Two Little Kids Engage in Brutal Street Fight

Two Little Kids Engage in Brutal Street Fight

What the hell is this? Are you shitting me?

This video shows two little kids – two girls, who don’t look to be more than 10 year old, engaging in a real street fight with slaps and fist punches that are as real as they get for someone that age.

It screams extreme parenting fail at me when someone this little can already think in terms of resolving disputes with a fight, let alone know how to fight. I am honestly short for words about how brutal these kids got with each other. What the fuck?

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      1. Every race in humanity has fuck ups that act like this. What the hell is all the racism about at present. In the UK we have CHAVs (council housed and violent) who are usually white but can be any colour as long as they wear clothing from cheap sports shops, and often have the classic Burberry pattern. If the use of Nigger is a term to denote the type of person and not just a blanket description of all black people then fine. However i have many black friends and colleagues, and also Asian etc that are lovely caring people. Equally I know many white people that are the worst humans you could meet. Sorry to be all deep but this site is not about being a racist, but is about opening our eyes to the realities of human nature, and as we have seen gore can originate from any country from any colour of person. Therefore if the term Nigger is used solely to demean every black person you are as bad as the twat throwing the child. Enough said…

        1. it is not color, but to race . Britain is becoming a hellhole third world thanks to the African, Caribbean, Pakistani and mestizos who are a bunch of psychopaths with a limitrofe IQ. see WHAT these animals did in Manchester in 2011.

        1. African Angel..don’t try to put me on a list because I am in no ones fan club. Since you missed what I was truly getting at allow me to clarify. He is so overwhelmed with hatred toward the ethnic community he can’t even get his racial slurs correct. I am no racist by far. I am well educated in that department though. All in all what i meant was if your going to call names, call the correct ones

      1. Pierri…you don’t call an African a nigger. You call them a kaffir. But why stop there? Use racial slurs for everyone! Gooks, duke nukem, afrocoons, inverse raddish, Amerikkkans,abi-dabi portugoose,afro saxons. Lets get creative!

  1. WTF!!! This is what happens when you have been taught how to behave by their parents. Another shinning example of children learning to moderate one another’s behavior through violence. And the adults cheering and refereeing instead of stopping it are shits. Instead of having dogs to fight they just use their children. And NO you can tell by my avatar that dog fighting would sicken me as well. From the look’s of the place I’m sure they don’t have to worry about a visit from child welfare services.

    1. Spot on my friend, fighting is not an instinct, getting away is an instinct. also seems like they had seen more than their fair share of scraps by the way they were squaring up. very sad to have a childhood like that.

  2. Lol I love how they talk. Its almost like Spanish. Or maybe it is because in the beginning she told her she was talking shit and it sounded like pure spanish . This is Brazil or Dominican Republic. Either way that shit was funny

  3. Although this country has not been named at least I can hear some Haitian or Dominican creole which shows that this video is from the Caribbean, typical African behavior abroad.

    In African cultures, it is a duty and responsibility of mothers to discipline their daughters by whipping, slapping and or any other ways that can at least cause physical pain. The mother also has to teach her child how to fight back as a means of self defense.

    Most of these fights are organized by their elder siblings as a source of entertainment. The loosing girl is considered to be doomed and she will be punished heavily by her mother by letting down her family status.

    With all these upbringings, I see every reason why these toddlers are fighting at that tender age.

    1. that type of behaviour is not particular to africa nor the caribbean, it can be found anywhere there is poverty. the blight on children not being properly nurtured nor educated throughout the years of their youth (that is any parents true responsibility) and it cannot be countered with slaps, whips or beating them either; that is another vestige of poverty and again, not unique to any one culture

        1000 X WRONG.

        There are more White people living in poverty in America than Black or Mestizo people and yet the majority of crime especially violent crimes, are still committed by Blacks and Mestizos.Your typical poor White community in America is quite safe to hang around, no worries about being shot or stabbed to death.
        But as for the typical Black or Mestizo neighborhood…not so much.

        west virginia is almost totally white and is, i believe the poorest state in U.S.A and it also has an extremely low crime rate

        1. if you weren’t so focused on promoting a pro-white agenda, then you would have realised that i wasn’t speaking to statistics of violent crime. both @African Angel and myself were referring specifically to the circumstances of impoverished communities and insufficient parenting or concern for the youth who have the misfortune of living under such conditions.
          *by the way, you violated the rule of more than one word in all capitals per paragraph, not surprising however that it was permitted to post anyway

          1. @pierri>>> talking for the sake creating a confusion. You need to shit it out that little brain of yours. Format your thinking.

            @antii, well said.

          2. sorry that you see things so black and white, @pierri. may i suggest you upgrade to a color set before going full hd? because that shite just might make your head explode, if you truly believe in what you’ve been saying here and aren’t just another attention seeking troll

      1. The fucked up thing is that I knew a black man whose cousin, I believe, is a well-educated, responsible, career woman who owns her own home. And this motherfucker would talk so much shit;”she tryin to be white”,”she wishes she was white.”
        Calling his own cousin a race traitor.
        And im thinking “youre a fucking idiot, dude.” The race traitors are those fucking whiggers. A fucking disgrace and a joke. Luckily the whigger explosion has died down a lot in my neck of the woods.not nearly as obnoxious as it was in the late 900’s, early 2000’s.

      1. Comon now. You go to a Jewish website that has as its primary purpose to foster anti white sentiment and promote societaly destructive ideologies like multiculturalism, and expect anything less? Every Jewish media, without exception does that.

  4. leave it to even this mild post to bring forth racist commentary. this posted scene can occur anywhere there is poverty and plenty of so-called white children will scrap over boredom as well

    1. the reality presents itself plainly, yet the reaction in commentary speaks more to the race or colour of the people involved rather than the squalid circumstance that fosters such behaviour irregardless of ethnicity. any statistics cited showing a predilection of this errant behaviour amongst people of colour are missing the component of oppressive poverty and its impact on all classes of humanity

      1. Remember:Slums cause blacks to live in poverty.Cars driving by cause black violence.Suburban Whites cause black illiteracy.The 2nd Amendment cause black on black shootings.18th Century Slavery causes black school drop-outs.

      2. I’ve been in predominately poor, predominately White countries in Eastern Europe; where the poverty in many cities would make Appalachia look rich. Violent crime was next to nothing, aside from a few drunken brawls at the bars over the weekends. Murder is very rare in Eastern Europe (with the exception of the former Soviet Union). The alcohol there can be quite potent, and a few times I woke up in random places outside after a night out. Sounds scary I know, but nothing bad happened. The worst thing about it were the hangovers. I had my wallet, money and all my belongings intact. Could you imagine that happening in an black city? I highly doubt you would have your wallet after passing out in the streets of any black city; and in many cases, that would be the least of your worries. This happened in a place where the contents of my wallet contained half a month’s wages for a typical worker, and no one tried to take it from me. (If you ever go to Eastern Europe, I don’t recommend drinking like that, they have savages too…gypsies; I was in a city with none).
        Poverty and violence are not hand in hand like the leftist keep preaching over and over. I’ve also been in very poor non-white countries with no crime. Groids cause crime, whether they are poor or not. You couldn’t count all the rich groids who have been involved in some sort of violence.

        1. while that may be your experience @pierri, it is quite myopic of you to presume your impressions under those circumstances to be the same across the world. there are also places i’ve been told are too dangerous, yet i’ve not encountered thus far the violence or criminality assured me if i had lived or worked in those communities. that is my experience and i would not presume it of anyone else’s

          1. I’m pretty sure he just asked you to the prom @rebelk. I’m not saying whether you should go or not, but bring a rape whistle and pepper spray if you do.

  5. And the so called adults stood and watched !

    How sad that those youngsters believe this is the norm , the way to resolve a dispute . Probably seen their parents do the same a thousand times .

    1. That’s how they do it man. I’ve seen it happen a million times. Usually the older black sisters force there lil sisters to throw hands to settle there disputes. The parents don’t help matters either. Its a concrete jungle out there bro. Sad but true.

      1. True mate . It’s not as if I haven’t seen this before , in the school yard , two girls beating the shit out of each other , it happens everywhere .

        Main point for me is the adults egging it on , which I can also understand if that’s the law of the land where they live , the best way to get by .

        Doesn’t make it right though .

        It is sad mate , very .

  6. ok I know violence doesn’t solve anything but show who the better fighter is but fuck some one teach these girls how to through a solid punch fuck looked like a couple of preschoolers fighting shit…. a solid punch to the chest or head and you on the ground…

    1. Self defence classes are great for kids , girls and boys . A good Sparta kick would have come in handy to end this one quick . Learn that young and you won’t have to fight much again after the first one .

  7. I was taught to fight early in life, I was also taught not to lay my fists of fury on anyone unless I was hit first. My first fights were in high school. This is ridiculous, where are their barbies and juiceboxes?

          1. no one has blamed you for the actions of others here @pierri, though you may expect to be held accountable for what you have to say. there are differing opinions amongst people here, so you’ll simply have to accept that yours may be challenged and sometimes more than you’d like

          1. really now, name calling is so repugnant to an intelligent discussion and it will only diminish anything of significance you may have to share someday

  8. i’m happy to be the first white dude to say, well done girls. not a bad attempt at a fight. and i fucking hate everyone. you all need to grow a pair. i don’t give a fuck what color you all are, just as long as you all beat the shit out of each other for my enjoyment. saves me the hassle.

    1. True, and a lot of people I know in real life as well, which makes wonder which had the shittiest parenting\life : a person who only learned to live sorrounded by anger and becomes impulsive and agressive, or someone who was most likely a spoiled brat and doesn’t even know how to swing a punch if someone tries to strike him\her.

  9. Hard to tell who would have won if the fight had gone on. The girl in red (red corner) got the first punch in and was really letting the right hand fly, but outside of that first hit, never really connected. Her fists of fury technique would have been exhausting while the girl in blue (blue corner)looked like Ali rope-a-doping Foreman. If it went on for another 30 seconds. the girl in red would have become gassed and blue corner would have gone to work on her.

  10. NO HOPE for this entire social ERA, their entire social structure is akin to fucking MONKEYS. This is acceptable behavior that “adults” witnessed, allowed and therefore encouraged. Mind you these are the “people” that must be dealt with in the global political environment. Wow,,just wow.

  11. The girl in blue got her ass whopped lol, her rambling in the other girls face at the beginning made me want to jab pencils in my ears for christ sake. I cant stand foreighn language, let alone when compared to the chipmunks it makes the chipmunks sound like they are talking in slow motion.
    I’d beat a mini bitch if she invaded my personal space like that too…point.blank.period.

  12. Id be willing to bet behind the camera are 2 terrible parents making thier very young children settle thier differences with fighting my dad used to make me fight so I wouldn’t be weak but not at 7 year’s old that’s downright riridiculous

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