Thief Punished by Having His Hands Clubbed Cries Not to Steal Anymore

Thief Punished by Having His Hands Clubbed Cries Not to Steal Anymore

In Brazil, a thief apparently guilty of having been born a man was punished by having his hands clubbed, instead of getting a free haircut. His captors forced him to lay his hands on a window sill, as they hit them with what looks like a 4×4 piece of lumber.

The alleged thief cries as he’s being struck, and according to the info I got, promises not to steal anymore. Some of the blows hit him pretty hard. The last one landed square on his hand and by the looks of it, landed with the edge. That fucker definitely hurt and may have fucked his hand up for a long time.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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118 thoughts on “Thief Punished by Having His Hands Clubbed Cries Not to Steal Anymore”

          1. Dam that’s badass! I like how there not playing ducking hitting that fool hard as fuck. Oh and that mud wall for that house shows how hard he’s being punished.

          1. He disappeared and was still screaming. I doubt he’ll ever stop screaming. And then when he sees the repairs hes going to have to make to his house he’s going to lose his shit screaming.

        1. Aye aye aye.

          Why do we laugh, ffs???

          Actually we should have som CUMpassion for this filth scum!

          But I cracked up so hard and was so happy. Hell, they even DESTROYED the house with this BRUTAL CLUBBING!!!!


  1. Seems being born a man is just one of the worst things that can happen to anyone in Brazil or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Still I’d 100 times rather be a man than a woman. Female privilige or not, I’d pick being male again if I ever had the choice. No doubt. It doesn’t get much better than this.

  2. This guy must be family or someshit…….!!!!
    Or he flew for the tortillas……but then got robbed of the
    Money……then robbed the tortillas restaurant and got caught cuz the owner recognized him from church

    1. @hommicydal and @joln and @trigormortis and anyone else

      Who is the best friend of a tear-shedding Brazilian woman?
      (only one answer is correct though it may seem more)

      1. By passers
      2. A bullet in the head
      3. A pond full of pussy-chomping piranhas
      4. A hungry cock between the legs of a crusty Brazilian(s)
      5. An offer of a bottle full of piss to clean her tears and move on

      *Note: Please select your answer according to the actual situation in Brazil and not only by your preference.

  3. My advice to any budding Brazilian thief. Use a female friend or family member to nick the shit for you. That way you see, if she gets caught, she can flash her rotten minge to the cheer team and get a new hair do to boot. Win Win.

  4. What a BRUTAL POWER CRUSH!!!!

    The poor filth subhuman scum gets BRUTALIZED hard!

    According to the CNN he stole MALE SCAT and was caught in the act!

    No wonder he gets CLUBBED to DEATH!!!

    Poor FatherSniffer won’t wank anymore!

  5. makes me think to that one game, slap jack? or I made name up. the one where you stack hands with another and one tries to flip hands over super quick to catch and slap yours and you like fake and try to flinch fingers to make opponent pull hands away prematurely and look like sissy. the anticipation of that game was intense but this one wins, hands down (yep)

    1. As a youngster, my friends and I played a game similar to that. We used a car battery and jumper cables. Whoever flinched first got kicked in the balls.
      Now that I think about it, that’s nothing like your game.

  6. This thieving piece of shit is gonna be out of action for neither can he fap nor can he rob for a long time to come .
    His crying moans sound outstandingly similar to a gator who gets pushed out of the waters suddenly by a hunter .
    Every fucking thief need their lessons learnt well and avoid robbing innocents of their valuables .
    aaeeeeeeeeeee aaeeeeeeeeeee

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