Video of French Journalist Raped to Death by NATO Supported Rebels in Libya

Video of French Journalist Raped to Death by NATO Supported Rebels in Libya

This video was filmed sometimes in February 2012 in Benghazi, Libya. The victim is a French journalist who worked for British periodical The Guardian. The perpetrators are what mainstream media, including The Guardian have been telling us were peaceful, unarmed protesters who just wanted democracy in Libya. Because they were so peaceful and unarmed, UN and NATO bombed the shit out of Libyan civilians and government to clear the path for these terrorists to kill, rape, desecrate and pillage at will.

How ironic that the journalist was in Libya to provide skewed reports to favor the propaganda of blood soaked, murderous Jews and ended up getting raped to death by mercenaries hired by the Jews. How can anyone who’s Jewish not hate every single cell of themselves is beyond me.

After the largest terrorists organization in the world bombed the rebels to victory in Libya, Jews started to finance the same bunch of rapists in Syria. To the amusement of Hillary the Obtuse, they’re even recruiting child soldiers to fight their filthy war.

Funny how Jews work – they’d lie to everyone about the supposed Holocaust and force it into everyone’s face until people are so full of it, they accept it without further questioning, but when it comes to real atrocities, like rape and murder of this French journalist, you won’t find a hint of it in the Jew media. There was another French journalist sexually assaulted by Jew supported rebels in Egypt too. Video of rape from Benghazi, Libya is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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189 thoughts on “Video of French Journalist Raped to Death by NATO Supported Rebels in Libya”

  1. allahuakbur is not going to be happy with those guys if he exists at all….anyway, this seems to confirm my theory that allahuakburs actually dont give a shit about akbur, they only want to justify their mental retardation and deviousness in whatever holy book they can

      1. You what this reminds me of?
        The Rape of the Women of Monte Cassino…

        When the German Defenders left Monte Cassino after the Americans shelled it into ruins…

        They say that the Women of Monte Cassino were someof the most beautiful among european women…

        Our Morrocan Allies who sucked at actually fighting… were Excellent at RAPING…. They swarmed Monte Cassino and Raped Every girl and women from 10-80 years old. Some women were abused so bad they died from their injures many others had to be permanantly mentally institutionalized.

        This sheZOG reporter gets only a drop of my sympathy, and she willing even less from her News Agency who sent her there…

        1. I can see that being exactly what happened Hawk.

          I have no sympathy for this Guardianista whore.

          It is her ilk that regularly promote the ‘benefits’ of multiculturalism.

          Hmmh, I think she might have gotten more pleasure out of it then I had in watching it though.

          1. @troops,
            what is wtih this ‘Guardianship whore’ business. if you agree or don’t agree with her politics, she’s a hard working women who is puting herself in danger to try to look for the truth. She’s not sitting behind a computer reading, she”s going out there. Have you no respect for that? You might think you know what is the ‘truth’ but there are a hundred different truths if you speak to a hundred different people. Before you critise her I’d like to you go to a war zone in search of the ‘truth’. Then report back and be prepared to be lablelled a whore.

          2. My first comment here, I think!

            And it’s to tell you to get to fuck, lol. “Guardianista whore.”? Doesn’t matter what paper she worked for, very few deserve this fate.

            Just because it’s BestGore, doesn’t mean you’re excused from acting like a c*nt. Think if that was a friend, a family member or (God forbid) your mother.

          3. Mama…

            By anybody’s standards… Going into a Warzone armed with only a Notebook and a Camera. Is a BAD idea, I don’t want any ‘holier then thou’ reporter peddling lies and bullshit down mine or my countrymen’s throats.

            We should not have interfered in Libya and this Guardianista whore is responsible for the downfall of our civilisation.

            True, she was hard working. Hard working at destroying all we hold dear.


            If any of my family or friends had the stupidity to go to a Warzone equipped with nothing more then a pen and camera… And they got themselves Raped/ Murdered…

            It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. In fact one would say that they were ASKING FOR IT.

            I am a CUNT. Everybody knows it. I am not ashamed of being a FASCIST CUNT.

            So instead of thinking that you have better ‘Morals’ then me… Surely that makes you as bad as me by calling me a CUNT on BestGore.

          1. Wicked mama is right, Zionist hating rants r utterly devoid of humanity. Everyone needs ask themself “What if she was a friend or relation?”. Zionism isn’t cool, but xenophobic nationalism in no way better. This video fucking disgusted mre, and it would if she was mujahadeen too…

        2. @wicked mama

          “what is wtih this ‘Guardianship whore’ business. if you agree or don’t agree with her politics, she’s a hard working women who is puting herself in danger to try to look for the truth. ”

          She is a cunt working for antiwhite, antieuropean (((British))) media which promote white genocide. Even if she is “a hard working woman” she should know better than going to non-white muslim ridden goatfucking shithole. This is no place for woman, especially white woman.

          She comply with antiwhite agenda and this is poetic justice, she was culturally enriched by vibrant diversity and experienced “rape culture” first hand.

    1. Actually this animals are not real muslims a real muslim would never do something like this this is the weird culture of them making them like animals. It totally disgusts me that this people are even labeled as muslims.

      1. “Something like this”. Rape is not the most horrible thing that can be done to a person. It’s really demented and sick of any human being to act like or think that all other crimes are normal but rape is not. Rape is as normal an act of violence as beating another human being which actually produces far greater trauma than rape. And, secondly, why does any person have to look at a completely strange woman who’s been raped as though she could have been that person’s mother or sister? Don’t use my mother or sister as a moral sword to force me to feel sorry for this completely strange woman who most likely wouldn’t feel any motherly or sisterly feelings for me if, say, she saw being beaten or brutalized. Why is it that the only time that women want everyone to look at a victim as though that victim could have been their closest family is when it’s rape. I mean, I never hear any woman encouraging people to look at, say, a male victim of police brutality as though he could have been their brother, father, or uncle. The only time that women will throw down your closest family down on the victim bed in place of the victim is when its rape, a crime most likely to be visited upon a woman.

  2. I hope every single one of the dirty little sand monkeys gets arsed raped by there beloved Mohammed, I’m not into this shit, this is lower than a snakes belly. If this happened to my daughter/wife I would kill the fucker and take a life in jail.

        1. It wasn’t a movie.

          It was a documentary. About Baked saving his kidnapped daughter.

          It wasn’t that long ago when he led a secret society of Ninja to destroy Gotham city. But was thwarted at the last moment…

    1. @mr nice

      If you had the video of this happening to your daughter/wife.. and you killed the rapist…
      No Jury will give you life in jail for the murder. Maybe 5-8 years, with probation MAX.
      unless its was a gang of Negros who did the raping… and the Jury was a bunch of Negros… than you get life in jail for “Racism”.

      1. Niggers doesn’t behave like rats. The only problems with niggers is backwardness. We have never heard of any rape case in our Undemocratic Republic of Niggerland. Those fucking Arabs are closer to a white man and hence there behaviour is almost similar except on religious background.

        1. OH HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!
          She’s an actual REAL LIVE WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          And she’s got a PUSSY between her legs!!!!!!
          And they’re raping the shit out of it for her!!!!!!
          And they’ve raped her in it so good, it’s KILLING HER!!!!!
          Can you believe how lucky those insurgents were to get their hands on a stunner like her???? And she’s a ‘Frenchie’, like Isabelle Huppert, and sporting a pair of balls like Fanny Ardent or Catherine Deneuve!!! And the best part is, she’s just the type of fearless, hard-nosed, female professioal newswoman, that’s supposed to end up gang-raped and murdered!!!
          Can you even believe how good you’re getting to see her get hers, as they fondle and suck her big-ones, while screwing her demolished ‘RAPE-IT’ tube? The agony of her destroyed tunnel, causing her to reflexively twist this way and that, with the unbearable pain of her gravely-injured orifice!
          What a WONDERFUL THING to happen to her!!! And what a dick-hardening-thrill to see it actually being purpetrated upon her!!!
          And then, to see her REALLY DIE, just as that guy was trying to get a blowjob from her, with the other guy continuing to bang away at her!!!
          And upon realizing she’s dead, getting to watch her corpse being fucked!!
          And the only thing that would have made this better, would be to see them slice those big-tits right off, just to make her demise a little more heinous than ‘they fucked her to death’!!

          In the end, she ended up the way all women should end up. So hands down, it was the BEST DAY OF HER LIFE!!!!!
          While her assailants were left to have to jerk-off to her remains. And they certainly won’t be getting their hands on another hottie like her anytime soon!

          And now comes the million dollar question.
          Is this a JOKE??????
          She had to have been raped by DOZENS!!!! All we saw were the runts getting the leftovers!!!
          They were filming this for prosperity! But we only see two minutes???????
          I thought this was a ‘REALL NEWS’ site!! But now I see it’s just REACTIONARY-CLICK-BAIT!
          A TEASE……. like Brigitte Bardot, and Jeanne Moreau doing burlesque!

  3. I’m sure in the eyes of the snackbarist mullahs, these poor fine muslim men were not to blame. It was that infadel French reporter who dared to flash a bare shoulder, which turned the fine snackbarist young men into a horomone fuelled fit of sexual perversion. Had she fully covered up, these fine young practitioners of the religion of peace would not have succomed to her obvious attempts to seduce them.

          1. Thanks bastard, you made me a hero 🙂 kiddie dreamers are mostly ugly mid aged homosexuals, are you one of them ? you better dream off a huge cock instead of a child, I will be spending time with the girls and you will be spending time with bear lovers, good deal, no ?

  4. I am a huge fan of Best Gore , i love everything you do the videos in there however i think that the actual video of a women being raped shouldn’t be posted at all , there are videos or pictures of aftermath
    but the actual rape itself should not be shared by other viewers .
    i got sexually assaulted 2 years ago and i would hate it a video of me while it was happening was showing all over the net .
    I know its call best gore and everything else i do tolerate BUT this video is just wrong

    1. I am sorry for you being assaulted. I agree this was a horrible video but it is reality. Most people have no idea how brutal and demeaning rape is. I know I had no idea before this video. I think this is something all adult people should see, especially if there is a chance that they will serve in a jury. The courts seem to whitewash this type of assault and the victim is made to look like she asked for it, and the offender had no choice but to rape her. Again I am sorry for your terrible experience, and I wish you peace.

    2. She’s dead. Having a video of her being raped won’t affect her now! Do you think having a video of someone having their head chopped off with a chainsaw is not worse than this? If you didn’t want to watch the video, don’t click the link!!!

  5. There exists no lower life form on earth than animals such as these. I have no reservation in wishing their death to be a horrified journey that could never occur soon enough. How are we to live and not hate these animals with every bit of our very being? Events like this when death a better and welcomed choice sicken me that I inhabit the earth with such scumfucks. I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it that animals like these walk the earth and blend in.

  6. Where do I start here…AH HA HA HA, AH HA HA HA…two of these guy’s had peckers so tiny that penetration was impossible. The one guy’s thumb was bigger than his cock! Personally I’d say these men had never had sex before, none of them had any idea what to do.
    And that chick was horny as fuck. She enjoyed getting banged by those little peckers and she even sucked off the one guy.
    This looks more like a low budget porn flick than a rape, but that’s just my opinion.

        1. Re-reading your comments, I do see the funny side for sure. I can watch beheadings and lynchings all day but this video just got to me, the poor woman, can’t get her face out if my head. My humble apologies for calling you a dumbass on my other comments. 🙂

          1. @you’ve got red, don;t worry about it, we all read comments sometimes that get our goats and we all bite sometimes. The only problem is when people take it over to other posts, your not the first and you won’t be the last. Also, i kind of see why you got annoyed and Brokes should also see he might have said something contentious that could kick things off and maybe an apology form him might be in order as well.

          2. Sorry if I hurt anyonesfeelings.I put humor in all of my posts, so don’t take anythingI say seriously. Lighten up, laugh sometimes it’s good for you.

  7. @ Mark

    Damn Mark how did you even get the Video?!
    I never even heard of a journalist being raped and then killed.

    I heard of a journalist being sexually assault than got away with her crew…
    I guess this was the one that didn’t get away =(

      1. You don’t belong on a gore site. If you have’nt noticed yet, everyone puts some humor at posts including beheadings and torture. It’s never meant in a serious manner. Have you not noticed what kind of site you are on? If you can’t handle the material YOU don’t belong here DUMBASS!

          1. Don’t tell me where I belong champ!I’ve been visiting B.G for a long time now and I love gore with the best of them. Humor is great, but it’s easy to forget you’re talking about a real, albeit dead person.

          2. @Youve got red on you

            go look up “politically correct speech about dead people” website and sign up there. If you’ve been on BG for a long time, I would have seen you here before. I doubt you’ve been on here for more than a month.

          3. @ Blondie. Sorry mate I didn’t realise I had to make sure you know who I am. Maybe they should put you pic next to the cute puppy with the heading “must check
            In with Blondiebefore entering this site” ;). Long time lover, short time commenter.

    1. @brokey… Im assuming after she saw the sizes of the tiny shrimplings, she though, oh il play along and get away quick… Little did she know the consequences of all of them combined are lethal… Tsk tsk..

      1. no worries about it hurting other than dryness from not being into small cock… I didnt see any of them be gentlemen and spit on there hands first. Or just right on the ole cock itself. They prolly would have missed tho.. anyway.

  8. Let us remove the nasty videos of people getting ran over by trucks… Because my Great, great, great, great, great, great Grandfather’s pet parakeet was crushed by a juggernaut many moons ago.

    You can’t selectively filter and censor content. It goes against the grain on what this site is about.

    If you don’t like it. Don’t view the site. Simple.

      1. Trooper was just making a point. No one forces us to watch any ofthese videos. If someone feels they have a strong aversion to a particular video, they just don’t watch it. Is this vid anyworse than the guy who had a pole rammed up his backside, and then stood on end until he slid down on his own weight, with his own blood as lubricant, until the tip of the pole lodged in his shoulder ? He died from being sexually violated. Or do men not qualify for that status ?

        1. I agree, I very rarely watch beheading videos anymore as I can’t stand the noise or the thought but I still read the information. Personally I find innocent children murdered more upsetting then this particular video but my point is if BG members feel they are going to be upset with the content then read and don’t watch. The description for the video was a huge clue as to what the content would be so if you’ve watched it and are offended that’s of your own decision. No point crying about utr afterwards just don’t press play!!!

      2. @The_Kroko…

        If one is going to put themselves out there on the internet… be it photos or life stories… then they have to take the incoming as is – good or bad.
        If you don’t want to get any negativity back don’t put ANYTHING out there.

  9. Been visiting Best Gore for a while and just now created a profile, just want to say great job, Thank you for what you do! Oh and these rapists, should go visit Mexico, they would get their dicks cut off, get beheaded, and put their dicks in their mouths!

  10. I wonder how they murdered her, you can’t really be raped to death, especially with some tiny dicks like that. Even the poor little Japenese girl who was raped for 44 days died from the horrific post way back died of the injuries they inflicted on her.
    As for looking like she enjoyed it? A friend of mine told me she was raped and it was so awful that she started moving to make it look like she was enjoying it to try to make him cum quicker so it would be over.
    Every one a

  11. This pig is… kissing here at the beginning of the video. Funny how those bastards are always spraying the world with their morality. Yeah right, they just don’t want to touch their own fat covered bitches.

    Anyway, they are all faggots, anyway. I don’t trust a country where men can walk hand in hand.

    1. Rape has always existed even before you were born. Props to Mark & his source(s) for shedding light of reality on BG. Look up The Rape of the Women of Monte Cassino (props to Hawk for the history), The Rape of Nanking (aka Nanking Massacre), Rwanda Genocide, Cambodian Genocide (Khmer Rouge) and so much more. I bet there’s a man, woman, boy and/or girl that’s being raped this minute probably within 25 miles (or hell, even less) of where you live……

      Welcome to BG 🙂

  12. I saw one fucker forcing a blow-job in 1:18. If I was that journalist bitch i can just bite and cut off his balls. If you say niggers are messed up, you are totally wrong: Have you seen what the Arabs are capable of doing?

    SMITH, 1st President of the
    Undemocratic Republic of Niggerland.

  13. Yes one of these video’s that have stuck in my mind, I tryed to do some research on this and they apparetly raped her all night long even when she was dead, disturbing indeed, there is another video that went viral of a South African lady being raped by four men, she was mentally retarded, I tryed to find this video but was unable to find it but gave up fairly quickly. I’m assuming she died of shock and dehydration. Well definetly not from their small cocks..

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