Video of POW Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Being Sexually Violated by Rebels

Video of POW Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Being Sexually Violated by Rebels

By now the whole world already knows that Libya’s terrorists sexually violated colonel Muammar Gaddafi after he was captured and here is the alleged video of it. Turns out the Americans are not the only ones who sexually abuse prisoners of war (Abu Ghraib, anyone?). The terrorists they support clearly share the same qualities. Thanks NATO for making these fine, respectful and peace loving people the new leaders of Libya.

Double standards are the best. Catch someone the big brother doesn’t like abusing another and you’ll have him bashed all over the world with sheep following the suit. But have someone the big brother supports abuse another and they’ll be praised for their heroic deed with sheep following the suit.

Video allegedly capturing colonel Muammar Gaddafi getting sodomized by a rebel is below. It is widely deemed to be a genuine video. The wound on the left arm, the hair and the clothing all match what Gaddafi wore and looked like when he was captured. Furthermore, the time between the capture and the leak of the video was not enough to have this staged. But most of all – these terrorists sexually violated everyone who crossed their path and refused to join their crusade of terror ever since they started. Thinking that their lust for blood and imposition of fear would diminish would be beyond foolish:

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18 thoughts on “Video of POW Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Being Sexually Violated by Rebels”

  1. These aren’t the next leaders of Libya. The rebels have a chain of command at this point. These are the foot soldiers, so im pretty confident the next government will be better than the Qaddafi regime.

  2. Gaddafi was the guy who supposedly demonstrated how Bush’s war in Iraq caused dictators to have second thoughts about standing against Western powers – after all, look what happened to Saddam. So he sought reconciliation with the US by renouncing his program of WMDs, as well as ‘fessed up to Lockerbie (whether he actually did it or not!). Thus he was pointed to as the poster boy for all the good things Bush’s war supposedly did for the world.

    Now that he was STILL attacked and deposed by NATO forces (including the US) and their local buttboys there are said to be few incentives for unfriendly dictators to try to make kissy-face with the big bad US. There is simply only one way to hold off complete domination by the West- develop nuclear weapons. That’s it.

    1. You have a point! may be sodomy is the only thing they know. because they have so much respect to their women. i think in Muslim they have a lot of gays or should i say once in their life they become gays.

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