Ukrainian Militias Brag About Torturing People in Lysychansk

Ukrainian Militias Brag About Torturing People in Lysychansk

This video was filmed by a Ukrainian pro puppet government media outlet “Hromadske TV” in Lysychansk, the Luhansk Oblast, Eastern Ukraine. It depicts the members of militias composed of fake Ukrainian nationalists, loyal to Israel, who like to brag about their atrocities on camera.

The masked man talks about capturing these “rebels” who “confessed” to being “separatists“. Rebels? Where is their military equipment, camouflage, weapons? Confessed? How about were tortured until they confessed to whatever their captors wanted them to confess to?

I remember Zio media competing against each other in who would be more appalled by the “grotesque” display of captured Ukrainian soldiers when such video was published on the internet. Yet they never even brush against blatant war crimes carried out by pro Kiev forces.

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  1. I will say one simple thing to anyone who mindlessly supported Hitler. These people are the so-called OUN – UPA. They thanked Hitler for freeing them from the Polish government in this area. You need to compare the map of the Polish Republic before the war and the current. I know … the wiki. But I give it only for the names and maps.

  2. They thanked Hitler for liberation.
    Not only that … they killed most of the Jews before Hitler marched there. I will add that in what is now eastern Poland and western Ukraine lived mainly Jewish poor. OUN-UPA is exactly the same as Hitler. Those caught people hate both Poles and Russians.
    Small curiosity regarding the commander. Both Hitler and Stepan Bandera had Jewish ancestors.
    Mad people from hell. Sorry for my poor and crooked english.

  3. They did not brag and they did not torture them. Do you understand Russian language? The Ukrainian emphasized that they “Beat up the separatists instead of cutting them to pieces like they do with Ukrainian hostages”.

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    1. People need to be clear about the Euro Zone. It is a corrupt, money making enterprise, run by a bunch of cronies who are more bent than any Mafiosi ever was.
      Unfortunately, the nations queuing to join will have to learn the hard way, or rather the people of those nations.

      Greece should tell Merkel in no uncertain terms to go fuck her treacherous self in the arse with a bargepole sideways.

  5. The dude with banged up nose was stopped at a road block the day before and let go ’cause he said he was a just a local, then the three of them tried to flee the city in a car and got captured. Masked dude accused him of being a sniper and killing a few of their men, wishing him to die “like a dog, slow and painfully.”

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