Thief Gets Brutally Beaten on Bare Buttocks with 2×4

Thief Gets Brutally Beaten on Bare Buttocks with 2x4

Here we go again with another thief caught stealing being treated to complimentary full body massage.

In this video, the alleged thief is shown handcuffed and stripped half naked. He’s relentlessly kicked and spanked on the bare buttocks with a 2×4 until the cheeks turn black and blue.

Correction – it appears that this happened in Mexico, not Brazil.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “Thief Gets Brutally Beaten on Bare Buttocks with 2×4”

      1. If they want to really punish him, send that cute ass to the Muslims for proper disposal.
        They know what to do with guys with cute asses, lol.
        Of course, he might be too old for them now. They like boys more than men.

          1. Roll him over and take several fun whacks at his balls. Bursting his testicles inside their bag, and turning them to fine pulp, should make for some interesting screams and squeals.

          2. It looks like he tried to spin himself around on the ground, then immediately realized his nuts would’ve been exposed. He must’ve realized it’d be better to get his ass beat black and blue than to get his balls flattened.

  1. While I would love this was a brazilian but it’s actually from Mexico. This is a thief who was caught stealing in a cartel protected turf a few months back. Therefore, he was mildly disciplined by cartels members. They speak Mexican in the background.

    At the begginning of the video he states: “This is happen to all those who are caught stealing. Arrrght!” “ayy, yyaaaa, yyaaa, yaayyyy, enought please, enough, I won’t ever steal again….”

    giver: “Are you going to steal again?”
    Reciever: ” No, I’ll never steal ever again! Yaaa, yayy, yayaaa!”

    Good video.

      1. They sure did a good job. The guy gave him a few hits on the head and was stopped by the group leader saying continue on his ass and legs only. I believe him when he screams he wont steal again. He sounds sincere.

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