Venezuelan Inmate Forced to Eat His Own Severed Fingers

Venezuelan Inmate Forced to Eat His Own Severed Fingers

This is the same Venezuelan inmate we saw being tortured with molten plastic earlier. Upon closer review, even when the previous video was filmed, his left hand was already severed.

In this video, he is being forcefed his own fingers from the hand that was cut off by other inmates. He’s so broken physically and mentally, he doesn’t even flinch, and munches on those raw fingers like he hasn’t eaten in weeks.

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        1. Dude A:Is it good?
          Dude B:-Another one.
          -all five fingers.
          -taste it.
          (the finger falls out of mouth)
          -Wanna see you eating!
          -want more?
          Dude without the hand:give me more!

          That’s all i understand

          1. @Marine– You must be, your ignorant ass can’t even spell ILLITERATE, let alone write in a complete sentence with proper punctuation. Like @xyklon_A did. Jesus cocksucking Christ, I hope you’re not a real Marine if you’re that stupid. If you are, you need to shove a grenade up your ass and pull the pin.

        2. -eat the fingers!
          -They will bring more water
          -gimme some water yaveh (marginal way to say friend, comrad)
          -all 5 fingers!
          -brin more adobo (spice)
          -it is good
          -he’s so hungry
          -keep calm chamo (friend)
          -another slice
          -like a piece of chicken
          -gimme my girl to spread her legs
          -i’m thirsty

  1. Wow, yeah I’ve never seen someone so physically and mentally broken before. Usually people will suffer and resist to the end but this guy looked completely calm, like guy friends hanging out talking about sports, and he opens his mouth to wait for the fingers. He even tried to pick one of them up after he dropped it. There’s no way he’d mentally recover from this, but he’ll probably die shortly.

      1. there is no fighting back in his case. if its eat my own fingers so am not getting my head cut off give me those fingers.and if they dont kill him he could recover then seek revenge. but just living for the next minute will all he be thinking of!

        1. It sounds like you have been through similar trauma.. or literally think of different ways to die.. lol
          Your reaction is totally right though… but yeah a hand versus seeing my own blood thinking about what I want my last thoughts to be.. smh scary.. I feel bad for him.. I almost wanna say take me shit!

      1. What he survived is horrible to comprehend so brain came to state of unconsciousness(doesn’t process anything at all for some period of time) in order to protect the owner.
        His brain is turned off. Traumas and humiliations are to big and intense to swallow.

    1. This video is gonna stick to me for a few weeks. Seeing this guy in pure utter-batshitness leaves me feeling sick, He’s not just complying to the treatment brought on by his captors, but He’s also eating the very own fingers his mother created in her cunt for him. Very sad, Worse than that video of guy getting his dick cut off by cartel men. 5/5 gore, I’m gonna be blissful for living such a bland- finger-free diet life from now on. praise allah.

  2. Anyone know what he’s saying? He’s acting like he WANTS to eat them! Maybe he was doing it willingly so the would not kill him. People will comply with the craziest shit in order to take another breath. If he’s still alive, he’s surely no longer a sane man.

    1. I heard them saying, all 5 fingers , all 5 fingers! i coudnt work out what he was saying but he was very compliant he almost looked happy but that’s probably shock and relief that he is still alive although his skin will now be fucked and he only has one hand lol…..It looks like they took the skin off the bones before they fed it to him? Or did he swallow the bones too? . Anyway i bet his heart is “melting” with LOVE now for his new friends.

      1. They talk very fast slang spanish but this is what I got.
        “We getting the water but eat it. Get another piece, get another piece. Don’t worry the water is coming just pretend is chicken. There’s still another finger here. Get the water bro. If you don’t eat all 5 fingers we won’t give you water. Eat it , is just like chicken.
        “ok, give me another piece, give me another piece.”

  3. I’m not a 100 percent but these guys maybe rapist if so then justice is being served.How any man thinks he can force himself on another human being.I hope that there is a 3rd video were upon his nuts are cut off and stuffed down his throat death to all rapist

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept going on with this guy until he ate a big chunk of his own body, his dick included. It seems like in these prisons the inmates just do whatever the fuck they want, never an authority, a guard, someone around to stop this shit…well , I guess it’s good for us to watch…probably they could start a new website like BG within these prisons since they even got cellphones, computers etc, maybe these inmates can start an website business…
            Just trying to help these angels,they might need a job.

    1. Yes, along with machetes, knives, drugs…etc. They have everything in there except of guards. In 2007 133 inmates were murdered in the first three months!!! after a new prison was opened. The prisons are run by drugdealers and their gangs. The guards only job is too shoot inmates from their watching towers who try to escape.

    1. This is what I’ve gathered, although it’s not 100% accurate since I don’t understand venezuelan slang very well.
      Torturer: eat the finger, is it tasty?
      Rapist: [nods head]
      T: rapist! rapist!
      T: give him the other finger
      T: open your mouth
      T: the other finger
      T: rapist! rapist!
      T: here comes the water
      R: give me water, give me water
      T: eat the other one!
      R: give me water!
      T: okay the water’s coming!
      T: all five fingers! all five fingers!
      R: give me water already!
      T: eat first
      T: eat it, the water’s coming
      T: eat all five
      T: there are five more left
      T: eat the finger first!
      R: [inaudible]
      T: eat it!
      R: [finger falls from mouth]
      T: [puts it back]
      T: come on
      R: [starts chewing finger]
      T: give it to me first, give it to me
      T: [removes finger from rapist’s mouth]
      T: stop stop stop
      T: [shakes finger]
      T: that’s fine already!
      T: take it [puts it back in rapist’s mouth] salty..
      T: you’re hungry huh?
      R: [nods head]
      T: eat it, it’s like chicken. swallow it
      T: it’s a little- [inaudible]
      T: no no no. stay still okay?
      R: another piece
      T: you want more?
      R: one more piece
      T: i’ll cut another piece
      T: no, not anymore
      R: give me a little bit of water
      T: give him a little water
      R: [points at severed finger] give me that piece
      T: okay he’ll give you one more piece
      T: dude there’s one finger missing
      T: oh, one finger is missing
      R: dude that little girl over there- [inaudible]
      T: [inaudible] the little girl
      R: look at the little girl how she’s- [inaudible] her little legs dude
      T: come on, open!
      R: the little girl- [inaudible]
      T: the girl- [inaudible]
      R: [stares at finger] give it to me
      T: take it [puts finger in rapist’s mouth]
      R: [inaudible]
      T: don’t swallow it!
      R: but you are taking it- [inaudible] give me water
      T: but you swallow it
      R: because you are taking it- [inaudible] give me water
      T: and why do you- [inaudible]
      R: no but because I was thirsty- [inaudible] give me water
      T: you have water already
      R: look at that- [inaudible] how she’s tight- [inaudible] the little tummy- [inaudible]
      T: aww the little tummy
      T: the what?
      R: the little girl, look at the girl [video ends]

  4. Dam the shit people do to one another is just crazy. If he was a rapist or harmed someone he deserved it. But on the other hand(no pun intended lol) how many times have we seen people falsely accused? If he was falsely accused this make this very sad.

  5. Mmmmm…lets put it out there for the great GOD “BEST GORE”..Can we please have a vid from the womens prison just so we aren’t being know ..killing ..bit of tit cutting…vag eating etc…please pretty please.

  6. Reminded me of the US killer Stanley Dean Baker, he murdered a couple of male hitch-hikers and when he was apprehended by the cops he had one victims fingers in his pocket, he had been chewing on them. He had earlier eaten the heart. That nut-case only served 15 years for 2 gruesome murders.

        1. @blucon, the original Wolf Creek is a few years old, but we have a new film out called Wolf Creek 2. I read true crime so these movies are not even scary to me at all. Plus BestGore of course, I know how scary REAL people are, not movies. I have read a few books on Ivan Milat, what he did to real people makes your toes curl, a real monster.

        1. @devileena, hows about that guy that got caught with 2 female backpackers on a secluded beach a couple of months back, he had smashed one on the head with a hammer. Of course you do, it was in South Australia! He was definitely going to kill them both, luckily one girl escaped, nude and badly injured. She ran down the beach until she saw a fisherman. Those girls were lucky that there was anyone on that beach in sight, that’s how secluded some beaches are in Australia.

      1. @haydolf_hittler, Wolf Creek, it is loosely based on the story of serial killer Ivan Milat – the backpacker killer. We have a huge backpacker/hitch-hiker industry in Australia. Young Europeans/British come to Australia on 6 or 12 month visas, they get around by hitchhiking, Ivan Milat preyed on them. He was charged with killing 7 but there are heaps more hitchhikers missing, including Aussies. He killed them in horrible ways too, one had his spine cut so he couldn’t ‘run’ away while Milat had his way with the female (he grabbed a pair of hikers 3 times!) That is why he is suspected of many more missing pairs of hitchhikers, many ‘killers’ will only take a single hitchhiker, easier to handle.

    1. Yeah after the first video I would’ve called them savages but now after i found a translation on another site I understand they were only disciplining him a little with the plastic dripping cuz he cheated at cards before. But now all is fine again. He even had a boner when his sexy cellmate and lover fed him the fingers while calling him naughty names.

      1. From the limited research I did, apparently the 2 “victims” kidnapped a 7 year old boy for ransom. Negotiations must have gone awry and they stoned the little guy to death. The “victims” (Hugo Zapata & Jesus Marchan) were supposedly also decapitated. Lesson learned: Don’t kidnap & kill your bosses 7 year old son.

  7. This is true care and compassion among these brothers! A perfect example of brotherly love given to us by our Venezuelans friends!

    Just look at the way they take care of him giving him finger food and accompanied with small talk with his peers. Then someone is sent for water rich in vitamins for their thirsty brother.


  8. Wow. that’s one broken fucker.
    I can’t beat any of the amazing comments above much less point a finger at the best one.

    This is my #2 BG video of all time. My #1 vid of elsewhere was where a soldier was pulled limb-from-limb by his captives with 2 jeeps. This #2 is gonna take some beating.

  9. This Venezuelan accent is very nice, always gives me a hard on, reminds me of “Somos Tu y Yo” a Venezuelan Teen Show, pretty girl galore.

    Guy: Eat the fingers.
    Guy: Eat the finger someone’s bringing the water. Eat it.
    Guy: Tastes good?
    — Victim says yes with his head.
    Guy: Do you want more?
    Guy: Give him the other finger.
    Guy: Where’s the other (hand)?
    Guy: Here comes the water.
    Guy: All 5 fingers.
    Guy: Chopping 5 more wait a bit.
    Victim: *drops a finger… Wasn’t this the fifth?
    Guy: Eat it!
    Guy: c’mon or we won’t give you water.
    Guy: Give it to me, *grabs the finger from victim’s mouth.
    Guy: Enough dude, it’s good * says to guy washing the finger.
    Guy: Eat it, that’s good chicken, swallow it.
    Victim: Give me another piece.
    Guy: Want more? ok
    Victim: Give me another piece.
    Guy: Hold on
    Hilarius voice: Dude there’s a finger missing on this hand! 1:27
    Victim: Men do me a favor untie my girl, look at her little leg men.
    Guy: Alright eat.
    1:40 Victim: My girl (daughter?)
    Guy: Open (the mouth).
    Victim: Give it here.
    Victim: *starts chewing, where’s the water?
    Victim: Don’t take the water, give me water.
    Guy: Did you swallow it? *points at victim’s mouth.
    Victim: “papi”give me some water!
    Guy: What do you want water for?
    Victim: Man I’m thirsty.
    Guy: We’ll get you the water.
    2:02 Victim: Untie my girl look at her little belly all tied up tight.
    Guy: What?
    Victim: The girl (la niña)…

    Victim refers to “la niña” which would be the term for a female child or girl or daughter, but I’m hoping he’s referring to his tied buddy.

  10. Wow! Two videos of the same douchebag, someone is very popular.
    Let’s see, that’s fifteen minutes of fame for each video. That’s very impressive. He probably got calls from people he has not seen in ages, letting know that they saw him on the internet.

    Mom is probably very proud of her youngest offspring and since she’s in a cell next to his, she also gets to participate. His mom is the one throwing Molten plastic on him, in the earlier video.

    1. Indeed, like a fistfull in their tiny pussies. Just keep stretching them until they burst. I just love vaginas. Ilike licking them. They taste so good. i likeplayingf with their tiny clit and their labia, all meaty and fleshy and what not.

  11. Damn. What a living hell those prisons already ARE and then this occurred and brought hell to a whole new level. I am guessing he was hallucinating about seeing “the little girl” either due to mental breakdown or shock or head injuries sustain while being beaten. In any case, it reminds me to be thankful for a normal boring life lived finger-fed free!

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