Tied Up Thief Suspended, Whipped for Stealing Chickens in Africa

Tied Up Thief Suspended, Whipped for Stealing Chickens in Africa

On a farm in Africa, a thief was caught stealing chickens. He is suspended and hangs tied up on a branch. Two men whip the would be thief, making him scream in pain. The man is briefly interrogated before getting whipped again. Maybe an African speaking member could enlighten the BestGore tribe with a dialogue; perhaps @african-angel?

Those chickens had to be finger whippin’ good for the thief to risk capture and punishment.

140 thoughts on “Tied Up Thief Suspended, Whipped for Stealing Chickens in Africa”

  1. Initially, I thought, they were going to roast him alive. Oh well, never fucking mind. Wasted my time with some whopping, some negro swinging, and his bitchass yelping and screeching.

    1. I understand their primitive form of communications, i have picked it up during my visit to the local zoo.

      They are just testing the villages fire alarm… They do that each 1st monday of the month.

      Stealin chickens…. hahaha they wish!

  2. “On a farm in Africa, a thief was caught stealing chickens“.

    Ha, ha, ha. They sure do love chicken don’t they.

    KFC, Popeyes, field chickens etc. No matter where they are on the planet the lust and obsession for the chicken never leaves them.

    The nigger in this footage 100 percent looks like a monkey and is even hanging from a branch and screeching. Lol.

  3. He’s saying beat me like those slave Masters do in America I love it. ‘screams’ I think he either enjoyed the beating or all that fat is absorbing all the blows but we know he’s gonna have a hell of a time with those friction burns under his arms from swinging on the branch which they made the mistake of removing the bark..

  4. Finger whippin indeed. I hate a thief so no sympathy from me. He needs to drink the soup he prepared for himself. When you already have next to nothing and some asshole decides to steal in this case almost literally food from your mouth, you get what’s coming to you period.

  5. Damn that moon cricket was mighty fat. Are they sure Fatty isn’t pricing new mud huts for his exit of America back to his ancestral homeland? I mean the negroes go on and on about how racist America is all the time. But you see if they were to leave the welfare wagon they’d be getting this kind of real nigga treatment.

          1. Much better as Spectors watching the black people crusify each other as us white folk stand back cheer for the entertainment. And then watch them eat that nigga meat. I will have the teas prepared for the party Rex see you there.

        1. You are so right but Cameron is a known chickenfucker. He fucked a chicken at a British “Skulls andBones”event . He has never denied it be cause he knows that the photos will come out. You know what photos of you get taken at bucks parties and shit,right? Well he has gone where no Man has gone before ;like Capn Kirk,cock up a chicken! Cloaca babee!! Bahaha


          I am surprised none of our resident Poms brought it up.

          1. I think there was another African Chicken thief video perhaps six months ago, when the subject of David Cameron came up. I thought it was just another disgustingly funny joke. Now I’m having a double bourbon.

  6. Good family entertainment, they need to make that into a daily game show
    Like “Name That Scream” where contestants vie for prizes like a chicken, can of Gerry Curls, or a bag of turnip greens.
    The consolation prizes would be a tire , can of gas, and a match

  7. I’d put his ass much higher to add some weight in order to increase his sensation of pain. But it looks like this black motherfucker is very experienced in stealing chicken and other food. Otherwise his ass wouldn’t be that fat! It might also be possible that he actually didn’t steal shit, but the other niggers have accused hin cause of his fat ass.

  8. If only we could still do that to our niggers!
    But tell me – if you close your eyes and listen, does he not sound like an enraged chimp, thrashing about with a hand full of branches?
    Music to the ears. I may put that on a loop for meditative mood music to sleep by

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