TG Millian of Harlem Spartans Receives Beating in Prison from Rival Gang Members

TG Millian of Harlem Spartans Receives Beating in Prison from Rival Gang Members

Apparently a former rapper and a member of the Harlem Spartans gang who calls himself TG Millian got beat up by rival gang members after moving to a different prison. Best Gore member @friendlyperson explains:

This happened about a month ago, in a London prison, United Kingdom. TG Millian who was a rapper and affiliated with the Gang, Harlem Spartans, was in jail for attempted murder. For some reason, he moved from HM Prison Thameside to HM Prison Wandsworth which is a ‘no-go’ as the prison is full of his rival gang members. He was spotted by a rival gang but I am not sure which one it is, it could be either 410 or 150, but the guy’s name that was beating TG Millian is called Burner.

Thank you for the videos and the backstory, @friendlyperson. Here’s the video of TG Millian receiving the beating from the alleged rival gang members:

TG Millian at the right, living comfy in HM Prison Thameside with his mates, he should have stayed with them:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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62 thoughts on “TG Millian of Harlem Spartans Receives Beating in Prison from Rival Gang Members”

    1. Nothing says Brotherly love, and Negro solidarity like a good old fashioned prison punking of this fake ass nigga. He got his ego checked and learned the lesson of humility. Yet this lesson will escape this nigga when he gets out. He won’t be hard or step to real niggas. Nah he will prey on soft targets like children, elderly or low self esteem daddy issue mud sharks. These young weak ass play pimps and hard thugs never learn from the school of niggas showing a punk ass nigga his true place.

  1. Looks like Wandsworth has moved from London to Brazil. Give it few more months and the heads will be coming off……..after a broom-handle ass-raping, of course.

  2. I really would just love a new age Colosseum to throw scumbags in there and let them off each other #usingeviltoremoveevil properly so not costing millions to tax payers to keep them alive then free to re-offend? oh the excitement education revenue and deterrent that could be had for a better world

  3. Ahh the confidence of young men strikes again, one minute you’re in your cell with your mates then your transferred to wandsworth, one minute you’re beating a rival in wandsworth then you’re transferred to thameside…..oooops!

  4. With all this prison time and new street-cred he can finally drop his new album, “Ain’t nut-n butta pHat lip”.
    Features new stupid fuckin’ rap songs like…
    “Straight Outta Cheshire”, “Ain’t No Jews in Cell Block 7” and “Shower Room Sonata (soapy taint mix)” ft. DJ Black Piece of Shit.
    Soon on iTunes

          1. I would walk to a little store up the road, and I guess he wanted me to be scared shitless all the time. He said they wanted little blond girls. It worked, I was afraid of black peoples.
            When he tucked me in at night, he told me the devil would get me if I lied. *shrugs* I come from freaks.

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