Thief Caught Stealing in Chad Uncomfortably Suspended from Wall Fence

Thief Caught Stealing in Chad Uncomfortably Suspended from Wall Fence

Thief Caught Stealing in Chad Uncomfortably Suspended from Wall Fence

No, not that Chad, who gets his cock sucked by every Karen in her prime before she hits the wall, loses the ability to bear healthy children, as well as the firmness of her tits and tightness of her cunt, catches every known and unknown STD and asks: “Where are all the good men“?

In the city of N’Djamena – which you probably never heard of even though it’s the capital of a country in Africa, a thief caught stealing was suspended from a spoke in a wall fence. No matter how you spin it, this isn’t exactly what I would call comfortable.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Someone needs to photoshop the video to make the ugly black dudes who are standing around wear kkk outfits . Insert an american car into the video then leak it to CNN. Guaranteed the country will be burnt to the ground within 24 hours long before they realize it’s fake. Any takers?

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  2. Laughed at article. Read Chad wrong and had no idea of capital. World Geography classes only cover the relevant world. I think this is how American POWs were treated in nam but hung until shoulders dislocate and then starve to death.

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          1. The movie is easily in my Top 5. I love Henry’s narrating.
            ” For us to live any other way was nuts. Uh, to us, those goody-good people who worked shitty jobs for bum paychecks and took the subway to work every day, and worried about their bills, were dead. I mean, they were suckers. They had no balls. If we wanted something, we just took it. If anyone complained twice they got hit so bad, believe me, they never complained again.”
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  6. Rather gruesome view but pretty damn good creativity wise! Wonder why we don’t see much simpler yet painful things for those deserving punishment

    Like yesterday getting into my car I nailed my shin on dashboard, hurt like a motherfucker . But maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to see someone suspended and then like a lone male or female (hey ladies!) could take thick stick, hammer or plank and focus solely on shin. That would hurt really bad, no other body parts to distribute pain just that shin

    Nails hammered into gums, toothpicks into eyeball, Q-tips slammed deep into nostrils. Just like small random stuff but not all at once or that may be kinda deviant

  7. Has anyone ever done Chad, or know somebody who has. I Am very curious on finding-out exactly what kind of high it gives you. Some say that is is similar to a Weed/Hash high. I Have seen on this T.V. Show many Africans trying to Enter the U.S. & Canadian Border Crossings.

    Some of these idiots go as far as trying to bring-in big boxes full of this Chad Stuff/Drug with them on their flights coming-in from Africa lol. How these Dumb-Asses think that they can get away with trying to smuggle in huge amounts of this stuff in their luggage, and some even in separate boxes are complete Idiots, lol.

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