Twinky Thai Teacher Caning Students in Classroom

Twinky Thai Teacher Caning Students in Classroom

Teacher at a private school in Northern Thailand was secretly filmed on cell phone camera violently caning students in the classroom. He only hit each student once on the buttocks, but the blows seem pretty full on and the cane looks like a bamboo stick which hurts like all hell.

While caning of students is in a sense disturbing, the way the teacher poses with the cane and twists after the blows like a complete queer is far more unnerving. What a twinky faggot of a teacher.

The management of Saint Mary’s College distanced itself from the actions of the teacher and declared that they were not gonna stand by him or defend him if the police lay charges. Whatever that means in Thailand.

Props to Best Gore member do_flage for the video:

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46 thoughts on “Twinky Thai Teacher Caning Students in Classroom”

    1. Nothing is wrong with you comrade! If you love pain like I do, you’re a Masochist too and it’s very damn enjoyable.

      Wearing Gasmasks (With cartrige taken out so a person can cover it and starve you of oxygen) + other gear and having a woman take my 11″ K-Bar Tanto combat blade cut into me deeply or one of my favorite a huge slash over my ribcage and that’s just one part, so welcome my friend to the lovely world of Masochism!

  1. First off, the kids didn’t exactly fall down in pain, so it couldn’t have been that bad. Secondly, maybe if they did this to kids in other countries, the students might not be so quick to mouth off to their teachers. Sadly, in some of the larger inner city schools in America, teachers are afraid of their students, and its more of a Lord of the Flies situation.

  2. They need this at the community college I attend. I usually do good on tests even though I’m always baked so it doesn’t really matter, but I would like to be able to zone out the loud/mouthy black people with out the help of mary j wanna.

  3. I’m tired of hearing paddling needs to be brought back in the schools. If people would pay attention they would realize it will never happen. Too many gangs and kids carrying guns nowdays. Its a whole new generation brung up. Kids are disrespectful and need discipline. But teachers are beat the hell up everyday for being smartasses. So what’s gonna happen if the teacher tries physical discipline. They might win ther battle. Maybe. Then after school they are gonna be jumped or shot. No offense to anyone by this statement. But its true. Its a whole new world out here. Kids don’t care anymore.

    1. Who can blame them though. Kids aren’t raised the same anymore. No doubt they need discipline. But paddling? It will never happen. School is a joke. I learned a lot of stuff in school. But to be honest hardly any of it past 5th grade was useless. None of it prepared me for the real world and the shit it will drag you into. Nice video though

    1. Okay, I get the first three of those locations. Maybe the abandoned factory, but…a cave in the middle of the woods? I don’t think any bears, or ogres, or whatever may be lurking in the darkness, would appreciate such human kinkiness. Or do you know something we don’t? 🙂

  4. At the risk of sounding like the “This one time at band camp” chick… This one time I was driven to a cave in the woods and beaten. He was so thoughtful, always upping the fear factor… I was in Australia, so there were no bears, and if there were ogres, all they did was watch. 🙂

  5. he-he….stand in line and get popped…yeah right….I would’ve told him to go and fu*k himself!…but being in a country other than the USA I most likely would’ve been shot….I say this because my first grade teacher popped me across the the arms and face several times one day @almost 7 years of age and I told her to go 2 hell…took off walking home…school called my parents…dad beat my ass…but years later as an adult and my 1st grade teacher was long dead and gone…I would regularly find myself at her grave pissing all over it….thank goodness I finally got over myself!

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