Toddlers at Child Care Center Beaten, Dropped and Choked by Employee

Toddlers at Child Care Center Beaten, Dropped and Choked by Employee

Toddlers at Child Care Center Beaten, Dropped and Choked by Employee

Not much in terms of backinfo, but apparently a child care employee filmed themselves abusing toddles in their care by slapping on the face, beating, dropping from heights and choking them.

I don’t know where exactly the video is from, nor the gender of the employee, but it’s typically only women who are capable of such cruelty. Always have been, always will be – history holds proof of that (props to @llyounghitlerll for the research). In the last few seconds of the video the abuser appears to say something, and even though I don’t know what language that’s in, the voice sounds more female than male to me. Those hands look more feminine too.

Props to Best Gore @achillesof for the video:

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383 thoughts on “Toddlers at Child Care Center Beaten, Dropped and Choked by Employee”

  1. Is this for fuckin real? What in the world of fuck? Why? Yeah, kids are annoying as a motherfucker, which is precisely why I have none of my own, but to fucking terrorize them like that? Wow, I don’t even have any clever puns to say. There’s a special place in the afterlife for a being like this.

  2. Whoever did this ought to be punished by someone of comparable strength. The person committing the violence against the kids is probably 100x stronger than the kids, so bring in a bodybuilder to slap the person around the same way they slapped, dropped and choked the kids.

  3. I swear this fucking bitch will go to hell!… I love this site but shiit like this makes me fucking sick !! I dont understand how the parents do not fucking notice their kids been abused ?!

  4. There’s just sum videos you wished you never would have watched and this is one of them.. If I ever get ahold of a child abuser or killer y’all best believe you’re gonna see the most fucked up torture ever witnessed! This site is the closest thing to the deep web you can get and trust me you don’t wanna go there haha

  5. I’m a native arabic speaker and the woman was clearly speaking arabic and i know you’d happy to know wtf is she saying.
    At the first instant of her talking around 0:53 she says “to heaven”.
    Then up next in the longer sentence she says “today you die and go to heaven”

    Like so people can see.

    Oh shit this isn’t youtube.

  6. UPDATE: the incident took place a few days ago in saudi arabia. The mother of the child is torturing her child to get revenge on her husband.

    I am a native arabic speaker and i know you’d be happy to know what she says.

    The instant she talks around 0:53 she says “to heaven” then up next the longer sentence she says “today you die and go to heaven”

    The mother is said to be apprehended by the saudi authoroties promptly after the publishing of this video.

    Here’s a link

    Fuck i would be a great bestgore moderator.

  7. Okay, I am literally six seconds in and stopped the video. I am a female and would NEVER do this to a child. Naturally I’m going to take offense to the “typically woman are capable of this type of cruelty” comment. I don’t know what kind of women you know, but I would kick the shit out any kind of woman or man capable of that. I’m not finishing the video… that is just awful.

  8. I do have a knife here with me, so how about I go “talk” to that woman and maybe let her experience what it was like for the kids to be abused like this?
    Man, I always wanted to know how it feels like to actually kill someone …

  9. Caught this one a few weeks ago and keep watching and rewatching it. Trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with me, because honestly as the kids cried harder I kept fighting an urge to want to reach through the screen and hit and slap and choke them myself. I’ve always had the urge, especially around kids when they get really going screaming and red-faced, to pinch or just haul off and whack the little shit upside the head. I knew it couldn’t be postpartum psychosis or whatever else are the excuses from the estrogen-and-whoring crowd.

    Turns out the theory is that some guys have a throwback urge basically like male lions and bears and such to want to kill whatever they see as their ‘competing bloodline’ in others’ young. But for the most part it ends up translating into simply wanting to destroy any little shit you see as both weaker than you and also annoying the fuck out of your nerves with the crying and screaming and snorting. It’s basically a simple “Fuck you, I’m five times your size and now you’re gonna be five times the diameter when I smash your hydrocephalic skull all over this patio stone.”

    I don’t want kids, I could give less than a shit about my genes being passed beyond anything more substantial than a pair of tonsils, but apparently I won the psych-fuck lottery in always fighting an urge to want to smear any little bobble-headed, drooling diaper-smear within a ten foot reach.

  10. Oh… my… God.
    This video was one of those that gave me a cold sweat. I’m literally sick. Did these babies survive?!?! This hurt my psyche. Poor babies. I want to kill the person that did this!!!!!

  11. not sure how people watch or promote these videos with babies/kids…..shit is sick
    I didn’t even click this video. I saw one a few weeks ago of a 1-2 year old being repeatedly slapped and it was in my head all night…….it shook me up

    1. I’m literally shaking. I’ve grown up watching scary movies, and I like gore and shit, so I found out about this website to see real shit that happens in this world. But I have a daughter of my own, and after watching this, which I regret 100%, I am Fucking sobbing. Those innocent babies tortured…for what?!?!? I can’t, I use this site because I like gore and crazy shit, but this is just too much.

  12. Although I do love me some good ol’ videos on here, if there is one thing that kind of gets to me, its child abuse. Although some children on here deserve what is given to them, it is children like the ones in this video that kind of makes my heart ache, they’re so young. They dont know what they’re doing to deserve the treatment that has been brought upon them. But im not trying to sound like im being a little suck up, this is just something that always crosses my mind with seeing children being abused.

  13. The choking is what set me over the edge. I hate it all!!! But I couldn’t watch that poor innocent child being strangled….just clinging to life. I started hyperventilating and freaking out crying. Maybe I’m too much of a pussy…but I have a baby girl and I cant even comprehend this…

  14. WHAT the fuck a lot of you are so fucked up saying shit like niglet and saying you would apply more pressure what the fuck is wrong with you fucked up people damm it’s a baby and some of y’all are giving the baby a death wish

  15. I’ve never ever been so filled with absolute rage as I am watching this. Somebody PLEASE lock me in an cage with this sick fucking cunt. The things I’d do would be too graphic even for bestgore. It’s make ISIS look like cub scouts. I. Want. Blood.

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