Thief is Tied to Wooden Bench and Caned by Several Men

Thief is Tied to Wooden Bench and Whipped by Several Men

Thief is Tied to Wooden Bench and Caned by Several Men

A man caught stealing was tied to a wooden bench and caned by multiple men. The presumption is that the incident took place in Africa, but the “We’na fuck you boy” has a touch of a Caribbean flair.

The twigs hurt like hell, so the thief twitched and flipped the whole bench with him. The mob had to hold the bench in place. Whereas the thief was not clubbed unconscious, stoned and necklaced, he got away quite easy, almost like a woman.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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  1. This is in west Africa in one of the English speaking countries… maybe Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone?? “We’na fuck you boy” sounds like Caribbean but this shit is from Africa. All African Caribbeans and African American descended from west coast of Africa, hence similar English ascents.

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