Videos of Brutality in UK Prisons

Videos of Brutality in UK Prisons

We’ve seen a lot of vile shit coming out of prisons in Brazil, but Brazil is not the only place where vile shit happens in prisons.

In the UK, they call prisons HMPs (Her Majesty Prisons), which alone is a vile shit aimed at enforcing the idea that monarchs are above the law, and everyone else is their bitch.

Video below show some of the brutality that takes place in HMPs. It’s a compilation of two videos – in the first one an inmate is knocked the fuck out with a punch to the chin, allegedly in exchange for a spiff of weed, while the second shows a half naked inmate sprung upside down as water is being forced up his rectum:

Here’s also one more video from British prison, showing inmates going homo out of town. Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the videos:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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97 thoughts on “Videos of Brutality in UK Prisons”

    1. Seen something like this in nam… (in navy..)
      In the pits we called em cuz it was the scumiet place on the boat where all the motors and shit are, they would “initiate” naval souls on board who went past the equator for the first time all had to get *initiated* is what they called it.. And really what they were doing was taking men, hanging them upside down and sticking grease guns up their butts and shooting them off while painting him with that fluorescent paint…. My father told me this story a few years back when I asked what the people were like on the boat and if anything bad ever happened on board- he told me that story and him and his navy buddies had all passed the equator and they wound up grabbing a bunch of metal rebar and some pipes to swing and pop these dudes who were essentially commiting rape- and dad & his entire bunk kicked these guys asses all the way back down to the bowels where they came from- the shit part of the boat underneath everything else-
      cause they weren’t gonna get initiated lol’ but yeah he said a man came up from down under and had just got “initiated” and dad said he was crying and that paint wasn’t gonna come off him easy.. and was just standing in the shower with a little bar of soap slowly and painfuly dragging it across himself and sobbing the way my dad put it.. and he asked “Whats wrong man what the fuck happened to you?” and he told him everything I just told all of you and father said at the time “You go to the Captains deck right now just how you are and you tell him what these guys did to you” and he refused and was to afraid- he said “they will all kill me if I go to the captain.. we keep this boat moving.. AND ROCKIN! HAHAHAHHAHAHA” okay he didn’t say the rockin part but its fucking sad.

      Fuckin Homo ass Brits in HMP (Her magesties PissholePrison)

    1. Fuck,,, tell me about it bro! I would much rather take my chances in a Brazilian Penitentiary fighting for my life, than to spend 5 minutes in that shit hole (pun intended) with those Flammin Mud Puppy’s any day! 🙁

      1. @thedre – hahaha your comment is so fucking funny as fuck I’m still lmfao….

        But on the real though, I agree w you 100 percent,,
        faggetism shall not be condoned by no real man in the slightest of ways whatsoever…..

        Shit,, I thought the Paysas I went to school with were gay as a fuck but they ain’t got shit on this white boys… @trust me is right on this. I cannot believe what my eyes just saw!
        I wonder if theres a posible way to un see what was seen..

        1. “No way to unsee it.
          Though if you knew Spock,
          he’d help you forget it.
          I saw that that done on Star Trek.
          He uses a Vulcan mind trick.
          This white boys is gay as fuck.
          @sekritajun is right about that.
          I couldn’t believe what I saw.
          So I say again one last time.
          Caution hold up:
          For the love of God.
          It can’t be unseen.”

  1. Young knob head prisoners with fuck all better to do.
    These pricks would have been put firmly in line 20 years ago, but the old timers don’t mix with these plastic gangsters.
    The youth of today, you wanna do smack?, you’ll have to take a crack. Fucking jokers.
    HMP. It’s called living in a Monarchy. Not all traditions are good traditions. Even the Ozzies voted to keep old Liz as their Sovereign, and would likely do so again, go figure. RCMP, what the fuck !

    1. You should have kept those prison ships you used to have in the 19th century, you probably would save a lot of cash with those. You could also put their violence to good use, by letting them beat up the niggers in Calais that want to invade your country…

    2. You got that right. Australians and Canadians recognize the Queen as their monarch, yet Australians and Canucks are treated no better than Pakistanis or Iraqis by British. Queen Liz is the “Queen of Canada”, yet Canadians get no real benefit from her Majesty, other than spending millions yearly to maintain a Governor General. Time to become a proper Republic.

    1. Lol I said the same thing. Exterminate!!! The first one was funny. Damn for a sack of weed that guy allowed them to knock him the fuck out. Then hang him up to dry. Def some mental retardation in that guy. His face had total retard written all over it. The second video. Idk wtf was happ nor will I ever revisit the vid.

  2. all on legal highs in uk jails its rampant with the cheapest nastiest drugs and all turn a blind eye to the drugs being took in because their are no screws anymore the prisons are overflowing and understaffed so its a drug-fest and from the looks of this a dick-fest

    1. It’s tame as fuck in comparison to Brazil, but sick none the less.
      You’re bang on, lack of screws has led to louts like this running amok. They should be on 24 hr lockdown with zero privileges. Leftist hierarchy won’t stand for that though, Human Rights bullshit and all that. Talk about being fucked by PC dogma. Makes me want to piss blood.

          1. You mean there is where the “spice” drug originally came from or just very popular in there? Heard about such years ago yet it was unclear what it exacly was to begin with other than a powerful drug.

  3. Civilized brutality.

    Based on the conduct depicted in this video, I propose we consider banning UK citizens from immigrating to the US as well. Already started with Muslims, and while we’re at it, let’s ban those fucking Eskimos as well. We don’t need no igloos down here, melting all over the pavement.

      1. Yes, I know, but Eskimo is cuter. Calls to mind little penguins in oversized Eskimo jackets carrying hammers around. Inuit just makes me see an ugly, short, wind-burned skinny ass old man trying to rape a woman in temperatures below 0 degrees.

    1. The only lesson I took from the video is that the British can be also innately shitty. as Brazilians, the difference is that Brazilians only go right for business punishing rapists and solving gang problems in prison, have balls, while the British are rich spoiled autistic faggots.

  4. The same shit happens all the time in the British army as well, and no doubt all prisons and armies regardless of origin.

    The point being that men and women in general when isolated from opposite genders and larger society as a whole will find excitement and fulfillment from within their own external realities because human nature is all about needs and the establishment and fulfillment of those needs.

    The above does create the question though, why does homosexuality exist outside of gender isolation?, the answer in my opinion is that fixation and absolution creates sexual demand and subservience.

    I personally spent my formative years obsessed with the tits and pussy whilst gays no doubt focused wholeheartedly on the features of their own gender with bisexuals edging their bets somewhat I expect.

    My conclusion is that anyone can be sexually tuned to anything given enough time and thought, be it animals, those of identical gender, inanimate objects etc so on and so forth with the absolute empathise placed on those who can function as a mutually beneficial and equal partner.

    What a world.

    1. Besides the fixation and absolution there’s also the physiological aspect to it, the urge to jizz, it’s like a valve which has to be opened from time to time, but yeah, just a fraction of the behavior can be physically explained, there’s a psychological aspect to it, otherwise pure sex would solve all the problems without this whole role play we see in the video above, and we might say that the psychological is present alongside with the physical, the former being the precursor to the latter.

    2. thought provoking sentiment @emptysoul . makes me wonder if homosexuality exists in the animal kingdom. I would Google it but afraid I may see a camel fucking a giraffe or something, can’t imagine the giraffe wants that

  5. @ first I thought I was seeing some rednecks having fun on the first video, a little awkward that nobody is forcing nobody, so I’m like wow, what do you know they got rednecks in the United Kingdom. .

    But then as I watched the second video, ( wish I hadn’t) I was like hell mother-fucking NO, that may easily have been the gayest shit I have ever watched..
    And that was harsh to watch, I would rather watch a couple of lesbians making out or a group of lesbians, playing w each other…
    The only dick I ever want to see is that which is mine and no
    one else’s. …

  6. This is harsh reality of prisons.
    Being surrounded with 4 walls, eating 3 times per day, reading, walking out of cell in circle 20 minutes every day is nothing. Even being alone in 3x3m cell is nothing heavy.
    It’s others. They are heavy. THAT is prison.

  7. This shit happens everywhere though ive seen it in county jails and the prisons ive been in..its jus here we dont have the ability to make videos and post them…shit we are still in the stoneage in my state..

  8. The water thing is a test to see if a prisoner is gay. When you first arrive in prison, they will put a funnel in your ass and pour some water. Then, they remove the funnel and see how long you can hold it in. If you are gay and your rectum is too loose, you won’t be able to hold the water.

    1. Everybody is entitled to their opinions and your opinion is just that your opinion and nothing else. You see there are logical ways to look at reality and this ways vary from the less logical to the most logical and obviously the opinion with the most logic in it is the opinion that is more accurate at describing the real reality. So with that being said……

      I just want to point out one thing and that is to show you how much your intuitive convictions need to be updated cause they seem to be malfunctioning….
      You said that you highly doubt that this faggots are not fags…
      Well I highly doubt that you had any thought whatsoever regarding the matter before you wrote that comment.
      Allow me to point out some factual information shown in those short videos…
      First do you know how comfortable you have to be around people in general to pull your pants and underwear down in front of them, now imagine if there’s nothing but males, these faggots comfort level that they exhibited was pretty high, which would be an indicator that that short minute or two they danced in front of a recording camera in such faggot way is something that they do quite often, possibly they do that shit all fucking day cause it did seem that they had no guarding deputies….
      So then you have this fags doing fag shit all day throughout the day everyday, you could just imagine the things they do when they’re not recording, I don’t find it hard to believe that they actually fuck each other.
      Now you can call a guy that fucks woman and likes to get anal himself and gets sodomized a bisexual, which to me is a slightly different version of fag, but technically its not a fag cause a faggot would be a homosexual which is a male that engages in sexual acts with another male and no woman…
      And lastly to prove my point, that video shows a few males that are supposed to be in a prison for males, that video also shows those males engaging in what appears to be sexual foreplay and things of that nature. Who knows all the sodomization that took place after the camera stopped recording. And I’m betting money that there are no woman present in that prison, and if there was they wouldn’t be present to get fucked and if they were and they did that would make this fags bisexual.
      So given the fact that there are no woman present YES THAT WOULD MAKE THIS FAGS FAGGOTS! !!!!

      On a recent comment bout the tranny w/an axe, you mentioned that you had spent some hundreds on some faggot’s service and now with this comment it makes me wonder why you’re cool with faggots, it’s not like you’re ok w them like….¡¡hmm whatever!!, but you seem to stick out for them which is more than accepting faggetism as something normal and it is not. Under no circumstances…
      It is just against nature, and its just plain wrong.

  9. the fuck is this lightweight shit? i want to see death or forced prison rape with broken glass, and a hose inserted into the guys ass then turned on. not this little kid bullshit. this isn’t gore or vile, just some gay shit typical of those u.k. fags.

  10. The one that is acting the most queers that keeps pulling out his little wanker… when he pulls his ass out and pretends to spank it, take note how red his ass already is!!! Proof that the fag comment definitely has some truth to it, no doubt!… Gross.

  11. British prisons have been in chaos for ages now but the UK government are trying to keep it all quiet rather than admit they’ve lost control. The violence is due to synthetic drugs like spice and mamba that have took over prisons because they dont show up on drug tests. There’s lots of videos like this where people take punches for a spliff of spice and prisoners will attack other prisoners and officers for a small amount of the drug.

  12. Fucking hell man, I’m Scottish and this shit is the exact reason we want fuck-all to do with the english, behaving like a fucking chimp after sparking some wee poof who’s been locked up for sniffing bike seats or something, aye you’re hard as fuck mate, away and take your face for a shite you cunt.

    As for the 2nd video, homo-erotic scousers, fucking rockets. There’s no excuse for going near another guys back-door, boredom, loss of liberty, fear or anything else are just a convienient excuse for these faggots, guaranteed they’re balls-deep in each other on a daily basis.

    The english prison system’s fucked, overpowered by cunts, closet-homos and plastic fucktards.

    1. I completely agree. Scottish jails are full of proper murderers, psychos and drug dealers. When we have mad psycho aggressive homosexual drug dealers they don’t end up in prison. They end up in pieces.

      The gay scousers in this English Gay Prison Bum-Boy Romp are RIGHT NOW rimming one another’s chocolate starfish half to death in between sniffing Amyl Nitrate, stuffing Courgettes up one another’s arses and having cock-sucking competitions. And that is just a normal Monday Night. Tuesdays are Embroidery Classes where they make each other decorated willy warmers and stitch rear access panels for their pyjamas. Wednesdays are gay Disco Nights of Euro-Disco floor fillers, lubricated fisting and massive daisy-chains of Man-2-Man-2-Man-2-Man-2-Man-2-Man-2-Man-2-Man formation cock-in-jacksie poundings with Trannie Prison Guards squirting up the lube and fluffing the new initiates.
      Thursday Nights are for an Inmate Version of the popular 1990’s TV Show “Gladiators” where they oil up the Twinkiest Prison Boys and subject them to a relentless 24 hour, non-stop anal carnage of brutal Viagra Enhanced Cock Action, Prison Guard Dildo-Coshes and a surprising range of root vegetables plus all the regular kinds of Melons and Squashes, Zucchinis etc. Prizes of Free Weekend Passes are handed out to the guys who can pound the Twinks Butts for longest.
      Saturdays the guys just relax and oil each other up in the prison sauna. Maybe a bit of light group masturbation and a “how many cocks can I get in my mouth at once?” competition. Oh yes… and there is Naked Bingo and Greasy Twister after dinner.
      On Sunday’s they let the Priests in.
      Then the whole party starts over again on a Monday.

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