Videos of Torture Inside Roumieh Prison in Beirut, Lebanon

Videos of Torture Inside Roumieh Prison in Beirut, Lebanon

Roumieh is the largest and most notorious prison in Lebanon. It’s located in the nation’s capital of Beirut, and is infamous for torture and other mistreatment of prisoners. Several western nations, such as Denmark, have been reported to have outsourced torture to Roumieh prison.

In Summer of 2015, two vertical videos filmed inside Roumieh on mobile phones emerged. The videos show prison guards beating inmates with plastic pipes emerged.

In one of the videos, a handcuffed inmate stripped to his underwear lies on a filthy floor covered in water, as he’s being repeatedly beaten. The last blow strikes him in the groin.

In the other video, several prisoners stripped to their underwear and with their hands zip tied behind their backs, are crammed on a floor. A guard beats two of them with the stick.

Props to Best Gore member @amer-the-adventurerz for the videos:

The other video:

52 thoughts on “Videos of Torture Inside Roumieh Prison in Beirut, Lebanon”

      1. These videos are really mild though I guess getting beaten with the same stick every day I would be jumping around too.

        The bearded fellow must be either important and knows something or an extreme fuckwad the guards love to watch him squirm.

        Either way finally another torture show

    1. He told him “shou hada ? Hallabia?”
      It means “what is this? A fucking tits? *or where we put milk in general*
      I dont know what they did to deserve this but a great pourcentage of these people are innocent. Sometimes they pick them just because someone told them they helped a terrorist or something. Sometimes its just a setup.
      But at least its less brutal than isis or Brazil stuf

      1. “I dont know what they did to deserve this”

        They are in prison so clearly they did something to deserve this. If more prisons were like this then the streets would be safer. Prisons that allow inmates to study for college degrees while incarcerated do not act as a deterrent for criminals and have only been established through political correctness.

  1. whats with some of these assumptions that these guys are terrorist? didn’t see any of that info in the description. maybe the majority of em are petty criminals with felonies who, from what I see, flooded the area in protest to the conditions there and got beaten in return for their actions.

    1. sKeleT0r – what is your secret? I have been trying to masturbate to these clips for about 30minutes and have thus far been unsuccessful. Perhaps I need some performance enhancing drugs to muster a bit of enthusiasm.

  2. Have to feel for the guy when he took that green hose to his nuts, that must have hurt like a bastard. They will insist on fucking around on behalf of that daft religion mind you, so what goes around comes around I suppose.

  3. When will people stop posting videos that are so fucking funny?

    If you’ve never felt just how fun beating some piece of shit like this, in this manner or others, then you just haven’t lived/found REAL entertainment. The noises you can get out of “people,” is priceless. Oh shit, this is funny!!!!!

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