Thai Man Bitch-Slaps His Step Child for No Apparent Reason

Thai Man Bitch-Slaps His Step Child for No Apparent Reason

Thai Man Bitch-Slaps His Step Child for No Apparent Reason

This happened in Phitsanulok, Thailand. The man on the motorcycle is reportedly a step father of the child next to him.

The CCTV video of the incident shows the man bitchslap his stepson so hard, the child falls flat on the dirt, after which the stepdad stomps his head.

It goes without saying that modern kids are annoying little shits, so a good bitchslap is often righteous. But in this case, the child doesn’t seem to do anything to deserve being struck so hard. Except maybe pouting?

You got to have a reason to slap someone so unless the guy went with the sole fact that this is a single mother’s kid, then he’s the one who deserves a bitchslap. But given what absolute sack of shits single mother bring up, you generally can never go wrong even hammerfisting the abomination. Single mothers raise criminals, social justice warriors, white knights, manginas, feminists, gender confused, race mixing, degenerate antifa pukes of the worst ilk.

Props to Best Gore member @nikish for the video:

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98 thoughts on “Thai Man Bitch-Slaps His Step Child for No Apparent Reason”

    1. yeah, they beat up those the most, get your ass back on the farm boy.
      The lack of child protection over the world truly is amazing, just shows you in what kind of civilization we live in.

  1. I agree with most of what is written there, but the ‘white knights’ thing is a little odd or maybe I simply don’t understand it. Without incurring the wrath of the internet warriors, surely we should protect the weaker in our society like we have always done in our civilization.

    1. Its a diffrent time now,
      I think what is stated is (white-knights) that there are people who without knowing enough about the situation will jump into a scenario that could potentially get one killed to help someone who got themselves in that scenario.
      Truth is: we shouldn’t help people anymore.

      1. Yeah. You have To figure out If it’s worth it. You not a Hero After all. But I cant look away. Well probably it’s Time To Carry a Knife 24/7 also To fkn cut their throats before they will.

        1. Kids are innocent… Parents have control. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to strangle my children, instead, I opened a bottle of wine after I put my head under a cold shower. As payback… I embarrass my children in public whenever I can. “Hey Shannon, I found the right cream for your anal warts.” Or “What type of strength do you need for your infestation?” As we parous the drug store. She got me good one day when she yelled over the isles…. “Is regular peroxide good for your crabs or do you need a prescription?” I raised a smart ass indeed. I’m very proud of her.

      1. haha I don’t give the kid much chance to be honest, Looks like he’ll end up on BG along with the mother, especially now she’s cheating on him while making him look after her kid.

        1. xsookiex yep, yet another asian going overkill on a little kid. If he can do that in broad daylight what’s he doing when no one’s watching? boggles the mind

    1. Hes not a grown man, really hes a thai adult male, he probably did it because he got a clue hes not a grown man.


      A whiff of truth in the air and he just took it out on the nearest, weakest being, someone who would not grass, someone who has been irritating him for years, even after making the effort of loving the little shit, all for nothing you little shit! Why did i bother!


  2. Im not ever having children, i wouldnt want to put a woman through that pain.

    And when a woman has been through bad pain during childbirth they tend to hold it against you their whole lifes, as if you were the one that inflicted them with that pain.

    Giving birth is wrong. You shouldnt do it. Causes too many problems.

          1. They can choke on another dick. At least they ain’t losing legs on the front lines or some shit. I’ve been obliterated by a car and lived to talk about it, and went thru 3 years of excruciating recovery after that. When women get on their soap box of how were lucky we don’t have to experience child birth, I tell em they’re lucky to of never broken 8 bones at once and never had to learn to walk again. Any woman whose ever felt a sliver of pain is somehow a hero. Cocklipped cunts

  3. I’m not justifying this violence but looks like he burst because kid didn’t look at him while he’s talking and probably asking him to look at him while criticizing him for something.

    Passive aggression by kiddo…?

    1. The kid was probably talking all kinds of big tall man shit which we couldn’t hear on the camera so what you saw was the final burst by a very patient adult… Who by the way had had enough… Say something else !!! I dare you say something else motherfucker!!. … I promise you won’t live to think it’s funny…. Every time mom is out of earshot the little kids start talking big tall shit… You ain’t my daddy I don’t have to listen to what you say fuck you you can’t do nothing

  4. It does look like it has something to do with whatever the boy is holding with his hand. Hmm… maybe he got a bad grade or didn’t graduate considering it happens this month. Well… I don’t know. Btw, he didn’t stomp on his head though, more like on his body.

  5. Fresh out of the bus (see april 27th’s vid), the damn fucker recovered his scooter and then started again to play his favourite game which is “hitting defenseless little ones”.
    The reason? Simple : the kid was proud of his fresh A+ while the “Fuck Norris” wannabe hardly reached to get a Z- in all his 1 & 1/2 year school career.
    Despite the real story behind this, no adult should EVER beat the shit out of a little one as this one did, whatever the reason; he could’ve killed the kid, FFS !
    The worst thing is there are still weirdos here to side with Chuck Norris instead of Davis Copperfield, which proves more than ever that “birds of a feather stick together”.
    (Dickens wrote books, Norris can’t even read…)
    Do this World a favour, all you Chuck Norris copycats : never breed.

  6. No, this is all wrong beyond measure and I am furious from watching this video. Children do not need to be brutally beaten. I am wondering if his mother ever saw this video? I know that if it was my child I would personally see to it that he was punished for the decision he made. What type of people are these individuals in the video that came to check on the child somebody should of dealt with this man right away. But I guess from time to time we will see videos that make us extremely mad and for me this is truly one of those videos.

    1. I agree. We never hit our daughter and she turned out fine. I had a step mother and step grandmother who were both monsters to my siblings and me, but then again, my own mother was just as bad! Some people should never be around kids – period.

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