The Caption This Photo Contest #85

The Caption This Photo Contest #85

Caption this photo if you can… and check out last time’s winner here.

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  1. 1. Mr. Klumsy (sp. altered) soon found out his choice of a knight costume (real sword included) was not the best decision he’d ever made.

    2. Best example of why you never keep a sword in your house if your wife is prone to psychotic episodes.

  2. 3. Ok, I see now why practicing seppuku was a bad idea.

    4. (Last)
    Suspect: “Officer, it was an accident”
    Officer: “What, like he slipped, and you fell?”
    (Quote respectfully borrowed from ‘Lucky Number Slevin’)

  3. To prove yourself you must pull the sword from the rock of hairy nipples. It has been tried many times by many men,but if you are able you will hold the power of greyskull in your hand. Test your might

  4. “In the name of My Most Royal Majesty, I knight thee. Arise, Sir Loin of Beef. Arise, Earl of Cloves. Arise, Duke of Brittingham. Arise, Baron of Munchausen. Arise, Essence of Myrrh, … Milk of Magnesia, … Quarter of Ten.” – Bugs Bunny

  5. This is the photo of a man who attempted suicide by piecing a sword into a chest in Zaragoza, Spain in April 2015. The surgeons managed to remove it after an operation that requires opening his chest. The video has gone viral and I was expecting to see it on bestgore.

      1. Dammit that’s not a caption ………. all that she’s trying to tell here is a little snippet about an incident of a stabbed in sword to a chest of man in Zaragoza, Spain that happened in April 2015.

      1. Hey there @shootme
        You’d do us a favor if you end up participating rather act a wet blanket …..and then again you never know you might win it too .
        Instead of a riposte, let caption gets key boarded down
        Now Hurry up if you may please.

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