Thief Caught in Brazil Favela, Ravaged by Gang

Thief Caught in Brazil Favela Ravaged by Gang

In a good ole game of whack-a-thief, accused bandit is ravaged by 2x4s; blood adorns face and head. “Come one and come all,” favela gang huddles around man out in the sticks, deliver heavy-hitting penalty. Writhing in agony, the accused has no way to escape due process of jungle law. The savage punishment inflected on the bump on a log is intended to deter future copy-cat criminals.

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        1. haha! I was going to agree with you until I go to “…rape their daughters…”.
          Incest, child porn, serial killing and pedophilia along with other ‘insanities’ are more like innate cracka stuff. No other race can dream of taking those titles away from us 🙂

          1. Well kiddo sorry but it’s evident you haven’t been around much, you see the white man who’s committed some of the above mentioned crimes are generally caught and get the ol’ chimo jacket put on them, the facts are very different in that niggers that sleep/rape their sisters don’t ever get told on, they go on until death and nobody knows any different because they instill so much fear into their victims a very large percentage of them just don’t get caught/convicted (like the stupid white pervs)….. I suggest you put the tv away little fella and perhaps pick up a book or two… I’m guessing you don’t know much about MLK either do you ? HA HA HA HA go ahead and continue being the ignorant fuck we all know you are bub. It’ll be easier for you since you won’t have to think much…. idiot- pfffffff

          2. @gropella, I also agree with the dude who mentioned the negro habits that a lot of em go un-punished/un-tallied because of the black privilege thing known as snitches get stitches in the ghetto? That along with the serious witness intimidation tactics of the less than mighty negro. I suggest a little read called “ don’t make the black kids angry” by Colin Flaherty or “White girl bleed a lot” . Those books are eye opening facts about American africans. But by the looks of it you are way too busy opining here @Best Gore to be reading up on the most racist humans ever. SAW your noggin into those books and a mind changing world lies Just ahead. Just avoid any known ghetto. Your life does depend on it.

          3. @genetics
            Besides your definition of rape coming straight from a college skank book,
            I wonder if you ever tried to give any rape accusation a closer look?
            “..sleep/rape their sisters don’t ever get told on…”
            So how did you get the information?
            “…perhaps pick up a book or two… ”
            written by who?
            I dont give a shit about MLK, neither do I about KKK
            I care more about everyday people and what they do,
            And it’s always whites full of sarcastic shit like you…
            As immoral as it is, imagine if black people were calling the shots and made racism a crime? How many of us would be doing time?

            “crackas”, “niggers”, “prados” and “gooks” are equally full of shit. We calling the shots on what’s “right” or “wrong” to fit our own evil brand of morality only means we’re MORE PRIVILEGED than them, doesn’t mean we’re BETTER.

            I know, arguing with a racist is as smart a thing to do as arguing with a feminist. Your mind is already made up that the next person is less human than you. Thus no matter what facts you’re presented with, you’re stuck in your little narrow racist mind box. That’s exactly why whites are full of shit. But if that works for you, get on with it. it’s a free world after all. And I’m just here to create some balance 🙂

          4. @goritian ““crackas”, “niggers”, “prados” and “gooks” are equally full of shit.” Fuckin right they are! Humans need to be eradicated. There are problems with every race.


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      1. I’ll never understand the entire flipflop/sandals thing. I mean I can understand sandals if you’re in a really hot environment and you can tie them to you feet. But I don’t understand why intelligent people would wear flipflops or slip on sandals and never wear anything else outside of work. I know some people like this and they are stupid assholes, so it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve heard so many tales from them of not being able to run away from shit or them flying off their feet, or their feet getting blisters from walking around too much… well no shit asshole! When was the last time you saw a fighter, or a soldier, or a climber, or a hiker, or a biker, or anyone doing anything worthwhile outside wearing slip on flip flops or sandals?

          1. Lol, I concur, HK. Pretty sure the whole reason people wear flip flops, is to help let thier feet breathe in hot, humid environments. Wearing socks with them would kinda defeat that purpose, no? Plus, it’s known to be a major fashion faux pas, in other words you’ll look like a fuckin’ idiot… To reiterate what HK said, It just ain’t right.

    1. @multiverse
      Maybe their hoping to knock the Crack out of him, and hoping he starts shitting out little zip-lock baggies with enough residue left inside when combined, to have just one more Bell Ringer in it. Sure beat doing the 3AM Carpet Crawl, especially when they mostly have cement, or earth floors lol. 😉

        1. See, Sphinx. Now that is just one example of why you are the man. Not only are you an innovator when it comes to fashion, but you have what it takes to be a stealthy assassin. With socks over your flops, those pesky DeSilvas will never hear you coming.

        2. Lol, i can just picture you now, with those long white tube socks over your Flip-Flops, while you just casually, & nonchalantly strolling downtown on Fucking Main Street. Now that would be hilarious to say the least dude, just to witness the different people’s reactions while sporting those bad-boys, he, he.

          And to actually see the many different looks, & reactions that one would get, but only once you pass them by of course, fucking cowards, lol. But just imagine for one minute if one had a hidden camera, or a buddy walking about 15 feet behind you to catch it all on a hidden camera??? ok, now that would be Epic, Priceless, and candid camera worthy. 🙂

  1. Weak ass Brasileiros, Mexico has organized crime, Bra’ziw has unorganized chaos. Even if the entire poor population was launched into space and only a few poor left behind to serve the rich elites which in turn would give those poor a chance into the middle class, Bra’ziw would still be a shithole as the politicians would still squander the surplus cash.

    1. That’s how a country ends up when it is managed by a lefty government.

      Incredible to think these assholes avoided economic Armageddon and actually managed to be quite wealthy in the late 90s, only to sink later on because as always, brownies get lazy and complacent when they have it good and thus vote for commies.

      1. Most of savages are people who live in big city, and have a lovely house with lot of comforts.
        Like the members of this site 🙂
        Savages are who enjoy to hurt the other and who laugh watching video like this.
        No one difference between you all and mexican cartel 🙂

          1. I’ll take my 7:00pm bourbon and soda on the recliner with the smartphone versus catching a slug to the head while being videoed passing my last bottle on the Gas City bench, and take my chances.

        1. You don’t make any sense, a savage is someone that causes damage and/or hurts other people, and a sadist is someone who enjoys watching other people suffering. Big difference, mexican cartel members are sadist, yes, but they’re also being determinated savages, otherwise they would probably be just some members instead of stars on this site. Sadism isn’t very gracious, I admit it, but feeling pleased out of it sometimes isn’t a crime (as long as you haven’t done anything to somebody else to feel it).

        2. I laugh because I’m savage and don’t participate in the acts..
          I’m just savage in training by knowing of the acts.
          I watch the acts and get harder in the cock and balls.

          Welcome to favela training 101 via Texas internet connection.
          We train for the incoming border jumpers so that we may
          never feel worried about stick beatings or beheadings
          And we can shoot straighter than our favela enemies.

          Hah hah fuck them may they all die.
          Favela death crossed with AIDS
          Until they’re all in Hell.

  2. I did not even watch the video yet, but something tells me that thid dude,,,, He about to have a Very Bad Day! 😉

    We should all start commenting on what we think will happen to the people in the video’s Before We Watch Them, and then comment back right under our 1st. comment. And by using only Mark’s into, as a hint, it would be Too Cool To See Just how specific, and exact some of us would be. It would be fun, no?

    1. See,,, and just like i had predicted,,, and said,,, he was about to have a very bad day, and guess what Girls, & Boys,,, he did. So I Win 😉

      Lol, joke, cause i mean is specifics like he get killed,,, or he gots himself ripped apart by being chained to the bumper of a speeding car, and his ball/cock he be detached from his body, along with the hand that was jerking it,,, ya know specifics,,, and, shit like this or something, lol.

        1. Yea, at first i thought so too, but after sobering-up today, lol, and getting also getting some sobering advice from my Good Veteran Brother Brokeback, he made me question the whole thing, and as usual, it made sense. read his remarks below, and you will understand where he’s coming from. Cause we are Old Veteran Farts as B G is concerned, and can predict the outcomes more often than others on many occasions, but especially Broke as he jus a natural at shit like this being as quick, & witty as he has always been! But rusty Old Me, on the other hand,,, not so good, lol.

    2. @Dre, we’ve been doing this for so long that we can predict what will happen just from the title and still pic. Many times I will comment before watching the video and usually it was exactly what I had imagined. I guess we can call it our “seventh sense”.

      1. @brokeback

        Yea, true enough brother. I remember you doing exactly that on a few occasions, and saying so afterwards. So i guess we do get some kind of pre sense of whats to come in many posts.

        I was just “a little buzzed” last night just a tad, lol, after enjoying a fat blunt, and just imagined what kind of crazy shit people would come up with, & add that would end up being bang-on.

        Ya know like the little stupid details and shit. But then i’m sure that many would bullshit their way through about not seeing it first. And when i say this i mean like some of these newbie trolls, & the like. So again, and like you said Brother Broke, it wouldn’t work because of it.

    1. Fucken right they did, as i swear that you can see a broken rib sticking-out of his lower back. This fucker will be in a world of hurt once the adrenaline rush, and shock subsides. And that’s if he does not die from the massive amount of trauma, and internal bleeding first, that is!

  3. The fucking Da Silva savages high on coke at it again, probably “thinking”:
    “Always hit the meat to soften it before cooking…”
    May Jair Bolsonaro wins the Brazilian prez to get rid of this multicultural criminal plague.

      1. Hi, good Sir.
        Of course I was a bit excessive; just can’t help but taking the multicultural mantra at the slightest opportunity. ^^
        I concur about Brazil always had shitty politicians; Lula could’ve been a hope for them when elected but sadly in vain, not to mention his accusation of corruption, so why not (for a change) give a kick in the anthill and try something “new”?

    1. They all deserve it
      At this point in time
      Favela riddle of tragedy
      Is a reason for my rhyme

      They all deserve to die savagely
      And rot in a fiery abyss
      May their children die as well
      In the thousand plus Chinese Hells

  4. What’s funniest to me is: what the fuck is there really worth stealing OR beating up a thief over in a Brazilian favela? What, the last bottle of energy drink with Bruce Banner’s blood in it? An as-yet-unraped 12-year-old soccer player? Anything someone steals from you you just go take another one (which you probably did in the first place).

    They don’t really beat people up to deter thieves, they’re all thieves. The beating was gonna come to this guy eventually, they just wanted the excuse to finally do it. Some people just are born needing regular savaging with a chunk of lumber upside their ass.

    1. It’s not about punishment for theft, it’s about sport. Beating, molesting, dismembering and gutting are sport in Brazil. It’s part of the culture there. Don’t be racist against their ways, this is just how they express themselves.

      I like to watch it. Don’t every try to tame the beasts because it’s pointless. We need them to be cultural with one and other it’s very entertaining.

  5. that paki cunt on itv is afucking failure on a robot mission…

    word nigga, help that cunt bleed… only bitches bleed… the one real woman in the world doesnt have periods, shes the only clean woman on the planet.

    and that children, is a fact.

  6. Brutalizing a black man is a far, far more serious crime than whatever thing he may have stole. Brutalizing a black man for stealing is like brutally raping a black woman for stealing. Whatever the thief stole does not justify the evil being committed against him, couple that with the fact that those who are brutalizing him may have their own pre-existing racist attitudes towards him, which only makes their sadistic brutality even more vile and evil.

  7. From the looks of it the guy was playing pretty good defense and the gang was going for punishment blows not death blows. I would imagine the guy made it out of that one with minor injuries but some serious recovery time for the bruising / fractures he most likely received

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