Thieving Youth Receives Brutal Punishment on Outskirts of Jungle

Thieving Youth Receives Brutal Punishment on Outskirts of Jungle

Thieving Youth Receives Brutal Punishment on Outskirts of Jungle

The outskirts of a jungle in Brazil, a youth, who looks to be in his early teens, gets held down and shot in each palm as punishment for stealing. The distressed young man keeps a frightened look on his face all throughout his punishment session.

The first shell’s impact is uninterrupted whilst the second shot is held up by a jam. The self-proclaimed justice givers aren’t phased by his remorseful pleas and continue to dish out his sentence. With all intentions seeming to have this boy learn a life lesson on becoming an honest man, they ignore his whimpering and moans that sound like a dying giraffe.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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155 thoughts on “Thieving Youth Receives Brutal Punishment on Outskirts of Jungle”

        1. You’re absolutely correct, I think. I’m not missing any digits, but I was shot in my dominant hand years ago. It really wasn’t as bad as one would think. In fact, I’ve regained full range of motion and grip strength and was able to do it via DIY healthcare.

          Losing multiple fingers would be a much worse punishment. Not only would it be more painful, it would also be much more difficult to treat effectively. Plus, the hand would irreparably damaged.

          1. How does that kid survive the infections that are going to happen soon to wounds of that nature? If there in some shitty area with no real medical how?

    1. Mexicans are part Euro and part native. It’s interesting, but in Mexico we have identified over 790 different DNA strands. This means that Mexicans are mostly local native, but also part European Spanish.

    2. This video represents how Brazilians do things. Its a disgrace, I am mortified by this video. Listening to the poor kid cry is enough to make me wonder. No little kid deserves this kind of punishment. This is beyond sick; the people who took part in this have no soul or morale’s.

      1. Absolutely. The moral of the story is not to go to Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, or any other depraved destination. It’s nice to live in a part of the world where such a thing would never be tolerated. If I had grown up in Brazil I probably would have had a similar fate as this poor boy. No hope for these countries.

        1. I’m 26 born and raised in Brazil. I have never seen anything that is posted on BestGore outside of internet. Just the flip flops. They are really very popular.

          The thing is that Brazil is HUGE. There are regional differences between States and inside states as well. In the town i live, murder rate is lower than in many US cities. So hold up there. This is a fucked up country, but it’s not like everyone is a psycho.

          1. That makes sense. I was afraid to go to Haiti for many years, but when I finally went it turned out to be pretty darn safe. It is mostly unsafe for the people who live there, and it is extremely rare for tourists to encounter any problems. Perhaps the same is true for Brazil, though just to be safe I have no plans on going. And for other reasons as well, because my doctor says not to travel to any South American countries because the medical care is not what I am used to here, and there is a good chance of getting infectious disease in that region. Plus, I have seen many brutal murders that have taken place there.

          1. That’s what I was thinking…

            If you teach a kid at early age a life long lesson such as crime & punishment it will greatly detour them later in life to repeat their crimes…

            And @mattjack666 you lucky sob, I’ll race you for her lol… J/K

    3. @stubyone
      Bad idea, mister.

      That is just beyond cruel. If someone cuts off his fingers or any part of his anatomy as punishment for theft, it remains fair for him to be a thief for the rest of his life.

      There is nothing someone can steal that is worth a body part being cut off.

      Whilst if the punishment is one that he can fully recover from physically and mentally, temporary trauma aside, there is a chance he will mend his thieving bastard ways.

      1. @mrspock
        I knew several kids growing up (me included) that stole and got caught. We would get a scolding and grounded. Most of us repeated the act again when opportunity presented itself. Most of us stopped stealing when we became mature enough to understand it was wrong…you need to work for what you want.
        If someone were to have cut a finger or two off as punishment the FIRST time we stole… I can guarantee that would have been more of a deterrent. Just my opinion.

      2. I can see someone deserving losing fingers (or more) if they stole one of my pets. I’d fuuuuckk a bitch up.
        2 of my ferrets were stolen once. He’s alive but he wont ever come back to my town. That’s for sure. I got my ferrets back too alive & well. Lucky for him.

    4. How is he gonna whack himself off now? He was probably caught trying to steal a gay men’s magazine (Playgay) just so he could go home and lock himself in his bedroom and work on getting all the pages stuck together. So much for that now.

        1. @nosnerb welcome to BG. I hope you enjoy all the humanity offered here on this lovely site.
          You’ve chosen an unfortunate handle… most faithful BG fans aren’t fans of NARCs… My suggestion would be to change it to Real Narco.

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          I’m in Texas now for many years.. off and on… I don’t care for the beaner and nigger issues but ya know, (((Diversity))), which means guns and lots of practice and hateful sentiments towards people I don’t know (strangers) because they’re basically wolves in sheeps clothing. I’m a straight White male. I don’t care about the politics as much as I care about simply being more evil than my enemy.

          1. @jadedcunt
            For us niggers deep down in Africa was even worse. They imposed this shitty Christianity on our forefathers. All the generations abandoned their traditional religions and follow the white man’s god. The god through the bible that promise you a good living only when you die whilst those impotent motherfucking ”fathers” are living lavishly; the bible that told you to eat the carcass of fucking jesus and drink his blood! Jews wrote the bible and made their stolen land (Palestine region) the ”holy place” wtf!

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          3. i hear ya

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    1. I don’t know about the nigs having it “worse”. Pretty much every religion has had a healthy dose of torture, mutilation, rape and murder throughout history. Religion in general has played a massive role in most wars if not all. Anyway, since when did this PC culture take over and teach us that lands that have been conquered should be given back cause it’s just not fair? People that have lost land to a stronger enemy need to shut the fuck up and deal with it. Fuck PC.

  2. Boy should have thought about it before hand 😛

    Seriously, idk the background but if the good old kicking doesn’t do the job, I don’t think a hole in 1 or 2 might do. If he’s stealing cause of poverty, he is going for it soon again. Poor bastard.

  3. Hahah, I definitely laughed hard when he was right in the middle of saying “please, I beg of you!” and bam, there goes bullet on fap hand. Maybe that new vagina in his hand will come in handy.

    That, and screaming loudly “Heeeeeeeelp! For the love of god someone please heeeeeeeeeelp!” while getting enriched with mexican culture via a 2×4 right in the middle of a verdant nowhere.

    “Sure thing, Skippy, lemme call Superman…”

  4. Like a “dying Giraffe”? I don’t fucking think so… this is more like a whimpering baby gazelle seeking a safe space where only vegetarian lions live. This little gazelle thought he was a lion when he took an extra helping of banyan from the village pot. Try supping water from the stream in your cupped hands now Mr Brave Vegetarian Lion Cub.
    The young animal will learn.
    Or his still-warm eyes will meet the throbbing, sticky cock-head of Lucky Sanchez…

    1. “Whoever spares the rod hates their children,
      but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.”

      Sounds like typical Yahwist bullshit. Sadly, this remains a good precept for moronic parents.

  5. Well, as some one who had his bicycle stolen recently, I can tell there’s no punishment or torture to cruel for thieves. Think of literally the most cruel, in-human and painful torture you can possible imagine, and this is only 1/100th of what these trash deserve.

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