here, this last week has seen temperatures of late seventies/early eighties. Makes us pine even more for the local beer gardens!

        1. Thanks @robertwilliamcurl
          Yeah, i agree. The shorter acting benzos [xanax, ativan, temazy etc] do have “a slightly different feeling” than the longer acting ones like diazepam.
          Thats why, when presented with a case of acute benzodiazepine addiction drug workers are more likely to convert from shorter acting benzo, and prescribe diazepam when tailoring a reduction protocol for the patient.
          I think, rob, that the nearest thing to xanax that is prescribed here in UK is Ativan/Lorazepam. And when i say “prescribed”, I mean in theory. It is VERY rare that an NHS doctor in UK will freshly prescribe Lorazepam nowadays.
          Of course here -as in the US, and as in most fields of business – a private doctor will prescribe what you want.
          The term “dirty cash” has never been more apt than when discussing the medical trade. Especially when it comes to the supplying of hard drugs [And nevermind what the laws of any country say, benzos are a fucking hard drug!]
          @robertwilliamcurl Thanks for replying regarding the comparison mate

    1. Yep, as karmen40 said, “bars” are 2mg Xanax. They’re scored into 4 sections of .25mg that you can break down into smaller doses if you want. It’s also the main danger and cause of Fentanyl overdoses. I personally never did that or sold fake/spiked pills, but saw plenty and had a supplier try passing them off as legit and I beat his ass.

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  8. It’s because of the Indian reservation that goes through Eau Claire, the Ho-Chunks (that’s their actual tribe name) are infesting the surrounding area.

    It would have been better if all of them OD’d.

  9. Actually, the story posted is slightly false.
    The white girl that sounds all droopy and retarded is in fact the person responsible for stealing the xanax. Instead of being an honest addict (as if that exists), she points fingers at the wallflower dude that probably never says much n just drinks on the couch. Then of course the dumb fuck is gonna believe her cause she’s giving up free-anytime-blowies & decides to tap into all that rage of being a worthless human being, beating on a defenseless person who’s probably under the influence as well.
    Glad to know their names and that they recieved some charges, too many fucks like that take out their agression on people and get away with it. Fuck em

  10. i think i read an article that said the bitch took the xanax he “stole” herself, slept it off and didnt remember she took it. no idea if that is true, but it’ld make this fucking story somewhat hilarious 😀

  11. The dude being beaten is Jacob Gunderson, the people assaulting him are Chase Passon( The guy beating him up) and the two girls Ruby Jimenez-Nevarez and Alexis Strenke. You got the story mixed up, Chase is the aggressor not the victim.

  12. To get that dead he kind deserved the beating. He’ll wake up in the next day feeling like a sack of shit. But I’m also in his side after he being sober, and beat the crap out of the buttcrack of that faggot. He deserves it too for being so retard.

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