Thief Tries to Steal from Small Local Market, Gets Turned to Punching Bag

Thief Tries to Steal from Small Local Market, Gets Turned to Punching Bag

A thief tried to steal from a small local market in Brazil, but was caught and immediately swarmed by “populars” who turned him into a punching bag. He was encircled by young men who competed with one another over who’s gonna throw the next punch.

Some members of the lynch mob even took their flip flops off to slap him with them.

Props to Best Gore member ThePortugueseDude for the video:

39 thoughts on “Thief Tries to Steal from Small Local Market, Gets Turned to Punching Bag”

  1. In Brazil, if you steal from small shops, youll have big problems… 😆

    Gotta love this third world countries ways of serving justice… 😛 In big cities of the first world countries, if someone steals from anywhere, and if they’re seen, the locals ignore, say its none of their business, and cowards out… not doing a fuck about it. While in others like Brazil, people mobs up and beat the fuck out of robbers untill cops arrive. 😆 So what is wrong with big cities?

    1. Well can you blame people? I mean it’s really none of their business really. Corporations, the rich feeding off the lower class, getting away with shit by pooling the wool over your eyes and doing those social experiments and tests through media and shit. All a bunch of dooped drones.

      Back on point though. If you’re stealing for luxury, shame. If you’re stealing for survival I can’t pass too much judgement for i know not of the situation. I do like the swift justice, teach him a lesson, but i’d rather not leave it into the hands of animals who dish out “justice” with no control. This is brazil? this dude was lucky. I’ve already seen videos where they’re beaten to literal death. I do not believe in trading life for an object especially for whatever junk they’re selling. Furthermore while i like the idea of punishing someone swiftly, can’t trust these beasts to do it. Just look at them, like a bunch of rampaging chimps. (sorry chimps). hey also act too swiftly. Ever heard the story of the kid accused of molesting a child? Kid had a bright future, at least on the path he was going. College kid, contributed toward society and such. Raped and beat him to death, was later found out he had no involvement with the child and the story was made up. False accusations. Something to think about.

        1. it’s because they have low IQs and are more animalistic that civilized races. all they know is violence and acting like animals. most of brazillians are mullatos, the afrikan genes run strong.

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