Two Youths Beaten Bloody by Their Own Fiends in Cajamarca, Peru

Two Youths Beaten Bloody by Their Own Friends in  Cajamarca, Peru

Two youths were beaten bloody in the municipality of Cajamarca in Peru. When Serenazgo arrived on the scene, they were surprised to learn that the youths were beaten like this by their own friends.

The youths allegedly drank alcohol with another group of friends when an out of nowhere brawl broke out among them. One thing lead to another and this was the result.

Cajamarca is remarkable for the infamous battle of 1532 in which 168 Spaniards defeated an army of tens of thousands of Inca warriors. The victory is credited to the Spaniards having horses. The Incas have never seen horses before so when the Spaniards surprised them with beasts of such massive size, they fled in horror. But of course, no man can outrun a horse so the Spaniards just slaughtered them en masse and captured the emperor Atahuallpa. This defeat was one of the leading contributors to the demise of the great Incan Empire.

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  1. Nice friends to have. I personally think you are always responsible for what your friends, husband or wife do to you. If you chose them to be your friend or partner, then you are assuming the risk and it includes all the consequences.

    1. I see what your saying and your pretty much correct. But anybody is capable of anything. If your old enough to hold a knife or a gun your old enough to kill. Of course your right though, we need to choose our friends wisely and be aware of our surroundings.

      1. And this kind of thing is why i don’t bother with ‘friends’ or boyfriends anymore! I haven’t been beaten this badly but my son was hit repeatedly across the face as a baby by an ex, others stole from me (thousands of pounds).. So now its just me and my son. its very lonely but at least my son is safe, my bank account remains intact & i haven’t lost any electrical items in years

        1. Its a shame that you have had too many bad experiences. But you have your son and the way the world is right now I think in many ways your a right to go it alone..I prefer my own company as well, I have friends but they all have families of their own, I tried marriage but it want for at all..Perfectly happy on my own πŸ™‚

    2. Let me just reiterate on this vergne. You are MOSTLY correct to a point. We can’t be totally responsible for those people we hang arounds actions. For example if you hang around known gang members than your just begging for trouble. But on the other hand you or anyone else can’t possibly know just what is going on in someone’s mind no matter how close you are to that person. Anybody could just snap in a split second with no warning at all. Dont believe me? Check out all these cases where people murder and everyone is trying to figure out why because they seemed so well adjusted and kind.

      1. I know what you are saying and you are very right. I am not saying you are supposed to never take any risk. The logic is that you should always balance the risks and what you gain for taking the risks. Of course, you should always be careful and, as hard as it can be, try to measure the risks correctly. It includes everything: the friends you have, how you drive your car, where you park your car, what you eat, the words you use when you speak to someone, the things you buy, everything.

        At the end, it’s probably correct to only take the actions with high value and low risk associated to them. But even then, in my opinion, you are somewhat responsible if something happens. Just “less responsible” when compared to actions of high risk.

    3. I don’t agree with ‘you are always responsible for whats your friends….’ cause someone can be nice for years, or you can be in a relationship for years without any issue, but someone can suddenly change even after years. But, i think that when you are in a relationship (or with friendship or whatever) and you know someone is an asshole, and you still stay with that person, you’re just stupid

          1. I remember in my younger days, having fights with friends, with bets being involved for beers & drinks! But we did not kick the living snot out of each other. We would end up with a black eye, fat lips, and busted fists, but that was it. Then we would help each other up, and go for drinks, & pints! These fucktards, took it way too far! These are no friends!

          2. Looking back now @ Mama, you are so right! But back when i was a kid, there was no guns, or knives, being used in fights, like in today,s world. All we had was our fists, and feet, to protect ourselves, so we practiced often.

  2. First off, guy with less damage….really…really, are you that butthurt that you have to cry on TV just cause your opponents kicked ya where the good lord splitcha. The other guy looked like he got the worst of it, but he took it like a champ. If I were him, I’d turn my head to crybaby and tell him to SHUT THE FUCK UP, CHAVALA!! and as far as where things happened, I don’t think it’s Brazil. I understand Spanish, but not Portugese..and the captions and audio to me says any other country in S. Or C. Americas

  3. I love the history side note, it adds to the gore so good like coffee with peanutbutter jelly sammich.
    could you imagine how the incans reacted? more fun stuff:
    Persians used cats against Egyptians,
    Justinian II of byzantine was schizophrenic over grown child, the British empire won a war in Africa in less than 40 mins the mongols threw black plague infested bodys over the walls of cities first act of biological warfare.
    Any way nothing good happens when youths drink together.

      1. yeah cats were like anti-archer units used by Persians, they would not attack their own god. how ever the act was deemed cowardly by the achaemenid(sic) and punished the commander who used this method of trickery

  4. Aztecs, Mayans, Incas… All are Central or South American native Indians. And we all know by now that Indians can not handle alcohol. They have a defective gene that they just can not tolerate booze.

    1. @xizang, that is the damned truth. all of us in my family have a fair amount of native american blood. none of us can drink. we all get violent and fucking crazier than hell. I black out and vomit everywhere, my cousins get in bar fights and omg…. I decided drinking wasn’t for me. my uncle looks like a full blooded damned indian. I am the only one with this very white skin. I have black hair though.

    2. Have you even drank with natives? My guess is no. I know natives that can out drink you’re ass any day of the week. Go and tell native people they can’t drink, and tell me how that turns out for you. My guess is you’ll look like that guy in the picture.

      1. they cant ‘handle’ the drink…sure they can drink like fish but their body chemistry is so that it reacts differently in their systems and it becomes crazytime….same with all the crap we eat…the native person reacts differently to all this fast food shit…its ruining their systems at a much faster rate as opposed to Caucasians…hence why many don’t make it to 50 anymore….

  5. The full body armour, cannons, arquebus, long spears, superior battle tactics and the spread of smallpox also helped them to defeat the Incas but what really made the difference was the fact that the Incas, just like all native Americans at that time, hated each other with a passion.

    Just like the modern world, the native Americans were split into various factions who believed in different Gods and those factions who believed in the same God had differing ideologies and they would constantly fight each other.

    This made it very easy for the Spanish to play the game of divide and conquer and so with only a small amount of Spanish troops plus all the native American allies they had negotiated deals with they were able to defeat the Incan Empire.

    The above age old tactic is how they are currently waging war on the Muslims as well, also on the working class people of the first world if you consider that poor people now look down on, fight and spit upon each other rather than combine their efforts to target the real social enemies, the governments and the large corporations.

    My conclusion, the best way to defeat a large number of people with only a small force is through fear and divide and conquer.

    We have that fear, modern terrorism, and it is often used by first world governments to convince the people to surrender even more of their rights and laws and accept more draconian measures.

    We have the divide and conquer, helped along by mass uncontrolled immigration and the subsequent crime and social competition that it brings.

    To end my rant, the above is why history is so important to the world because those who fail to learn from it are destined to repeat it.

    1. No, there still much alive over there. Maybe not so many beheadings but there still terrorizing people. I live right next to the border & I haven’t been to Mexico since all this shit started. I only miss the tacos…made of dog.

  6. “Bad friends hit you in the back.. Good friends hit you in the face”
    I no longer believe in that quotation…lol

    They really beat the hell out of him.. but friends are friends i bet they will be hanging out again after a week or so.. as if nothing happens.. :p

  7. A member of the Inca tribe was captured by the Spanish. The captain told his interpreter to say to the Inca indian, “If he doesn’t tell me where they have hidden all their gold we will burn both his feet in the fire.”

    Through the interpeter the Inca indian responded, “I would rather die than tell you where the gold is.” With that, they burned his feet in the fire.

    The captain then told the interpreter to say, “if you don’t tell me where you have hidden your gold we will hang you from that noose on the tree over there.”

    The Inca indian again responded, “I would rather die than tell you where the gold is.” With that, they hung him from the tree until he nearly passes out.

    He is then cut down and the captain orders, “Tell me where the gold is hidden or we will skin you alive.”

    The Inca indian can take no more and said, “The gold is hidden behind a large rock, underneath a waterfall. The waterfall is located 1 mile northeast from here, just over that hill.”

    The interpreter turns to the captain and says, “He said he would rather die than tell you where the gold is.” πŸ™‚

    1. @Der. True indeed man. I’ve been around plenty of good people when they were straight. Once they get a few in them they become possessed with beer muscles and retardation. I had to put a few good friends against the wall with my hands around there throat telling them to chill the fuck out. Crazy shit man.

  8. Beating friend(‘s) like that told me that they were not so good friends, or fake, based on interest.
    Anyway, when i was in teen ages i never fight with best friends. That’s was the rule because i couldn’t fight with someone i hang out every day, laughing with and having a great time. I couldn’ imagine to punch my friend in face hard. Yes we argue but never crossing the line but..That was ’80-90’s and now is “other song”..

    In today times nobody cares about true social contact. I mean, people care but they don’t know how(first need to shoot down TV, Mp3’s, Iphones, Androids..)We are alone in mass, in cities, in places where Nature have no chance. So, how this affect human relationships? BAD.
    Just look how friends “discuss”..

  9. Ugh. Nothing like ethyl to extract the most bizarre of colors from your ‘friends’. I once had a ‘friend’ who I thought was a Friend who got drunk and challenged me to a ‘glass fight’ with a jagged piece of broken liquor bottle. What sad, bad comedy. It was one of the few times I had to Mace some sot, and a so called ‘friend’ too. That spelled the end of that ‘friendship’, needless to say. When the guy tried apologizing profusely later, I told him; the only reason he didn’t end up much worse off was because he *was* supposedly a friend, and a drunk.

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