The Caption This Photo Contest #63

American BDSM

Caption this photo if you can.

Best Caption

Worst bachelor party ever – Joe112358


Madonna’s World tour 2030 – HMD

Still waiting for my Klondike bar- Saiko

I wondered what the Spice Girls were up to – ThaDRIP

Honorable Mentions

My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard – Trooper72

First ever Breast Boxing Federation bout ends in draw despite the red glove’s breast reach advantage – √açЌ ΜξhΘƒƒ ™

From perky tits to porky tits – uli

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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268 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #63”

  1. I feel like I’m in the Labyrinth. Which one tells the truth, and which one lies?

    That’s not a contender, obviously, but still… Help me figure this out before I fall down a pit of hands that form faces.

      1. Thanks doll. Much appreciated. I don’t like to judge people by their looks, but holy shit, they sure put it out there, they’ve got to live in a trailer park somewhere. And probably are closely related. Yuck….There, that’s my caption. Yuck! hehe. Now how in the hell would they take that duct tape off without removing half the skin on their boobs. Mind you, I saw my brother (at about six)wrap a rubber band around his little wankie so tight it took my mother about an hour to remove it. My poor brother, just bawled his eyes out, it was a running joke forever til he died…

    1. same here…that thing on the left is…its like its huuu…its like its an old male crackhead that got a sex change to be able to turn tricks with his daughter and buy more crack…they both really look alike XD…im danny btw been coming here for a long time n always thought you were pretty B-)

  2. The result of 100 years of jewish control of the american media and school system.
    The american population is now composed at 76.8% of faggots, whores, yahoos with retarded tattoos all over their bodies, nigger lovers, obese brainless people sitting in front of the TV all day…

  3. Did anyone notice the dresser behind them? On the right there is a bottle of rubbing alcohol, a container of baby powder and … a jar of peanut butter???

    But seriously folks,
    I don’t know which is more painful, what they did to their tits, or looking at them in general.

    1. EEWW,that just brought about a thought about women, peanut butter and dogs, and with these two, nothing would surprise me. If that’s a mother and daughter pair, they need their heads examined. They look all meth’d out. I doubt they could afford crack, even trying to sell the ones they are running around with..maybe they are into the even cheaper stuff, like gasoline or contact cleaner, or pam….

  4. You just know these fv,s have plopped out like 9 kids each and get about a million dollars a month in food stamps. Can’t afford food, but they were able to pay for necessary items like that 40 inch flat screen.

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