Vietnamese Man Stabbed While on Gurney in Emergency Room

Vietnamese Man Stabbed While on Gurney in Emergency Room

CCTV from an emergency room of the the General Hospital in the Binh Thuan region of Vietnam in Vietnam back in October shows 21 year old, Nguyen Van Hung, lying on a gurney when he is approached by a man and stabbed repeatedly before security scare him away.

Members of Nguyen’s family state that the attacker was one, “Cuong”, who was part of a group which had broken into Nguyen’s house earlier that day and attacked Nguyen with machetes. People in the house fought back and the attackers fled, but two were seriously inured in the encounter, Nguyen being one of them. They were both taken to the same hospital but the cause for the incident is not yet known. Cuong clearly knew where his target had been taken and followed him to the hospital to finish the job. 11 people have been called in by police for questioning, but Cuong remains on the loose.

Mad props to Best Gore member, @african-angel, for the video and story.

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