Video of Chicago Rapper Lil Reese Beating a Woman

Video of Chicago Rapper Lil Reese Beating a Woman

On October 24, 2012 a video of a Chicago rapper by the name of Lil Reese (real name Tavares Taylor) beating a young woman was leaked on the internet. The video is just over a minute long and gets pretty brutal toward the end when Lil Reese tries to stomp/jump on the woman’s head. Meanwhile the victim’s hoodrat BFF is screaming bloody murder adding to all the craziness.

Personally I don’t listen cRAP music or follow any of it, but from what I’ve been told this Lil shit head Reese and his 17 year old friend/partner who goes by the name of Chief Keef and is considered a big name in rap music are both currently being investigated by Chicago P.D. for the death of another 17 year old rival rapper with whom they were both in a YouTube war – whatever the fuck that is.

Props to Best Gore member Pale Rider for the tip. Got to love Kenyan’s voters from his own constituency.

PS – it wasn’t me who put the opening and closing captions in the video:

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  1. Just think if it was the other way around and she was beating the fuck out of him and trying to stomp on his head, nothing would have happened to her really, maybe a slap on the wrist, and he wouldn’t be able to live it down. Fuck the bitch she deserved it, but fucker the rapper too he ain’t nothing but another rich hood rat

      1. I am not saying she deserved it because of the ‘what if’ scenario, I am saying she deserves it because she was being a mouthy hood rat, granted yes it may look like I meant it in that way and I should have made a new paragraph.

  2. Beautiful culture. I’ve got an idea. Let’s travel to 5 inner cities, ask the BHO voters about his foreign and domestic policies, and try to get an understanding as to why they chose to support him. I’m sure it was based on this issues.

  3. I simply don’t feel sorry for that bitch. Right before the beating kicked in, say around second 46, it looks like she tried to slap him or something. Then he just lit into her.

    Well before then he had already showed that he was aggressive. If a fucking dog is growling at you, it would be pretty stupid to try and kick it… and that is pretty much what she did here.

    Only phrase I understood in that whole video was “keep you hands to yourself” at 31 seconds into it. No wonder that Latinos as a group have already bypassed Blacks economically (2010 Census).

  4. Thanks for another great reminder of why I don’t live in Chicago anymore, lol. Try riding a non-AC bus in the summer time there with a load of people like that. Fuckin kill me now!

  5. Imagine a world without jews and niggers.
    Without jews, no more wars, economical crisis, rap music, feminism, gay rights, civil rights for niggers, drugs, prostitution, …
    Without niggers, no more chimpouts, AIDS, fuckep monkey genes poluting the human gene pool…

        1. @ gunky….It should read “beer run”….I was just humorously saying that people like this will behave savagely for almost anything…..even something as simple as deciding whos gonna do the “beer run”.

  6. I could give two fucks about either one of these animals but I’m glad the mouthy ho got was coming to her. I’m sick and tired of hoodrats, bulldykes or “chicks that think they could fight” actually believing they could beat up a man, just like this skank. 99.9% of the time a bitch that actually says “I beat his ass”, means only the guy played defense. It felt so good to see that ho get her ass handed to her by this worthless tool. She actually thought she could fight him and win. Hahahahaha! Delusional skank! Don’t know whether to be proud of this loser or just hate him for being worthless. Either way, I kinda loved what he did. Call me crazy but if you “axe” me, I really wish this would happen more often so these delusional bitches can stop with their warped sense of reality! Hahaha. silly hoods.

  7. Damn these bitches just dont learn, if you square up on a Guy expect to get hit. I bet you that bitch still running her mouth. How can females think that we are equals. If a bitch is not smart enough to not fuck with dudes, then she deserve the stomp out, maybe more to really learn her lesson. No doubt these are fatherless children and a cancer on society.

  8. Why start and try to fight if you’re just going to scream and call the cops and blame the other person after? If you start a fight and hit a person, you’re either going to lose or finish what you started. Woman or man, if you start a fight, you asked for it.

  9. Before I had anger issues, I’ve learned that my life isnt worth going to that extreme. Even over time, instense emotional abuse to someone will destroy them as a person. If I knew now what I should have known then just like those people should have: “If it doesnt look like you can salvage the situation, you get away from it.” I’ve had women tell me to hit them because it would feel better than my hateful apathy….WTF, seems like the female in that video wished for something similar and she got it.

  10. There is nothing cool about beating a woman’s ass I guess some of you so called gangster think that was a fare one it’s all good until its a Family member that gets jumped by two dudes so laugh and enjoy just hope that your sister or your daughter is the one on the next video and people are saying that she deserves to get beat down un like me I wouldn’t stand there and let that shit happen at all cost cause I would like for someone to help the females of my family, punk mutha fuckers bragged about beating a girl up telling everybody it was a fare one cowards die many times before actual death so the niggas that were their your cowards

  11. I like to surf best gore to look at gore. It’s good for us to get a reality check once in awhile. There seems to be a scary amount of racism on here. I guess I am the only person bothered by it. What’s with all the white power stuff? It’s weird. There are separate website where you can hate on people all you want. Can’t we just talk about gore?

    And, even if she does deserve it, he went overboard.

  12. I hate that bullshit where women think they can say and do as they please and expect the dude not to hit them. Reality check bitch. I don’t advocate beatin on women for the hell of it but if a person is asking for it man or woman I hope they get it.

  13. Not only should he be put in prison for such a vicious assault on that woman, he needs his ass beat by one dude that is as big to him as he was to her. Make sure while he’s incarcerated someone with a phone records him sucking dick like his bitch ass would be made to do and post that for the world to see. HE’S A PUNK AS BITCH!

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