Two Ecuadorians Tortured in Chilean Prison for Allegedly Murdering Woman

Two Ecuadorians Tortured in Chilean Prison for Allegedly Murdering Woman

Two Ecuadorians Tortured in Chilean Prison for Allegedly Murdering Woman

This was filmed in Penal Santiago Uno – Chilean prison in the city of Santiago. The video shows torture of two murder suspects being beaten and tortured with electricity.

The two men are being prosecuted by the Chilean justice system for the robbery with homicide of Margarita Ancacoy – a worker who was beaten to death early on Monday in the Barrio Republic of Santiago. The Ecuadorians were placed in preventive detention while the crime is being investigated. Apparently, Chile is as overrun with soyboys as Brazil.

Props to Best Gore member @thedest for the video:

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            Edison was a truly a con man, as well as an asshole.
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    1. they were certainly noisy fuckers. Personally i’d have curled up and took it or do what the other fella did and shoot myself in the head before being carted off to jail.

  2. “Apparently, Chile is as overrun with soyboys as Brazil.”

    Sadly, it is.

    That, and disgusting PC whiteknights who enforce the “Stockholm Syndrome” mentality to people, and blame victims and their families for “making” the “poor little things” commit crimes against them.

  3. Shame they werent on a brazilian prison, if they had been on brazil we would be seeing some nice flaying probably ending with the inmates drinking caipirinha from their hollow skulls as they watch the world cup.

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