Teenagers and Woman Delivered Caning for Disrespecting Father in Kenya

Teenagers and Woman Delivered Caning for Disrespecting Father in Kenya

Teenagers and Woman Delivered Caning for Disrespecting Father in Kenya

This happened in western Kenya. The video shows relatives punishing three teens and a grown woman for disrespecting their father. The punishment was delivered by way of a cane.

The woman took the caning much better than the boys. Hardly any whining. The boys on the other hand…

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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    3. from what I could understand they were caught saying bad things about people in the family to other people in the community. As an African I tell you now that if you do that especially as a child or teen you will get punished. The video is for later on when the kids need to get reminded of what happened last time

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