Two Catfighting Whales Receive Roaring Cheer from the Crowd As They Upgrade to Mud Wrestling

Two Catfighting Whales Receive Roaring Cheer from the Crowd As They Upgrade to Mud Wrestling

I like the most unimpressed audience member – the dog.

So these two barrio whales get in each other’s hair and progress into a catfight. As the crowd cheers them on with a bewildering roar, they upgrade from hair pulling, to mud fighting in local sewer water. And the dog’s like… what fucking ever!

75 thoughts on “Two Catfighting Whales Receive Roaring Cheer from the Crowd As They Upgrade to Mud Wrestling”

    1. I see not two sperm whale blow holes, not four, i see six blow holes hard at work here. And this time i approve as it’s whale on whale not male on female! Hey that’s lots o ales there, bartender bring another round of ale for the whole house on me!

    2. Sounds like the place is overrun with tykes with the average age of the spectators being six years old. Not surprised if is filmed in that part of the world. They breed like rabbits down there without a thought of how to feed them, let alone entertain them.

      1. No I don’t have a navi the only way I can get connected to the wired it’s trough my mom or dad’s phone 🙁 BTW I’ll take Colombia or Costa rica any day instead of mejico 😉

    1. @ewestomper: My first thought too was, ‘What the fuck are these villagers eating?’
      Goddamn, it wasn’t just the two fighting. The biggest one of them all was a spectator blocking the camera thru half of the video.

    1. Mama’s here hanobi. Don’t worry eficaz, the midgets are in a top secret training location at the moment. I’ll send in some vid’s of them breaking ceramic plates over their heads, truly a terrifying sight to behold.

  1. YEEEEEEEAAAAA!!! Fat ratchets going at it…my favorite. When 2 big girls go at it, always bet on the fatter one because once she gets you by the hair, it’s over son…welcome to ragdoll land. Blackshirt fattie did get that first punch in that had me like “Daaayuum…that made me cringe a little. But fattie light took the ragdolling pretty well although her fucking hair and face is gonna hurt like a bitch later on. Fat ratchets fighting is the best

      1. And thus we get Newton’s Second Law of Motion or;

        F (net) = m * a; where

        F (net)[Fat (net)] = m(M)y God! * Look at the size of that a(a)ss! I didn’t know an ass could have that many chins! It’s blocking out the sun!; where

        F is expressed in metric tons, m is expressed in your choice of deity, and a is expressed in rectal atmospheres, which is constant relative to Earth’s gravitational force at sea level, which in turn is proportional to elevation changes at a rate of meters per second squared times the amount of flip flop sole left behind with each step.

        There will be a quiz on this at the end of the week.

        1. OK, well I do believe the equation points to there being ( fa )= fuck all, flip flop sole remaining after those two ( f k )= fat knackers, had walked or ( w ) wobbled, for a few metres to the fight scene.
          ( f k x w< 5 metres = f a )

          But I could be wrong.

  2. My best uneducated guess would be this is out of Brazil. Two voluptuous Brazilian beauties stampeding the muddy streets yanking each others nappy lice ridden hrrr doo’s. Mama sita another X-large burrito please!

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