Ticket Inspector Chokes Fare Dodger in Leipzig, Germany Till His Face Turns Red

Ticket Inspector Chokes Fare Dodger in Leipzig, Germany Till His Face Turns Red

Ticket Inspector Chokes Fare Dodger in Leipzig, Germany Till His Face Turns Red

At the Waldplatz in Leipzig, Germany, an LVB ticket inspector choked a fare dodger till his face turned red. LVB stands for Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe – Leipzig’s Transport Services.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening, July 16, 2020. According to the reports, a 28 year old passenger and his 27 year old buddy were caught on a tram without a ticket or ID. The 27 year old ran away, but the inspector detained the 28 year old and placed him on the ground in a chokehold.

In the video filmed by passersby, witnesses can be heard telling the inspector to stop choking the guy, fearing that he could die: “Stop it! He dies!” (“Hören Sie auf! Er stirbt!“).

The transport company announced on Friday evening that the LVB inspector had been released from duty with immediate effect. “Such an escalation, as the pictures in the video show, is not acceptable to us…” the company said on Twitter.

No word on whether the fare dodgers were gypsies, who expect to get everything for free and never work a minute of their life for a living. It would probably be illegal to admit the offenders were Gypsies, and the cops would quickly come a knocking if anyone suggested Gypsies be held up to the same standard as the native peoples.

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40 thoughts on “Ticket Inspector Chokes Fare Dodger in Leipzig, Germany Till His Face Turns Red”

  1. This reminds me of something that I saw on NatGeo. A pack of hyenas attempting to nibble on a gazelle that a lion had just killed.
    These assholes need to go find thier own sweaty faggot to choke out.

    1. Not. THIS is a choke. Floyd was not chocked, not windpipe or bloodflow. It was uncomfortable neck hold, not a choke!! He was unable to breath because deadly fentanil overdose. He was complaining, that he cant breath way before he was hold down.
      It’s on the records. And even that he was alive having pulse when the ambulance leaved.

  2. Stupid C*** should of paid his fare lol I would of encouraged that guy to carry on choking that dude if he were indeed a gypo, dirty filthy scum that they are, I would of wanted to watch the light leave his worthless eyes.

  3. Nothing wrong with choking fare dodgers.

    Choke him for awhile, then let him go. Make that the Law. So if you are caught dodging, the penalty is a brutal two minute choke-hold, on the ground by this guy. If he is not around, you have to wait for a Choking Appointment. Can you take it and survive?

    That way, all fare dodgers have to play Russian Roulette with their lives. Most amusing.

  4. Fare evasion was never an issue when prices were reasonable and conductors were used instead of these wannabe-cop ‘ticket inspectors’. Ticket fines are a cash cow for Government and their private operators. It’s almost another form of taxation.

    1. We need more people like you and me . You are absolutely right. Those conductors supported a family on their wages. It gave them dignity and taught Kids respect and paying their way. I remember my mum giving me Money to buy from the conductor ,giving me a ticket after punching It etc. They would also Talk to everyone ,tourists etc. Much safer and secure with them on at night as well. A benign model of authority.

      Them the greedy and stupid Libs privatised everything,It all went to shit,fare evasion is now worse than ever.

        1. Yes of course. Good days. Australia has been hollowed out by privatisation ,globalisation and what remained has been bought up by rich Indian and Chinese taxexiles. Pm wants to bring in even more Hongkongese to do the same. I can see Aus murdering Chinese/Indians in the street as Malaysia and Indonesia did in the Sixties. I don’t approve and I don’t want it to happen but they foolishly keep coming to prop up our House of Cards economy. The ironic thing is Liberals were a party of Chinese -haters and now they bow and scrape for their votes and money. What a slutstate we have become!

          In the end , the Lib gov pollies will do nothing for them and the only mercy they will get will be from kind Labour voters they actually marginalised all this time.

          Pls Forgive the rant.

    2. Mate, they’ve been doing it for ages. I got fined 50 marks in Heidelberg in the 80s for not imprinting my ticket at the Strassenbahnhaltestelle. In Frankfurt you validated the ticket on the tram so I assumed the same in Heidelberg. Wrong.
      So I had paid for the ticket and still got fined! I wasn’t going to pay but my girlfriend bottled it and coughed up.
      Paddling in a Frankfurt fountain was 25 marks, a better deal that one.

    1. There are different gypsie tribes. They are much more pain in the ass for each other, and hated than the others. The most notorius tribe are the Olah’s. They even owns slaves (mostly white people, and other gypsies). Yes the traditional way in chains and whips – in the middle of Europe.

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    Then they came for the spics, and I yet again laughed with glee as they were deported back to their shitholes. (any minority race like gypsies etc works here)
    Then they came for me, and I shot them point blank in the cunt.

  6. Brief summary: viewers shout: “let go of the man, he is dying”! Perpetrator: “No, go away”! Spectator: “He’s dying, he’s dying”! Perpetrator: “Fuck off”! …. If that had been my friend, I would have kicked the man’s head off!

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