Thief Is Caught by Populace in Dominican Republic, Gets Beaten Bloody

Thief Is Caught by Populace in Dominican Republic, Gets Beaten Bloody

Lynching of thieves in Dominican Republic just ain’t the same as in Brazil.

The thief has his feet tied up and gets dragged here and there. He seems quite covered in blood, but that’s from a small gash on the head and they always bleed like crazy. If you’ve ever hit your head so hard, your scalp cracked, you surely know what I’m talking about. Even a relatively small cut on the head can turn you into a bloody mess.

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    1. I didn’t even want to go there the one time, even though I would be spending it in a resort, but my family just thought the resorts were nice and that was all that mattered to them.

      I just have an instinct tourist dollars are somehow funding all those machete fights.

    1. I have witnessed several one on one fights with blacks and whites. Not saying i don’t agree with you though. But when i say blacks gang up on individual whites I mainly speak about the males. Their whole posse has to be involved. Black women tend to fight one on one. It’s just most are built……bigger so the fights are still a little unfair.

  1. And this video is why I’m thankful for the police officers in America. Yeah, they can sometimes get rough in trying to apprehend a suspect, but a vast majority of officers are good people, who made it their duty to protect other good people.

  2. Most naught people in Dominican republic are illegal immigrant from their neighboring Haiti. The Haitians are segregated and beaten day and night. These idiots should just come back to Africa and enjoy the peaceful life in caves.

  3. Not one bit of sympathy here. The s.o.b was stealing from innocent people. Actually, we need to implement this treatment of criminals right here in the
    USA. Our prisons are overflowing, thanks to those fucking bleeding-heart liberals, and the people in this country pay for their free room and board. No. This country needs more vigilante justice. Dumb ass sheep. I just cannot comprehend their stupidity.

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