Thief Gets His Hands Cut Off and Foot Amputated (video)

Thief Gets His Hands Cut Off and Foot Amputated as Quran Teaches

According to the Islamic law (Sharia), thieves should get their hands cut off. This type of on the spot amputation is practiced in many Islamic nations as it is encouraged by Islamic holy book – Quran. Prophet Muhammad ordered to have thief’s hands and feet cut off as punishment for theft. According to Muhammad, it was revealed to him by Allah that the tradition of chopping thieves’ hands and feet should be upheld. Quote from Quran, Sura 5:38 states:

QUR’AN, SURA 5:38: “As to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands, as punishment for what they have done: a punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime: and Allah is exalted in power.”

Man in the video stole television and money from a relative. He is seen with ropes tied against his limbs to restrain him from avoiding his punishment. Without much thinking, a Muslim man with big, sharp knife comes and cuts both of his hands at wrists. Another man is seen amputating thief’s left foot. Video doesn’t show amputation of thief’s right foot, but judging by how amputation happy his punishers were, I’d assume his left foot was cut off as well. That’s a price of thievery in countries where Islam is practiced as primary religion.

As he’s getting his hands and foot cut off, the thief has his eyes covered with a blindfold. He somewhat turns and tries to land on his already cut off hands which obviously doesn’t work. Some good Samaritan is nearby trying to put blue plastic bags over his amputated limbs, possibly to help him avoid getting the wounds infected from crawling around in the dirt. Video then shows severed hands and feet lying loosely on the ground.

Cutting off hands and feet is used as a punishment for thievery in Saudi Arabia. Saudis claim that amputation as the punishment serves as great deterrent, preventing potential thieves from stealing. According to these sources, Saudi Arabia has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

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140 thoughts on “Thief Gets His Hands Cut Off and Foot Amputated (video)”

    1. Until the early 1800’s here in the UK we used to hang children or deport them for even pick pocketing, the sexual age of consent was just 12 until the latter part of the same century. One third of Victorians died in abject poverty and were more or less constantly pissed or whacked on opium derivatives (laudanum) Could you blame them when they lived in worse conditions than pigs? The last public hanging was in the 1860’s.

    2. I don’t know how this guy was able to walk out to the truck and get in considering he just had his feet cut off. Maybe this video is a compilation of the sick barbaric acts cavemen Arabic ‘people’ do……..

    1. I’m fine with beating the hell out of a thief but damn, both hands and feet? What’s he gonna do with the rest of his life? A buddy of mine who lives in a questionable part of town was sitting on a bench with his phone next to him. 3 thug teenagers ran up and grabbed it and took off. My friend isn’t someone to mess with. He chased them down, tackled one of them, and beat the holy fuck out the asshole. He said “somehow the kid got away from me, but I saw two teeth and a lot of blood on the ground. Unfortunately the kid he tackled wasn’t the one with the phone – but that better have been a lesson learned.

  1. the problem is, its only the guy who steal a tv or something to eat that get his hand and feet cut. In these fucking country, real theif are politicians and some religious chief of these islamic country. anyway

  2. While the Qur’an does state the hands of thieves should be cut off, it must be noted that most muslim countries pervert Fiqh (human application of shariah). A thief cannot simply just be brought out into the open and have his hands, and feet cut off. First the punishment has to fit the crime. Simple thievery, stealing bicycles, food, etc doesn’t recieve the maximum punishment(amputation). In order for a thief to recieve that punishment the crime has to be such that it causes people in that particular society to suffer to the extent thier way of life is affected, or it causes a loss of life, or some form of oppression, otherwise a thief would get imprisonment, in jail, or prison. It would be up to the judge hearing the case, and the variables relating to that particular crime. The muslim countries that have applied amputation for any form of theft, such as Saudi Arabia practice an extreme form of Fiqh, and shouldn’t be an example for Shariah as a whole.

    1. It doesn’t matter, you are ALL connected by your false doctrines and satanic pages of Quran, you do not follow the one true God of Israel IE Yeshua! Your people are not honorable, they are backbiters, and hypocrites! A very large majority of the Arab people practice incest and suffer from inbreeding (google it ) the very word “Arab” means “the mixed one”, you people are an abomination to Gods creation , you are a mongrelized people ! Rest assured judgment witll fall upon you. You are Esau , PERIOD!

  3. thats good thats will never make any one even thinking about stelling any thing and no one need to stel in these country to feed his children because the do ( al zakah every year ) from the rich ppl and give it to the poor ppl

    belive me because that there is no stelling in the islamic world and because the leave that alot of stelling going on right now end of story

  4. that’s pretty brutal. sharp knife no doubt. that’s what happens when people base their life on a stupid book. they should turn the middle east into a glass crater already.

  5. @5 No. It’s not buddy. You’re living in the past if anything. The future should not be brutal and barbaric as it has been for so long.

    @7 Fuck off you piece of shit (if you’re serious) :S

    @14 I concur. Burn em all now.

    Bottom line is, no human deserves punishment like this, whatever the crime. Fuck you muslim cunts.

  6. This is a great punishment for thievery, at least you don’t go to jail, and the mark will remind you not to do it again, and people around you will know to watch you!

  7. you absolute racist cunts.
    have you ever thought about the ‘in god we trust’ mantra of the USA? and how they send OFTEN INNOCENT (in actuality, or through mental illness) men and women to the electric chair, or send them to their expiration via lethal injection?
    YOU ARE ALL BRUTAL. this is indo-pakistani culture at its worst, but is not less brutal that england 200 years ago… and i could detail many instances of the bible inciting mass rape and killing… even after its been re-written to fuck by whoever wants to use it as their text in an ephemeral sense…
    to any one who uses the word ‘paki’ or talks of the religion with an abysmal manner… have a look at your own society, and the vast abuses that we accept from our own government… western governments should be held to a higher level of accountability, because they are not illiterate peasants living two centuries behind us.

    1. most states in the US never go through with execution these days. they are more than happy to give lifers and death row inmates rent free rooms, tax free living, three full square meals a day, free medication and health care and even a free college education. Texas is pretty much the only state that still has any balls.

      America is also the only place that makes it illegal to mock and “torture” terrorists/murders and protects pedophiles and rapists. lol what the fuck bunch of pussy ass people. political correction will be the death of the white race.

      but Whites have evolved a lot over the last 200 years that’s why all haters can ever do is cite examples from our darker past. “the crusades! blah blah” yeah…”slavery! blah bah” yeah… and?

  8. He deserves all that comes to him. He was no ignorant American, he knew what would happen if he stole and he stole anyway. America needs to stop letting criminals walk all over them and adopt harsher laws. I’m all for cutting off the body parts of convicted criminals, so that they don’t harm law-abiding citizens.

  9. islam can be proven to be a true religion as a matter of fact so regardless of what people think the punishment need to be carried out in the colrrect manner under the legitamate authority because Allah has commanded it.

    if any anyone has questions or would like to raise any points about what i have mentioned or would like to question islam; i would advaise you to take part in this forum :

    all muslims and non-muslims welcome

  10. alright all ou fucking sick bastardss…
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  11. Though I know I am a sick person for enjoying videos such as this, I can see that cutting the hand off of every theif would be a bit excessive and that you can’t prove any religion you really can’t prove anything at all its just perceptive and honestly why aren’t things righted rather than punished … your all going to die anyway.

  12. “jared king is gay says:
    February 26, 2009 at 3:54 pm
    damn id be pissed!”

    Yeah, but what would you do about it? I mean you don’t have any hands, and your missing a foot! stabbing or shooting the punishers is out of the question, and I doubt a guy without any hands and only 1 foot would be any good at boxing…

    A lot can be said about the muslims, but they sure as hell knows how to prevent you from stealing again…

  13. “caroline says:
    April 25, 2009 at 5:17 pm
    you absolute racist cunts.
    have you ever thought about the ?in god we trust? mantra of the USA? and how they send OFTEN INNOCENT (in actuality, or through mental illness) men and women to the electric chair, or send them to their expiration via lethal injection?”

    Im not american, but in my mind you should take mental condition into consideration when thinking of the punishment for a crime… everyone should be equal in a free world, but as long as people can get away with crimes just because they claim insanity, or because they’re mentally retarded, they we are not equal…

    If a sane man should be put to death for a crime, then an insane man should also be put to death, if the crimes were similar… (In my mind there’s accually more of a reason to put an insane man to death, as you never know when those fuckers will go off, and start murdering random people… atleast the sane killers more often than not have a reason for doing what they do, and aren’t just killing people at random)

  14. I guess you cant get five finger discount if you dont have any hands now can you. It seems pointless to me but people still keep stealing when they know what the consequences will be. So who do we blame the fact that they have no money to buy so they have to steal to survive or the idiots who go through with the punishment. The facts are, this world is a very fucked place but if it wasnt there would be no need for sites like this now would there and i get a thrill out of others missery. Dont think i’m sick cos you are looking at this site to.

  15. Ok thiefs, yes punish them, cut their hands off i dont care… but if you smoke a small spliff in saudia arabia they just kill you, likw wtf i put in my body what ever i want write?, same with alcohol….no buzz and mary jane, no tv, i dont know how they live over there.

  16. When the man heals up after his experience perhaps he will learn from his punishment and go out and find honest work.

    Then again, on second thoughts perhaps NOT.

    What stupid bastards Muslims are.

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    1. Iran has a finger amputation device that they invented for thieves…..truly barbaric ignorant violent blood thirsty prehistoric animalistic Muslims – fuck you all…….you make this world suck more than any poor TV thief……and your fucking ugly as all hell with those disgusting unmaintained beards……I just got a lil bit of vomit in my mouth from just thinking about you, your religion…..pppffftt

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  19. It would be unbecoming of anyone to reply to the comments of some of the people on here. They say that we (muslims) are backwards, and other things using profanity making themselves look very ignorant. I assume they have nothing better to do than allow people to see just how ignorant, and starving for attention they truly are.

  20. Hey Shaykh Ahmed! Thanks for reading my Islam-diss! here is my answer to your post: Its a fact that most muslim States are backwards. They are far behind western cultures. Why do you deny this?! Its a fact! The reason is that they go praying to this stupid Allah five times a day instead of working for getting new know-how and something to eat for their families. Religion slows down the progress of every society in tne world. So its stupid to give religions so much relevance like muslims do. And why is Islamic law so damn inhumane and brutal?! Shaykh Ahmed Muhammed from Dubai or any other rich islamic country, there is nothing you can say to plead this form of jurisdiction! So stop being a muslim or youre just as stupid/gay/bitch ass fucked up cocksucking as Allah, Mohammad and Ali!

  21. It is a fact that most so called muslim nations are backwards, but so are several non muslim nations… let’s not forget; Idi Amin and, Kim il sung. Their regimes have taken countless lives, or forced the people to live in utter seclusion. They aren’t even Muslim! Also what do we say about the incident of genocide in Rwanda, which began with the first civil war where the Tutsi dominated RPF invaded Rwanda in 1990. To this day the former Congo is still recovering from those long held hostilities whose roots are Racism that came from first the Belgian colonists, and government which took control in

  22. It is a fact that most so called muslim nations are backwards, but so are several non muslim nations… let’s not forget; Idi Amin and, Kim il sung. Their regimes have taken countless lives, or forced the people to live in utter seclusion. They aren’t even Muslim! Also what do we say about the incident of genocide in Rwanda, which began with the first civil war where the Tutsi dominated RPF invaded Rwanda in 1990. To this day the former Congo is still recovering from those long held hostilities whose roots are Racism that came from first the Belgian colonists, and government which took control in 1923 after accepting the league of nations mandate. Using first identity cards to classify ethnicity, to stripping the Hutus of their power over land, and finally bringing all previously Hutu controlled land into subjection under Tutsi royalty. Imagine stripping an entire population of what little influence they have in a society, and giving it all to a rival class of people. without regard to your abuse of the English language, I’m sure you can study that issue in further depth on your own. Why do I pray five times a day? I think the question is why don’t you pray, do you pray… do you even believe in a god? Whether He be called Krishna, Buddha, Allah, or whatever? You say religion slows society down. Is it religion, are people’s abuse of religion. You say cutting off the hands of thieves is Brutal, and inhumane, however you don’t even have a clue about how Shariah law even works. How can you just give an uneducated interpretation of something, and expect people to agree with you. Your simply repeating other peoples ignorant, ill informed opinions. How about you, actually sitting down in front of your computer, and using it for something other than watching porn, and leaving ignorant, bigoted comments.

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    1. No one cares dude! Don’t you get it yet? You guys are so stupid and backwards! Wake the fuck up!
      Props to that kid for not even screaming! I would probably shit myself, but then again, I will stay in the safety of my wonderfully abundant western world! Nuke em all !

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