Thief in Lima, Peru Receives Beating but Police Stop Further Lynching

Thief in Lima, Peru Receives Beating but Police Stop Further Lynching

A man was caught stealing in Lima, Peru and received quick street justice, but before the crowd could full on lynch the shit out of him, the police showed up and put an end to it. It doesn’t look like the mob had an intention to straight kill the guy, unlike they do in Haiti, but rather to teach him a lesson with semi good beating, and shame him by parading him through the neighborhood.

More like shame themselves with the most pathetic rope job I’ve ever seen. The lesson to learn from this I guess is… if you’re going to steal in Peru, do it where nobody knows you so the promenade of shame doesn’t do you much bad.


Best Gore member BelialDarkness provided us with a translation:

Reporter in Studio:
The police had to protect the thief, Juan Jose Vazquez, from being lynched. The people of the San Pedro neighbourhood, which is similar to the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, were furious. [The thief] had attacked a humble merchant without mercy. The neighbours managed to catch the thief and unleash their wrath upon him. More yet, their burned the thief’s motorbike.

Reporter Live:
Did the people hit him?

Neighbour 1:
People did hit him, captured him, tied up him and all that.

Reporter in Studio:
The police had to calm the crowd the prevent further beating. What is worrying, is the people did agree with this taking place.

Neighbour 2:
What happen is alright, I think that will be a lesson to not mess with the people who work. Sometimes one who works, earns humbly.

Reporter in Studio:
This leader of the neighboring district said theft happens all the time there. The people are fed up living scared.

Neighbourhood Leader:
It is sad that here there is no much crime, but we need the support of the government, we ask them to remember this place.

Reporter in Studio:
Under the noses of the police, we saw criminals, drug addicts, drunks who act like they own of this no man’s land.

Reporter Live:
The complaints of the people are always the same, they are fed up with being robbed all the time, and being scared to walk down these streets. In Lima Peru, Maria Luisa Martinez, Univision.

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          1. Senor is awesome. Don’t think he’s ever fucked with anyone. Always liked your comments even before I made a profile. Hope you don’t leave either dre, senor , juicy , obli , pz and others I can’t remember off hand .

          2. Thanks Reality Check I like you too and mostly everybody on here including the fuktards. They are so entertaining. I think we are all lucky to be here thanks to all of Mark’s work and sacrifice.

    1. @d2, Why?.

      I fail to understand why somebody would comment nothing of value just to be first?, does top spot feel special?, was it worth it?, what motivated you to do such a thing?, what was the rational behind your action?.

      I would be grateful if you could shed some light on this first comment disease that I see every so often so that I may concoct a cure for this debilitating condition.

      1. Well said ALL you guys & gals. This Facebook, Teenage Douchebaggery has got to stop, once & for all. Yesterday,s Post about The Security guard also had a SLIDING INTO FIRST stupidity attached to it!! I wrote on my second comment, that i could not believe what i just saw again, & said (some never learn ) or something similar! You would think that after the verbal bitch slapping the first dude got, that the other KIDS would finally learn !!!

        1. @thedre,

          One of the mods needs to do a post highlighting this Facebook era douchebaggery because it is getting painful to watch these days.

          I can figure out why murderers and mad people act the way that they do but even I struggle to make sense of this first comment shit, it goes far beyond normal douchebaggery and treads into the unknown territory of fuckwittedness.

          My conclusion, the governments dumbing down of the population is working very well, a little too much of Facebook, one too many soap operas, a bit too much Bieber style pop music and the people succumb to madness, where the engine still runs but there?s no one behind the wheel.

        2. Wish I didn’t have to do this @Dre, but that paragraph contained more than one capslocked word.

          As your punishment you are to be exiled along with d2 to Acapulco, Mexico where you will both be carrying Go Pros connected to BG via a live feed. Goodluck mate.

    2. I know Spanish. So here is what I translated, but I know it will have some mistakes, I still have to learn a lot.

      News Reporter: The police HAD to protect the thief Jos? Vazquez who was about to get lynched. The people of San Pedro?s district who is very similar to the people who lives in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, was furious. The criminal had attacked a female merchant. The neighbours captured and beat him. And also they burned the motorbike he was using.
      Reporter: Did the people beat him?
      Police officer: Yes they did.
      News Reporter: The police tried to convince the people that lynching criminals is wrong. But what is really alarming is that everyone in that district agreed with what happened
      Man: I think it was okay, I think it will be a warning for the criminals so they don?t continue stealing from honest workers. For me it?s okay.
      News Reporter: This woman, who lives in the ?rea says that everyday robbery occurs. They are tired of living in fear.
      Woman: There is a lot of insecurity around here, we need help from the authorities
      News Reporter: We have seen criminals, drug addicts, drunk people acting free in front of the police, criminals who feel like the owners of this ?No Man?s Land?. The complains of the people are the same, they are tired of criminals. A warning for our audience: Be careful when walking in these streets.

  1. Hmmn the walk of shame. Of course it’s worse where people know you but it can still be enough to put you of crime. A lot of countries where we see lynching people acutally only employ shaming tactics usually and it can be incredibly powerful.

    1. Yeah, I like it when judges make people carry signs in public. Like “I’m a thief” on street corners. Here in Texas they also have a website where sex offenders are posted. So you can always check to see if you have one of these individuals living close to you.

      1. You are right Mustafa. My ex was a little on the chubby side, but man she was tight. (incredibly tight) She had to have kids with a C / Section cause she would not dialate more than 4 centimeters . I use to tease her and tell her she had Tightess/ vaginitus a new disease he,he.

  2. I thought he was kind of fat for a simple thief. He is a robber and attacked a female merchant. The town was fed up with the lawlessness in their town and took matters into their own hands. They also burned his motorcycle.

      1. You’re welcome Dre. He was lucky he wasn’t on it when they set it on fire. That area is just overrun with criminals. By the way, did you see the cardboard cutout of the hot female police officer in front of the police headquarters?

    1. HA ! HA! good one Hockscroach!!! I have been meaning to tell you that your avatar is too cool ! That flic No Country For Old Men, is one of my favorites. I must have watched it like 5 times already !! 馃檪

      1. Hey Dre, Cheers mate, yeah it’s a fucking cracking movie, I watched it again the other night, it never gets old, there’s not many movies that can capture that mood of pure evil and normality of life at the same time. Stay well my man.

  3. Sometimes I’m not sure when watching these lynchings as to whether these are citizens that are genuinely fed up with slack law enforcement from the officers, or sadistic psychopaths using it as an excuse to act out their violent tendencies.

    1. That movie, The Passion Of Christ made me cry, like i never cried before. To see a human being be so savagely beaten caused me great pain. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, this was a brutal complete beat down of an innocent individual portrayed so vividly it stayed with me for a long time. 馃檨

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    1. @thedre,

      I am on nobodies side but my own therefore I can say that Bestgore getting first commenters and other nonsense behaviour is inevitable with the gain in popularity and there is only so much the mods can do to stay on top of it.

      We should not however keep giving the mods too much hassle because when mark got sent down this website could have easily gone down too if it were not for those who stepped up to the task and continued the hard work needed to keep this place going.

      Apart from the donations, which are voluntary and not forced, this place is free to join and contribute and therefore I am hard pressed to argue against the mods on that principle alone.

      My conclusion, things may not be absolutely the same as when Mark was here but things are not that bad at the moment either, it could always be better but then that?s life.

      1. Thank-you @ Empty for your words of clarity. I do appreciate what the staff is doing, i have thanked them in the past for such!. I guess i am just a little upset at another good loving member has left us. She really loved this site. There is just a handful of us left on here and that saddens me, thats all !

        1. Handful of who? I’m sorry, but who are you to act like the shit on here. The “US” are still here. Look up when I started commenting or ask acneska how long I’ve been a member. I don’t remember seeing you on here 6 years ago. I don’t remember seeing you on here 5 years ago. I don’t even remember seeing you on here 4 years agoo. No mate – WE are still here and still will be through the good, the bad and the ugly for we are the true SOB’s. During my 6 years on Best Gore I have seen whiners come and go by the hundreds. I will see you off too. WE, the true members of Best Gore don’t whine. WE’ve been here for a very long time and will outlive every whiner like yourself for even longer. You noobs acting like Best Gore dances to your tune are laughable.

          1. Truer words have never been spoken, crybaby. Guy doesn’t even know the site celebrate half a decade a year ago in April. One can only wish those knobs would just shut up.

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          4. Any member can change their screenname any time. The surest way to know who is who is by email address. Cry baby has been here since before registration for comments was mandatory which is first 9 months of the site

          1. @thedre,

            Calm down bud and relax, your letting a few people on the internet wind you up, there will always be people who not like you for whatever reason but there will always be people who do like you as well so what does it matter.

            It just seems like some people took exception to you saying that there was only a few of us left when in reality I know that you were just referring to your own dwindling inner circle of friends on here but to others it sounded like you were referring to anyone that has been here for years and they took offence and heated words were exchanged.

            Asking Acneska to reveal previous identities tends to anger her because she takes member privacy seriously and so what I suggest is that we all just put this behind us and move on because it seems like a waste to cause each other more damage over a misunderstanding.

            I know that this is probably a weak mediation on my part and will not calm anger but it is the most sensible solution.

        1. I dont even know. All I know is people take innernetz way too seriously. Its not directed towards fiend but to those who cant take the stick out their asses about the april fools joke. Shit is too old. Im one of the few who didnt give a fuck about any of it in the first place cause I dont know any of you in person. Thats when I wouldve cared at least a bit. Just leave juicy alone.

          1. YES,i remember that. I took it as a joke!! Fuck, i offered Brokeback a drive. I was going to drive to the U.S. border to pick him up. ha,ha.

          2. Yes, it’s so old and over and done with. I am actually surprised it keeps coming back up but ultimately to answer at least a part of your question CanadaDre- the reason a member left CANNOT be due to the joke, if they’re commented since then. It would make sense of they’ve been gone from when it happened. I do not know exacts on anything.

            It’s unfortunate that the AFD joke that I took part in will probably go down in history though because here we are approaching AFD a year later and it STILL gets brought up! Every time it does, you can surely find at least one person who feels the need to offend me and then bet your bottom dollar you’ll find someone else ready to jump on in to defend the offender when I respond! Where is the offending to the other person that took part in the other half of the joke?! There isn’t any!

            I’m not saying sorry again AND I surely won’t bother asking if people can drop it because clearly- that’s not even possible! Christgrinding- thank you for that Papa. <3

          3. Juicy, Your resentment isn’t about the prank, which neither he nor I believed was real or cared about, then or now. Thirteen posts later, you’re still bringing it up. I don’t hold a grudge, what happens on a post is left there. You might want to consider doing that too, out of respect for the rest of the community.

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            Just stay the fuck away from me. It’s simple. Go ahead and feed your need to have the last word if need be. I don’t go searching for what you have to say, and then add my thoughts because I don’t care. Maybe you could do the same?! Probably not, but it was with a shot to ask!

    2. Ok boys put the wankers back in the pants…the pissing contest is over…..word of advice…don’t make the other guy look good by making yourself look bad…..btw thanks for making this video work on my iPad the last three wouldn’t play….another btw…every day not being in a video or your pic on BG is a good day…..

      1. CR is in Latin America …just saying…’s just too bad that they have attitude with gringos…old saying…we see faces not hearts….they love screwing over the gringo….but than a gringo tried taking over their country…the name of airport is name of drummer boy that saved the day by sneaking thru and burning the gringos camp…..but CR has the best looking women by far…

    1. Damn good question skull. I’d say SA, at least you’re allowed to get drunk . and seems like there’s beaches a plenty. Just learn some hand to hand and shooting and negotiating skills lol even then you never know but that’s life. Fuck the desert , the asshole of Allah.

  5. What happened to the porn ads? I used to beat to them and the mangled bodies. I shot a giant glob last year from Paul Walker’s cooked car and my home keys were glued together until Christmas.

    Anyway can I donate to BestGore like last time?

  6. we should all be united behind Mark and what the site stands for. i’m getting tired of this pointless in-fighting. it’s supposed to be us against the sheep. i know there are differences and angry exchanges as well as the occasional troll, but this is getting ridiculous now. every day someone is calling out someone else. just shut the fuck up already. :/

    1. Hey Obli, i never verbally bitch slapped you before, but i also never stuck my nose in your shit on here. I will not let Punks push me around, lie & degrade me so if that shut the fuck-up was directed at me think about it first. I did NOT attach anybody until they came at me. I am NOT a coward therefore will not shut up. Attack me & get it back! that,s all

      1. if i were talking directly to you, i would have hit your reply button. this is for everybody. myself included since i am guilty of the same shit.

        whats got you so riled up anyhow? i’ve never known you to get hostile. you were always a fun-loving voice of reason. i liked Fiend and PD but shit happens. its out of my control as well as yours. what would you like me to do, my friend?

      2. Please calm yourself Dre…this isn’t you…definitely not the Dre I know at least…do me a favor and turn your comp off get a nice cold tall one and watch a good scary movie…..breathe hun…we don’t need to lose anymore wolves here…..we need to unite….feel better love… 馃槈

    2. I agree obli..this shit is getting old as fuck REALLY quickly!!…we’re supposed to be as one out mostly as one here against the fucking sheep..not our own……….this isn’t right…this site’s 18+…can we past start acting like it…. =/

          1. Sorry Acneska, i do not know why i felt so hurt, i care too much sometimes and it gets me in trouble. Hope you can forgive me 馃檨

    1. I went a lot of times, mainly drinking though. I’ve done hard drugs but got off of those . drinking was very hard to quit only having a kid and settling down gave me enough willpower I guess because before I’d always go back to it.

      1. Thank you for sharing that information with me. Surely you’ll stay off all that shit 馃槈 As for me I have no such addictions. Thankfully. But the crazy place stuff interests me. I want them to post more documentaries !

    1. ah, CityGirl, you seem to be in good spirits this evening. care to share some with the denizens of BG? 馃槈

      also, you are in NYC, correct? how fucked is snow situation? we here in PA are getting ready for ice storm tomorrow morning. this year it doesn’t end, huh?

      1. I’m happy now because I have off tomorrow when this storm is happening, lucky me. 馃槈

        Oh yes, it’s been snowing way too much here in NYC, hate it when I still have to go to work. 馃檨 What part of PA are you from? Are you far from Allentown?

  7. Just spent a decent amount of time reading those comments, I have just yesterday registered on here after looking at videos for well over a year.
    This seems like a total parallel! Usually everyone is having a laugh and being decent, but that was a long written conflict.

  8. this guy looks sooo innocent…..felt pity !

    such a chubby n cute guy…well thinking why must he been robbing….!

    eureka! iphone? or just the perks of developed Nation and hunger? ah! tooo deep to think off…:)

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