Trio of Thieves Forced to Slap Each Other in Circle

Trio of Thieves Forced to Slap Each Other in Circle

Trio of Thieves Forced to Slap Each Other in Circle

No backinfo, but apparently the trio were caught stealing and the locals forced them to slap each other in a circle.

I’m guessing it happened somewhere in the Caribbean? Jamaica or the like? No idea. But the cameraman is right – is that the best you can slap?

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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159 thoughts on “Trio of Thieves Forced to Slap Each Other in Circle”

        1. They got off with a slap on the wris… I mean face but fr ive seen molten plastic melted onto some thief’s hands. If you catch them make sure they can never try to steal again. And wtf was that headbutt at the end… Fucking clowns.

          1. I used to and I can remember exact time I didnt. I came back from leave and Kelly asked me what happened to your butt?

            I am working at restoration but those exercises are killer. I gotta get that lift and am determined to do so

          1. You know I watch every single one of these videos, and I always read your comments (you are sverywhere man). see, I am God, I can read your thoughts without you even noticing.

      1. This is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen at BG, apart from the time one Brailian thief was forced to suck another’s Johnson and then be at the receiving end, lol.

        Must have been sol humiliating, knowing it was all being recorded.

          1. lmao! I was going to post something similar but I thought I’d read comments first to see if someone beat me to it! Well done!

  1. This is solid gold entertainment. I could watch this for hours upon hours. Level 1, girly slaps. Level 2, cotton glove slaps. Level 3, slaps with dirty socks. Level 4, plank. Level 5, plank with a nail.

      1. @hopingfornemesis

        French Etiquette,
        Touchez avec l’excellence.

        Have to reply thru comments because the activity pages are not working for me so.
        Yes Grandfather was a real Mann.
        Learnt alot from him.

        If you have a site to get IDM from ‘opened’
        then do, it will have instructions with.
        If not I’ll find a link for you.
        Tho basically you’ve only to block it thru your firewall, to stop it calling/reaching its home site.

        The Spanish Flu.
        Will dig the notes out and get it to you later,
        right now I’ve to get Ammo, those FUCKING Ringnecks are plaguing me, keep interrupting my concentration and breaking my thoughts with that FUCKING incessant morose noise they make..!!!

        1. Who the fuck kills ring -necked doves? Are you mad ,man? Lol. As a bare minimum they are God’s sign and expression of eternal love and peace.
          No rush at all and i mean it as I have stuff to do as well but you will need to baby me through the whole fucking installation etc.

          1. Hi Nems.
            They are a nuisance sitting in the tops of my tree’s making attention seeking noises.
            If they respected the tranquil ambiance and peaceful silence of the area then they could
            sit in a tree all day but.
            They don’t that’s why they get shot.

            Na, it’s straight forward Bud, and yes works with Tor VPN your browsers etc.
            Also the limited version only works to show you how good it is then stops after about 6 small downloads

        2. “The Fake Ones”
          ~With Devil’s Ideology~

          “Praise be to Benny (Bibi Not at Yahoo).
          Gantz (both soiled cum and shit stained Pants).
          So too all the other criminal psychopaths.
          They are/or and (a) representative(s) of
          pure psychotic Evil personification(s).
          Thereof Das Tanz”.

          Shalom Pissa M’ Lick’a aah.

          Translates as; (leave my nose out of this).
          Is what they actually say when Greeting, so.

          Trying to fool Christians you gave them their Savour.
          A scruffy mixed up Hippie who was not ‘one’ of you.
          So threatened by him, you had him Crucified.
          Nothing have you for anyone,
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          Looking at it like they are ‘The Borg’ collective.
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          Ah, think it’s time to get outta here,
          Hailed a Taxi to the Airport,
          “THEY” said no flying without vaccination,
          all I had to say to that was;
          I’m already immune to you.
          Now where am I sitting..?

          Thank You…


          The world is going to Hell
          in a Handbag full of shite.
          Microchiped morons
          to be microwaved.
          Vaccinated like cattle.
          The future looks so bright.
          Wearing shades all the while.
          Not looking very positive, presently.
          To Be Honest, is it..?
          That’s what I’m feeling,
          Quite a lot of the time…


          1. @hopingfornemesis

            Warning Pedantic alert; You mean that you (individually) are not finding coherence to the whole.
            Similarly to you not getting myself when I’m cryptically referring, or deliberately cryptic.

            Because you posses a literal mind Mr Nemesis.
            Rather like Spock, with his logical and literal take with his analysis of all matters,
            no bad meaning intended.
            Because without that, I’d have nothing to learn from you so…

  2. Are you shitting me!
    That reminds me of those niggers getting whipped trying to get a handful of corn mush out of a rusty bucket for breakfast. Now that was the funniest ever on this site.
    Anyone know how to find it?

      1. Yep. Fuck knows how Americans have a black history month. How do you even space it out enough to take up a whole month. Do they separate it into daily 5 minute sessions or something.

        For example, BC era. Blacks had nothing but mud huts and pointed sticks and then the Egyptians enslaved them and made them wash their dicks and shit. AD era. Blacks had nothing but mud huts and pointed sticks and then the Europeans enslaved them and made them pick cotton and shit.

        Modern day era. Everything the blacks have was gifted to them by everyone else and now they chimp out over fried chicken and watermelon whilst blaming the white man for all worldly ills.

        In fact, in the untouched parts of Africa where no foreigner tread they still have nothing but mud huts and pointed sticks which only serves to further boost the point that without non-blacks they would have had nothing and still be nothing.

        I am really fucking confused then as to how they fill up a whole fucking month with this shit.

        Perhaps actual Americans could chime in here, what were you subjected to over a whole fucking month of this utter crap?. Did it in fact actually have a whole month worth of content without trespassing upon non-black history because if it did not then it was not black history being taught but rather black-American history which lets be honest here is not black history at all but instead white history with a subjugated black race as tagalongs.

        1. Very true, they Haven’t got a history worth remembering, The whites have, the Asians have and Arabs have, they’ve all done something worth remembering, fuck that history lesson, I’d be putting a gun to my head and ending my misery if I had to listen to any of that boring shit and I love history!

  3. Whole thing just seems pointless I don’t think the guy wearing lime green shorts is taking it that serious either, he isn’t giving his 100%. No non-serious goofballs should be allowed to participate

  4. If you want to make this video even funnier, mute it. Then open a new tab and go to YouTube and search “I’ve been working on the railroad.” Then go back and watch the video with the music playing. I laughed so hard I almost had tears in my eyes.

  5. After the slapping warmed up their hands… these culturally enriched boys stayed standing and inserted their own left hand middle finger into their own anus and wanked off the cock to their right. This is of course known as the niggra close-formation “pyramid-style” wank triangle. This was followed up by dem niggras laying down on their left hand sides in a triangular formation with their faces up each others crusty butts and sliding into a 3-way rimming and reach-around tug-off. They are masters at this kind of formation rimming, wanking, slapping, cocksucking thing.

    1. My Liege, this doth striketh me as as an amusingly filthee game, conjured up from thy dark and dashing mind, for these three servants here, who are most unsuited to even undo the straps of thy boots.

      As I read thy ingenious designs above, a heartly laugh emanated from the depths of my belly causing me to breakest the foulest of winds, thereby.

      1. @mrspock As the great Scottish Poet William Topaz McGonagall once wrote
        “Where ‘ere you be
        Let your wind blow free.
        In Church or Chapel
        Let it rattle.”
        Let this be your training video for the breaching of foul winds and internal gases. I can only dream of such fart control but seriously this guy is a fucking genius when it comes to delivering a room clearer. There is a point at the 1:01 mark when the magic really starts. Let your work begin my friend. Reach for the stars.

  6. is it a weird new dance? cracked me up, especially the way they swing there arms to try and make it look like there making a effort, coming to a night club near you after lockdown, your be locked in till you do it properly, please stop my stomach hurts now hahaha silly cunts

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