Terrified School Girl Brutally Bullied by Older Girls

Terrified School Girl Brutally Bullied by Older Girls

I think this video could be from Thailand. Though I’m not sure.

The video shows a terrified school girl standing by a door, awaiting mistreatment by older girls. She is both smaller than her bullies, and outnumbered.

When physical abuse begins, all she can do is cower and take whatever they give her in hopes it ends soon. During the beating, the bullies also tried to strip her top off to add to the humiliation, but she kept her arms tightly clenched.

What bunch of disgusting subhumans, picking on someone smaller and all alone.

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    1. Ha I hope so. Meek little girls get nowhere fast. She needs to put her big girl panties on and knuckle up because it’s only going to get worse for her if she doesn’t. Bitches already beat her down and humiliated her even further by filming and uploading it onto the network. Ohhhhhhhhhhh that’d be the very last thing they ever did especially if I lived in a murder friendly country. It’d be nighttime for those whores

      1. Ellen ………….Ha !Ha !! Ha !!! you rightly pointed out and its about time She better had put her big girl panties on and start knucklin up because it?s only gonna get worse from now on. Those slant eyed wide slit fat tits bullies won’t be resting in peace until they get her to stitch her lips up and surrender meekly to their lustful lesbo dictates .
        Ultimately its all about their domineering her and engaging her in to group cunilingus …….to which this little bitch need to react and repulse now or never.

      2. @train, i couldnt agree more. This little girlie need to grow the fuck up right now & start sliggin’ them dogs!! Sittin’ there like an idiot, she deserved it! Get the fuck up & start boxing, you weak minded individual..get the fuck up! God, i hate submissive bitches with no backbone…

          1. I agree, but there’s that flip side of it sometimes, and you might say at least you’d have your pride or something, but pride doesn’t comfort broken bones. Case in point, I remember when I was in junior high and used to hang out with & want to become part of the “cool” kids (i.e. the total douchebags, of which I got my wish and became a huge one :/)
            We would gang up on & beat up the other boys we thought were losers, not realizing until much later that we were the biggest losers of them all. So not proud of my actions & it still makes me ashamed of myself whenever I remember those days.
            But I distinctly remember two kids, separate occasions, eventually taking what was probably their fathers’ advice to “stand up to the bullies & fight back next time” etc. which then caused us to get more pissed off at them for fighting back, so then we’d really beat the shit out of them.
            It’s one thing if it’s one-on-one, but when it’s you against the world, there’s a pretty decent chance the world’s gonna win.
            Unless your name is Tupac of course…

          2. Don’t worry old mate, I googled it and found a black wrapper died from a gun shot, what a surprising fate ! For those of you who are a bit slow I’m being sarcastic cause who wmtjdtdtdt have thoughts a black chocolate wrapper would die by murder and gun violence. So original…..

          3. Sorry mate – I actually fell asleep while typing that! It’s 3am here and a good indication I should get my weary body into the sack. But thanks my man!

          4. @mikeygraves those circles of “cool” kids are great for personality building in high school. When I was in school, I walked the opposite side of the hall from the group you described. Yeah, they ganged up on me. But they turned into little bitches when I approached their group in front on everyone and called them out one by one. It was funny how fast they wanted to be friends after I hit one of their boys so hard he locked up and seized on the ground. Taught me how important it was to know when to say fuck everyone and jump into some situations ready to accept getting destroyed yourself.

            Bullies are fine tools for sharpening the humans who will really matter later. Two of the idiots from that bunch of bullies in my school now trim my coconut trees every month. And their home lives suck…not that being a bully had anything to do with it. I’m just glad their home lives suck.

            I’m a vindictive creature…was this a result of the bullying? Hmm…maybe swinging back still resolved no issues. Whatever, just give me the lunch money and we’ll get along fine….

          5. Social circles build character. That’s the way it is. However, when the line is crossed between verbal and physical, teasing then bearing that’s when you need to fight back.

          6. @Mikey, @Dutchy, I don’t mind Tupac song California Love but I saw a documentary on him and the filthy thing just spat at everyone, I know some ‘celebs’ hate media/ photographers etc. in their faces, but even Kanye doesn’t spit at them. The dirty nig just spat out huge gobs at every chance, made me gag.

          7. @tas-tiger, I don’t know what documentary you saw, but he was only known for the one “infamous” spitting incident at the reporters (I’m 99% certain that he’s spat on may others off-camera though ;)).
            I have no problem admitting that I still know most of his tracks by heart too. ‘Pac was my boy back in the day 😀

          8. @tas-tiger, sorry, I worded it wrong. I meant to write asking if you remembered the name of it because I love documentaries about his life 🙂
            If you ever remember it by chance, please let me know. Thanks buddy!

          9. @Mikey, it was a doco called Tupac and Biggie by English documenary filmmaker Nick Broomfield, he made it in 2002. In it he suggests Suge Knight planned both their murders. I can remember he actually went to the prison Suge Knight was in at the time, to interview him. That Suge Knight is bad news, he recently ran some people down in his car, I don’t think he’ll be out again in a hurry, though money talks, I think he’s loaded? So he may be able to ‘buy’ himself out, with an over-priced lawyer?

        1. I had a stutter at school and got tortured for it especially when had to read Shakespeare out loud in front of everyone .. Fukin old English language is bollicks .. But everyday he this one guy would torture me for it before the lesson . during the lesson as the teacher was to much of a pussy ass to stop him and it did make me ill/stress etc so so decided on last day of school to miss last class and wait for him in the woods he went through on walk home with a big ass tree branch and took out 3 year of daily bullying revenge on his pussy ass .. This girl needs to pick them off one by one and go to town on the fat rats ..

          1. Aww that makes me so sad! I want to give you a hug 🙁 good for you for standing up to him. What did he do afterwards? I have no tolerance for people like that, it fills me with rage. I remember my little cousin was picked on by a couple of older boys at the playground and I ran over there and beat the shit out of them 😆

        2. Aww be crazy to turn down a virtual hug from little foot rite .. Hug away lol… Well he deserved what he got a severe beating he was out cold in the woods then the inivetble happened his older brother got involved next time I saw them but I had been secretly been taking boxing lessons for a good few months so he got knocked out to lol yea bully’s are just weak people and pick on anything slightly weak or diff and with a stammer I was a easy target I guess .. Yea I not surprised you helped your cousin out you don’t strike me as a lady who even as a kid in playground took any shit from anyone .. If only you were in my English lessons you could of helped me out during Shakespeare reading lol

          1. Haha I bet they were really surprised when you put your boxing skills to use. I love stories like that. It’s always great when someone stands up for the victim but it’s even more satisfying when the one being bullied deals with it themselves and succeeds. Haha yeah no one fucks with the people I care about.

            I would’ve loved to help you! I’d fuck up the reading too but it would be fun and I’d just kill anyone that messed with you 🙂

        3. I’ll teach you some moves that way you won’t have to ruin any more 6inch heels stamping sleazey guys bollicks and I won’t be hit with bills for specially made size 2 6imch heels lol yea Shakespeare is shit but the words are so long a nightmare for a stammer lol you would be a good relative to have double team any bully’s ..

          1. Hahaha ya teach me! I’m actually looking into kickboxing classes, I’m still trying to find one that fits my schedule.

            My thing is I’m allowed to argue with my family but if someone else tries to mess with them I’m enraged. My sister and I could be in the middle of a screaming match and if someone tried to start shit with her we’d kick their ass lol.

          2. Well you Lucky you talking to a national qualified boxing coach and personal trainer so I’m sure I could fit you in …. Yea siblings argue a lot but if anybody else trys to get take sides the family bind kicks in and you forget your argument and team up and kick ass I’m same with my sister

          3. Yea since I started learning I apparently had a talent for it so got my licence to teach and the pt was just natural progression really it fun some lady’s are tough work tho they scared to hit pads , do push ups incase they break nails etc I get sense you aint like that lol

    1. Thats what i think, she was prettier and they didnt like it, i remember some girls trying to pick on me at school cuz im short but i sure showed them that dynamite also comes in little packages and still blows shit up, lol funny thing is i was defending myself but got suspended because “i went to far” not because they started it argh she needs to start drop kicking those bitches and dont stop until they know you mean business.

    1. This pack of them look every bit fierce and savage …………let them have it then a good aggressive growled up bare toothed deadly bite is all they need ………but we will leave to the wolves to finish it up .

  1. Poor girl I know exactly what she’s going through. My bullies would taunt me more on the way home especially on the bus lighting matches next to my hair … Still now those memories haunt me and the school did nothing. In the end, my parents pulled me out of school and my dream of university was destroyed. I was only thirteen and the bullies were 4-5 years older.
    I should have been a doctor …

      1. your av man lol,i new i new it from somewhere lol,that was a master piece some old women tryed to fix herself,that was so funny,sorry for interruping ye,continue crying

    1. @bemIne – I’m sorry that shit happened to you. But Prolly for the best you didn’t become a doctor really. I mean sure it’s traumatic what happened but you leave the school and on to another and carry on. You don’t stop and cry for the rest of your life that you should have been a doctor but some little girl on the bus ruined it? Seriously? You don’t seem to have much resilience and training to be a doctor is hard, very hard. Seems to me that you would have pulled out after a month anyway blaming the lecturer for not saying please and thank you to you. Yep much better you failed young and knew early you couldn’t do the hard yards. If that hadn’t happened I think you would be blaming something else now. Sorry love but I’m just calling it as I see it as I know someone like you. Always someone else’s fault. Am I right?

  2. I experienced a similar abuse as a child and remember begging them to stop, thinking every second I was going to die this time. It’s a memory that never leaves you, you can almost feel it every time you replay it in your mind. Nobody deserves this. I get the impression it’s because she’s much prettier than those baboons. Hope she fucks em up nice when she’s a little older, that’d be sweet.

          1. i used to do it to the kid next door,he couldnt leave his house,id run after him with my dog and let it bit him,i trained that dog to attack only him on command,if their was aload of us out playing around and i said to my dog, get him boy,he would go straight for him,i havent seen him in ages,last i heard he was a recluse.

          2. Seriously @i-dont-give-a-fuck

            When you wrote that did you think it was cool? Which part of your story did you find amusing? I’m surprised you haven’t gotten beat up due to your behaviour. I don’t know how old you are but honesty, you act like a child. I swear people like you need to learn the hard way. That means if that happend to your kid, only then you would realize it was in the wrong!

          3. @FightingIrish I don’t say this because I have a standing personal issue with you, but after describing that, I sincerely hope he fucks you up for it. Ive made my bullies answer for it and I had to answer for the fucked up shit I did and if the universe serves any justice at all, I hope he gets to lay you out in front of your family because that is fucked up to do to someone.

            Now, if he messed with your family or tortured someone else, then I’d commend your actions and acknowledge the upholding of universal justice. But if done for your amusement, eat shit.

            I’ve said my piece. Do not make a villainous statement without expecting a retort from the opposite end.

          4. Aw come on now guys, you know Irish is a troll. I strongly suggest that you guys don’t get trapped in his bait. If he isn’t, he’s clearly a psychopathic, cocaine-sniffing version of Brick from the Anchorman.

          5. I know of his trolling nature @staciejaxx. I just felt the need to tune in due to the fact that he described bullying that hit close to home. And, yes, I could have stayed quiet and unrevealing about that fact for myself, but it was a move made to expose something personal as a weakness so as to draw out something from him. Because sometimes, I like to dance with trolls…

          6. @Fighting Irish hates dogs too, otherwise he wouldn’t of risked his dogs life to get put down for biting. Or the kids father to smash the dog with an iron bar for biting his kid.

    1. @siniko

      Your very well spoken my bother. You remind me of empty sort of. The thought process and way you articulate your words is quite amazing! No homo bro just stating a fact! Cheers and btw did you catch me that grouper I been asking for???

      1. siniko, he was a little shit,and still is,now if it makes it any better then universil justice came back and bit me on the ass,my family had an intervension years ago so id leave the cunt alone,now he follows me every chance he gets,,just because Albert is ;special;,whatever the fuck that means,dont mean i have to put up with him,my German shepperd ;Blondie;hates him,thats not my fault..

      2. @gstarraw I have to say, being compared to @emptysoul has to be one of the most flattering things I have ever been told, although, I personally feel I have centuries to go before I can consider him a peer in thoughts. And no, I’m still hunting that fish, man. Water been very rough out here and they just had the “Eddie Would Go” surf competition yesterday at Waimea Bay. Forty foot swells makes for rough fishing…

        1. stop callin me a troll please.not that it hurts but its gona get me fucked off if people keep sayin it,thanks,o ya.anyone else feel like ;fight club;in yer day lives?best gore members are watching,we could be your nabour,the person that feeds you at your local resturant,we are everywhere,we are no where,dont fuck with us.

      3. gstarraw,this is for you and siniko,i was jokin for fuck sake,if ye honestly think id set a dog on someone,never mind a kid then ye are very serious people and cant have a laugh.do i have to say im jokin for everything or what?sorry ye got bullied,im no bully,is this teraphy or what,obli got it in one when he said all this pc shit.take it easy or are you just jumpin on anything i say.

        1. Actually the way you described it. Didn’t seem like a joke. Normal people ad in a “LOL” or a “JK” or the ever popular “ROTFL”. Iono man the way you told the story, would seem like something you would honestly do. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really know you @i-dont-give-a-fuck

          1. gstarraw,the only one of them i honestly no is lol,the rest i dnt,whats a rotfl,iono,jk,i could google it but i cant be arsed login off to do it,and if you dnt no that i was buttin in just for a laugh then man take it easy,set my dog on a kid,teach it to just attack him,if i read someone sayin that in the context it was said in i think i would take it as a joke,but if i felt bad about it id just say,shut the fuck up and dnt be talkin shit.i can honestly say im in the wrong because people dnt get that and if i upset ye then im sorry again,for the hundred time,its nothin bad on my part

        2. I said what I said and I’m done. I offered my feelings in either direction and left it where it was. And that view shall be contained, right here, in this particular post.

          Like @gstarraw said, you seemed serious. Like I said, my view was stated without any preexisting personal issue with you. If you were joking, I’m sorry,but the delivery killed the punchline.

          1. thats just it man,you dnt need to say sorry,jesus christ lads take it easy,we dnt no each other but at the same time i no we should not be nasty to each other but take a joke,i no something like bullying an shit hits deep but,murder and death hits deep with me too,you dnt see me bitchin about about it

      4. mikeygraves,join the,who i insulted in the past crew,if you got something to say man say it,dnt waite for a group to start before you get the bottle man,i no i said you got a big noise,an i no i ment it man but still,dnt let your big noise get in the way of you replyin to me on your own man,i can take it brother;with a big noise mother;..

        1. @Fighting Irish, it’s NOSE ok, not noise. I don’t know how you are getting away with your douchebaggery either, you always writing ‘no’ instead of ‘know’, actually it doesn’t bother me, plus at least people are reading your comments, hey?

          1. thanks love, i dnt mean the wrong spelling,but its not douchbagery, im reply to comments wrote to me,its called free speach love,when we loose that we are lost..

          2. For Christ’s sake thanks @tas-tiger, that “noise” shit is annoying.
            And @Fighting Irish, yep, my nose has been broken a few times there buddy, but what gets me through each day is knowing @yournextexgirlfriendxo sure doesn’t mind 😀
            Oh & to respond to your comment to me, I’m sorry chica but it’s not always just about you. I can’t believe I have to explain how a conversation involving multiple parties works, but here we go:
            If I read a thread, and in that thread one person says something interesting/funny/annoying (these are called adjectives) and I want to respond to their comment, then I’m not going to scroll up and make some generic comment to the OP before I add onto that other persons thoughts. Trust me, if I have something to say to you directly, you’ll know. Until then, sit back, relax, and tuck in your vagina like a good little girl.

            (Sadly, I feel like I have to attach a disclaimer to this to let ya know I’m just joking with you. 7% of the time ;))

  3. Children can be so mean sometimes. Specially young girls on other young girls. I hope she grows up and shows them bitches up. No words have to be even spoken just work hard and always strive! Set minor goals and achieve them! Always have been and always will be my mind set.


      1. @trainwreck, your comment about having a mentor made me wonder about her home life. There is so much we don’t know about her and her life. She could live in a horrible home where she is mentally and/or physically abused. Kids who come from that kind of dysfunction, can very easily be abused and often won’t fight back. If that was my kid and I saw this, I’d be going to jail.

        1. It takes a certain tenacity to rise above abuse. I know. Shitty homelife had me staring at the ground everywhere I went. I always looked at the ground. Thinking about that now makes me upset. For a very long time I was broken. I pinpoint certain parts of my life on here but there are long periods in-between where I felt really obsolete. No matter me being teased elsewhere it was what was happening at home that broke me which set the tone everywhere else. I’ll never forgive them. I don’t have to. It was really really bad. But somehow throughout it all here I am and I’m alright for the month St part. Off kiltered a bit, but well loved and accepted. But I’m working on my agression. That’s a hard one

          1. @gorycory, aawww, that is so sweet.
            I’d like to meet her too, we’ve had a lot of similarities in our lives.
            @trainwreck, I have so much respect for you and your dedication at making sure your the best Mom you can be. I couldn’t get past my childhood and feel like I could be good parent, was so frightened by it that I never got to be a Mom. (Only to my dogs..lol)
            Forgiveness is overrated, IMO.

          2. Oh both of you stop it lol. I have a lot of problems upstairs. So I didn’t come out of everything unscathed. I’m actually really quiet irl and don’t go out much. It’s very hard to explain to anyone.

  4. Me too, I can still feel the fear when I think about my boarding school days and can absolutely feel it while seeing this poor kid in her torment. The hopeless sensation that there is no escape and no indication how long this will continue. In the mind there is even the possibility of death and whether real or imagined, it feels real and it stays with you.
    I feel really bad for this girl and would like to give her a cuddle and let her know I’m on her side.

    1. Ah, school days. A new form of hell to live the 6th grade over and over for an eternity. I don’t know what they were saying ’cause they were speaking gook and all, but it sounded pretty horrible. One day those animals will get their comeuppance.

  5. I’m tired of people writing SJW comments like “Oh this hurts my feelings” or “I would kick their ass”. Be more original. Fucks sake this is what happens when they can’t afford a nintendo DS or what ever handheld game asians are addicted too.

        1. Thank you brother Rayf 🙂 been here so long I should of known that one lol.

          You always seem to help me out brother, even when you don’t have too. For that I’m very thankful 🙂

          1. No problem…hey never noticed till last week you got another sleeve started…you done with that for now or are you gonna finish that arm too ?
            @Obli ever does a @BG Tattoo Members rock post your gonna have to submit…cool art brother and quality ink.

          2. good eye brother @rayf!

            To be honest I always had the other half sleeve. It’s just I get super dark on my left driving hand that’s why you didn’t realize it the first time. My artist just finished the drawing for the rest of the sleeve. It’s going to be a Phoenix from my elbow up to my left chest, with the wings/tail feathers wrapped around my left upper back. I have a pic of it so I’ll show you guys. My first sleeve took me 30 hours, 6.5 hours a session.

  6. This bullying needs to stop, no child should never have to feel threaten like that. Parents should not allow this kids to be so violent. Adults theses days just fails, it seems the new generations are going to cause the most chaos.

    1. Bullying will never stop. It’s been going on since the first human decided they didn’t like the other human. If anything this newer generation is worse because parents coddle the shit out of their kids he’s days as if they were made of fine porcelain & will get PTSD if they fall down and scrape their knee.

          1. Yeah I wanna be in the generation that gets that much pussy (but not from my mum, sister is ok tho) (I’m joking I only have 4 bro’s)……..

          1. you know what i mean. everything all PC, everyone’s a winner. everyone’s a special flower and gets a trophy just for fucking playing. can’t say this, cant say that. can’t even talk shit no more. everything is all tip-toe-on-fucking-eggshells, don’t wanna hurt anybody’s fweelings…. fucking faggots.

            we’re just walking corpses, and ain’t shit else. the second these bitches wake up and see it, the better off they’ll be.

          2. @Obli I agree wholeheartedly. So many people walk on eggshells that they themselves put there.

            Does that make sense.

            Hypocritical bullshit…whining for the sake of whining. Vegan/ vegetarians yelling animal abuse but choose all leather interior in their hybrid SUVs. That’s OK but they force (bullied) closed a 150 yr old family owned fur business. I’m still reeling over that.

            Rant over-Sorry

        1. All this talk about “PC” reminds me of the new South Park episode -PC principle lmao. If you guys haven’t watch it yet, it’s quite funny and I suggest y’all give it a look. GSR

    2. Well, technically I still belong in the generation of ‘those kids’. I don’t think there’s anyone to blame. Some parents are idiots, that’s true. Then again, some kids are fucking idiots. Every generation has those as every generation kept changing. If you can’t make a simple decision of doing harm to someone who does not deserve it, then that makes you less of a human being. That applies to both the young and old. We are wired to feel bad if we do something bad to someone who didn’t deserve it. Doesn’t need schooling or teaching or parental guidance to have that kind of common sense.

    3. @ihate666 I agree today’s kids are pretty bad. But I think every grown generation says that about the younger ones. Is it true? Sure seems that way. So does that mean humans are just getting more and more evil with every generation? Sure seems that way to me. I don’t know if that’s attributed more to poor parenting, loss of morals, increased selfishness and vanity due to social media, increased outside influence vs decreased parental involvement due to both parents spending too much time at work trying to make as much money as possible to “keep up with the joneses”, meanwhile YouTube and boob tube are raising their children. I’m no expert, but im sure it’s a combination of all of these and more.

  7. No wonder kids bring guns to school and shoot everybody. When you pick on somebody every day they go home, cry and become mentally ill. This girl probably has terrifying dreams about her assault. I wouldn’t be surprised if she commits suicide or kills them at school with her dads gun. I hope she does kill them. I really do.

  8. Times have changed a lot from the times most people here went to school. Now that there is facebook and whatsapp etc the bullying goes on 24 hours a day. And a video like this will follow that girl for the rest of her life. I think the shame is even worse than the beating.

    1. EXCELLENT point! I hadn’t even considered it. Looking back at the video, it certainly looks like she’s waiting for the beating. Like she’s expecting it. And the way she just takes it and doesn’t fight back is consistent with gang initiation.

    2. @Iris I wouldn’t think it was an initiation. The point of being jumped in is to show that you have the heart to fight back, even when you’re out numbered. Anyone could get beaten by a bunch of people, but not everyone can muster up the strength to hold their own.

  9. Teenage promiscuity is a fairly common thing where I am at. Hearing their language, I don’t think their region is far from mine. Teenage pregnancy and that kinda shit is getting pretty common. I have seen videos and heard stuff like this before from friends that a gang of girls beat some chick up because a chick happened to be the side chick of some ‘fuccboi’.

    If this was indeed bullying then I would recommend a prefrontal lobotomy to the chicks who beat her up. That’ll straighten them up.

  10. Look, considering the alternatives of how young girls usually end up (raped, beaten, dead) and featured prominently in BG, I consider it a victory that she only ended up getting her ass kicked.

    She will be able to pick herself up and walk away in one piece and get help dealing with those thugs.

    Believe me, this is better than being found in a field naked, head split open, stabbed or strangled to death.

    Considering all the options, this was a good day for her indeed.

  11. I think those bitches would think twice if each of them got a pasting with a three by two. Difficult if the girl has no friends, but, she could take her time and cop them one at a time.
    The only way to beat bullies is to give them a good fucking hiding.

    1. I always told people that showed up with their back-up that their friends would have to go home sometime or they wouldn’t always be around…knowing the truth of that statement a coward who needs back-up usually has second thoughts about sicking his friends on you.

  12. A few kids once decided to bully me at school. They tried, and got the shit beaten out of them. They are like predators looking out for weak victims, just like lions hunting down a buffalo. If the buffalo puts on a fight, the lions will back off. If he shrivels, they will notice he is weak and take advantage of it. Like lions, bullies feel no empathy. They can only understand things through a violence perspective. Either be weak and be taken advantage of, or be stronger and put them on the run.

      1. I remember when I was 11 or so there was this really tall girl Bambi (yes that really was her name) she threw my shoe over the fence. I wasn’t very tall at the time and was mad because we didn’t have a lot of money and those were the only shoes I had, I think. Anyway somehow we got into a tussle and of course she had full physical advantage over me. So I bit down on her thumb….and hard…really hard. Her thumb was fucked up. She goes crying to her mom her mom went to my mom my mom started laughing because she was an older big girl and I was short and weighed nothing and she was crying and I still was fuming. She still had to get my goddamn shoe back. Fuck you bambi

        1. @trainwreck, that’s a favorite pastime of mine; I look up assholes I knew way back when to see how their life went. I am overjoyed when I see some boner fuckface from my past looks like a well used meth/drugs addict. Makes me want to email them with a pic of myself and say “wow! Your looking awesome! You haven’t changed a bit!”

          1. I can see you Pete walking with a spring in your step down the school halls you pointing with a heeey there’s my guy smile. And they tipping their hats to you. Sorry I have a whole montage in my head

          2. @mslateron Or like pull your sleeves up over your shoulders, swing your torso while sticking your arms out just a little more, trying to walk extra cool with that dumb limp, slightly cocking your head and then start cracking you knuckles as they get real close and then say “Sup!” Hell no I never did that! They just mistaked my lonerness as weakness, boy were they wrong 🙂

        1. I don’t remember what our relationship was like after that or lackthereof. But I do remember my mom saying her mom sold her body. I’m fairly tall now. I’m sure Bambi still lives in a trailer park with her 6 kids by 6 dudes and I’m well beautiful, smart with one kid. So yeah I think I won. That also goes for all the people who tried cutting me down

          Also I’ve always had a sharp tongue and determination. There was a short time where I did boo hoo but there’s no breaking me down easily. I lived with a brutal psychopathic sister so you learn early on its eat or be eaten

    1. Good on ya @PD, when I was a kid, my 20 yr old neighbour elbowed me in the ribs as we passed each other, I was 12 yrs old, I punched her straight in the eye! Gave her a black eye too, she worked in an office, she never touched me again.

      1. @trainwreck, she had just got off the bus from her job, I was walking to my friends house, when it happened I ran for it of course, I didn’t hang around to see what she would do next! We lived right next door to each other, I remember my dad was so proud of me, he didn’t have a son then so I got all the boxing lessons, he taught me how to use all the things a man has in a shed – welders, drills etc.

        1. Ha ha. Yeah that’s really pathetic being an adult and hurting a kid. I’m having issues commenting. Not because there is something wrong with this site but I keep forgetting what i was doing. You know me never one to be that easily embarrassed but I’m all over the place trying to catch up. I’m seeing my name everywhere, then I start to comment, see something shiny, turn the channel on the TV, gotta love medication 🙁

  13. obli is right this generation is the weakest pissiest lamest sh1tt1est generation ever. growing up late 80’s and through the 90’s we had none of this sh1t. in fact we actually gained rep by being the opposite of the faggot cunts you get today. all the kids round my way would get beat to fork in the street off their ma n pa when they were caught stealing and shoplifting etc. everyone would rip the fork out of each other . . tramp,slag,dirty whore,faggot,nonce,smackhead,nigger,wog,gook,you aids monkey,packi shaggar, i could go on and on. people would run around with knives slashing and stabbing and people had weapons like planks with nails in the end there was always something going on but nobody and i mean Not a soul would go sqeauling to anybody. we all just accepted it and you gave as good as you got and the crime aspect gave us something to do. just to think all these little delicate snowflakes we have today with their heads stuck in their phones id love to stick them in the middle of world war 2 and when their were real kids that used to parachute into normandy to fight nazi germany theyn would all keel over and have a fatal stroke. absolute pussy generation and even sticking them in the 90’s they would get a shock i thought id never say this but you little motherfourker’s dont know your born !

      1. gnat,i was gone off having a great few days with my missus,we stayed in a 4star hotel,i had the world of coke and drink,best time ever man,down side is i come home put on my pc,go on ,best gore, and try to wind down,have a laugh with my bg members,that blows up fast,not only that but i have my wife in my ear askin me where the fuck i was..pisses me off that does.

      1. i loged back in just to reply to you trainwreck,who do you mean when you say people would be stupid to .attack,gnat,gnat is well able for any attack and if its me you are subliminily talkin about then if i attacked gnat then id say gnat wouldnt be long attackin back,i respected gnat from when i started postin and we had fallin outs already so dnt be plantin seeds in peoples heads,i hate that shit,gnat will tell me fuck me without any cunt tellin him..

        1. She means people in general and that it would be stupid for someone to try and mess with him because he’s a big guy. She was not in any way talking about you and I have no clue how you came to that conclusion. She is not planting seeds like you’re implying and I seriously hope when you say cunt you aren’t referring to @train. Unlike you I won’t make assumptions and I’ll wait until you clear that up for me.

          1. man i just read back over everything,shit, fuck i got that wrong,if we were face to face id let her hit me,im sorry,i thought she ment he is huge as in bg and i would never attack him for it,not he is hugh he would never get bullied,im sorry trainwreck and littlefoot,thats shitty drunk misunderstander ,re pete thanks for lettin me no man,can we laugh it off lol,sorry

          2. i was readin shit up above earlier and thought it was the same kind of shit,im sorry trainreck,nothin worse than gettin it wrong like that.

          3. @Fighting Irish Laughing is the best medicine buddy. Just reply directly to Train and LF with your apology though in case they don’t read this comment. It just might save you an ass kicking from Train 🙂

          1. mickygraves your stick that erect penis hangin off your face in again lol,man the spellin is cat i no that,anything else to say

          2. (After I just write you a nice comment a few minutes ago :'( )
            Lol I have a lot more I could say, but unfortunately I only write in English so I fear you won’t understand it unless your translator is nearby ;D

          3. @FightingIrish, holy shit! That’s awesome bud! All joking aside, my nickname has been Screech for the past 22 years because of Saved By The Bell 😀
            Nice one dude haha

  14. I can only make out some of the things the bullies are saying. It starts off with one of the bullies saying to the other bullies that I wouldn’t let this slide if I were you, then enticing everyone to slap the poor girl. Then they repeatedly say “hia” which is kinda equivalent to saying fuck you. And if I’m hearing it correctly, they are either cursing the poor girls mom OR the poor girl said something about their Mom in the first place. I’m assuming they’re saying “Mae mueng” which literally translate to”your mom”, it’s kinda like insulting someones mom simply by saying their name.

    1. And yes, this video is from Thailand. Even as a native speaker, there were too many girls talking at the same time for me to get a clear sentence, maybe if there was a longer video I’d be able to get an insight on why they are beating the girl up.

  15. Gimme all six beaters, and also the one camera girl, and heck, even the little slope that is being beaten, and let me fuck all of them over a weekend, at will, until they are unable to speak any kind of language coherently.

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