Toddler Dragged Around with Rope Around His Neck

Toddler Dragged Around with Rope Around His Neck

Looks like this is from China, where there’s never shortage of exceptional parenting.

Sound of a crying child attracted attention of a person living in a nearby apartment who decided to film what was happening. What the camera captured was an adult yanking the child out of a truck with a rope around his neck, and dragging him around an open street like a dog on a leash.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

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  1. if this was in the United States, someone would have called the cops or confronted the man. It’s scary to think that with over 1 billion population in that country (China), no one gave a single shit. What a stark contrast of culture. I hope China doesn’t become the world power. I mean if they treat their people like shit, imagine how they would treat other people?

        1. It’s just horrendous, that in places like China etc, they can treat people/children like this and others just watch,, and on the other hand, the children are brought up to run the house hold, you can understand why the children are so obedinet, they are scared shitless,

          If I was there, I would have jumped in,, how can such a strong minded and powerful country like China have no humanity and urrmm, let me find the right word,, mind gone blank,,

          Have no humanity and ( whatever) to the children that will carry on their empire,, that’s the word! Got it,, empathy,,,

    1. Just recently in the Philippines some mother post a picture on her fb a one and a half year old boy naked and a rope in his neck got a taste of joke gone wrong when she was reported by netizens and the child was taken by social agenc. She said it was just a joke and say sorry.

    1. His batteries died in his shock collar! He was just pissed off because he had to use a regular leash to go pick up a 9 volt battery. Plus he was in a hurry. I’ll this time he’ll just go ahead and spend the extra money for the rechargeables.

    1. There’s a large age gap between me and two of my younger sisters,, I’m disabled, so couldn’t work, and brought my two younger sisters up,, one was a nightmare to get to school,
      So one day she refused to get dressed for school, so I said ok go to school naked,, she then tried to test me and left the house to walk to school, so o locked the door, and refused to let her go back in,, she screamed and punched the door down, she was 6 at the time,, I calmly got my other sister dressed, ready for school, she was a little angel, still is,,

      Next thing I know I have a lady screaming through the letter box, saying if I don’t open the door, she will call the police, so I opened the door, and was my next door neighbour, holding my sister in her arms,, I explained what happened, and she said she had enough and was calling the police,, so I said go ahead, maybe they can get her to school, well she decided not to call the police and then proceeded to try and dress my sister, to which my sister through another paddy and bite her on the arm,, so the lady looked at me, and then turned to my sister, saying she was going to call the police against her,, my sister was so scared, she got dressed in seconds and never had a problem with her after that,

      She realised she pushed her luck

  2. Any men here? I mean REAL MEN. You walking down the block and you see that do you just keep filming and ignore what is going on? Notice the cameraman filming and HIDING. I’m 165 lbs and if that dude was 220 of muscle I can still promise you after confronting the situation that leash would have been mine and DADDY would be behaving as long as he is in my presence. I’ll never understand how someone can film while this is going on or a woman is getting beat down etc. and not confront that situation.

    1. Or you would find yourself in a bowl of chop suey at the local restaurant. If you attack a Chinese person in public and you are not Asian, you will guaranteed be swarmed by another 20 angry Chinese men. They stick to their own but they also treat each other like shit.

      I understand where your coming from though. This man should be slapped into the forth coming future with a hard object.

    2. I fully agree, but one thing really bugs me,, video after video on here, be it stabbing so in day light, or burnings, or people falling off train tracks,, you always get the women standing and watching and telling the men to jump to the rescue,, it makes me so bloody mad!

      Women want equal rights, but hey will never jump in,, ( I don’t speak for all women,) and expect the men too!!

      I can never stand back,, I have jumped in a number of times, and risked my life,, but most women will not,, it totally disgusts me

          1. Eight days a week!!!
            It’s not enough to make a sh0ePair!!

            Oh gott, my friends have a Beatles tribute band and now i can’t stop laughing 😀

        1. @@Harumph you got me there:) . Hell i was terrified when my mother decided that i should go to sunday school and that stupid bus would drive down my street! It didn’t last long! I’d go out the front door and right back in the side gate and hide out in the dog house

      1. Oh [email protected] 212 I would say that in most cases getting involved in other peoples crap usually ends up way out of hand but, in a case such as this, I must agree with you. Someone should have intervened and its truly sad to see no one did.
        On the flip side to this “coin” if you will, I’m sure that 90 percent of the BG family wouldn’t consider even thinking about saying a word especially had this been a black person with kid in tow.
        That being said I find it a fine line to walk when dealing with a inept parent and an unruly demon spawned offspring

  3. I would have relished meeting this chap. Please God arrange for me to be walking down the street when one of these retards attempts to hurt a child in front of me. It would be emotional. It would be brief. It would be one less china man. It would be a safe child. It would be justice. The chinese courts would have to invent a new sentence……..for me.

    1. Yeah – the fact that Asian countries come top of most education world performance tables was a typo.

      I mean those chinese parents are, like, so weird – they refuse to let their 6 year old kids swear at the parents and act like spoiled little shits.

  4. Had I seen this,I wouldn’t have hid away filming it. I would have gone and took that poor child away from that fucking monster.
    Then I would have gone back to the monster and beat the crap out of it.

  5. It’s like Wal-Mart in the deep southern U.S.! There’s never a shortage of children being dragged around on a cord and leash screaming at the top of their lungs. All the while their white nigger, illiterate, morbidly obese, piece of shit parent (or grandparent) screams at them while trying to hit the child with a cane from the comfort of their Ride-A-Cart. I wish I could say that I made this up, or that I’ve only seen it one time before. Welcome to Merica!

  6. No wonder Chinese morals are so fucked up. This child will grow up to learn that dragging their child like that’s a good thing. I’m guessing, if that guy is the parent, that he was also raised like this, treated worse than livestock.

  7. What is it with the Chinese?? 7-8 years ago i was in a supermarket in Notting hill gate london and there was a Chinese man and women in there 40-50’s with what looked like a white english boy with a bicycle helmet and leash around his neck that the man was holding. The boy was pulling at the leash to get to some candy the guy holding him back. It was obvious both of the Chinks couldn’t speak a word of english, the woman said some shit in Chinese with the word ‘Papa’ repeatedly like she was saying it to convince spectators the man was the dad!!! I looked on in disbelief not knowing what the fuck to make of it, kidnapping, child trade or some crazy nanny set up??? no one else in the supermarket even batted an eye lid!!!!

    1. In China – young children are routinely “stolen” – especially boys due to the 1-child policy and female children not being as “highly valued” as male-children.

      In a sense – from what you said – perhaps they see the leash around neck like the “child reins/harnesses” that are used all over Europe….

      Also do not forget how feminised and child-centric our “parenting culture” has become. In the UK, if parents dare to curtail bratty behaviour, or (heaven forbid) actually chastise a child for unacceptable behaviour or (the worst) actually make a child cry in the process – you run the risk of having your child taken away from you, being deemed “at risk” by social services…

      I find some of the Chinese parenting rather refreshing. Its no wonder their children do so well at school – while ours languish around playing xbox while telling parents to “shut up you idiots”…

  8. Even if the child was hard to control, it’s still a child and is not fully developed. It’s common knowledge that children are generally wild and strong willed. It’s no reason to torture it. One of my friends was at a gas station once, and saw a guy being a dick to his girlfriend. My friend walked up, and punched the dude square in the face. That’s what I would do had I been that staring lady at the end of the video.

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