Violent Hate Crime Committed on White Man by Gang of Blacks on 4th of July

Violent Hate Crime Committed on White Man by Gang of Blacks on 4th of July

On July 4th, in Cincinnati, state of Ohio, USA, a white man was violent assaulted and beaten unconscious by a rowdy crowd of drunken, angry blacks.

The incident occurred after a hip hop and electronica concert and was “justified” because the white man bumped into a black man. The black, as expected, responded aggressively to the white and since the white didn’t act like a cowed little bitch, he was attacked. When the white man defended himself, he was jumped by every black in the vicinity and beaten unconscious.

Video starts after the beating and shows the thugs gloating over and ridiculing the unconscious man.

Props to MrsPink for bringing a real hate crime to light.

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  1. savages always act like savages. how come this does not make national news??? oh yeah!! cause it is wrong to point out what they do wrong. only media and them can point out what others do…. they are a bunch of complainers.

        1. Glad it made it to BG, albeit quote late.
          It has been properly reported on every true alt-right news site.

          Only whites can be racist and commit hate crimes.
          The nig nogs are coaxed into this every day occurrence because of the Zio media promoting the black victimization hoax and black power meme.
          The new face of true racism.

          Back to the range for practice. If you are white you will need it soon enough.

      1. But if it was a bunch of whites that attacked a black it would be national news. Every time I see shit like this I usually do something nasty to the “respectable blacks” that live in my neighborhood. Maybe I’ll copy the link to an actual piece of paper, wrap it around a brick and heave it through their beautiful bay window. HHmmmm. Just maybe.

        1. Don’t just talk about it! Be about it! Too much talking going on around here! In fact here you go… I double dog dare you to do just what you said and get back with us, we will know if you lie!

        2. Dude was Alive but I do agree that This beating was senseless and highly Represents what’s wrong with this Generation, not a race as a whole……My advice to the white guys that don’t wanna end up like that, Get a Concealed Carry Permit and worst come to worst Aim bellow waist and hope they Live to shit in a bag

      2. I live in Cincinnati, also. Not a peep on the local news. I didn’t even hear other people speaking about the incident amongst themselves.

        The sidewalk looks like the downtown entertainment district. Other neighborhoods have the fancy brickwork, like Mt. Adams, Mariemont, etc., but not the indigenous population shown on the video. Clifton, maybe?

        MrsPink, where DO you get these interesting things???

    1. I just love to get on here and read all the raciest comments, divide and conquer works very well I’ve come to find, I bet your slave masters are so proud of you guys, until the mindless bickering ends we will never be free, any major movements will be reduced to race wars, or civil wars, never will we have peaceful change, the ones on top pulling the strings will benefit over and over generation after generation off our stupidity like they’ve always done, good job humanity, got yourself stuck in a never ending loop of insanity.

      1. @ShamansBlood,

        It?s all very well to say divide and conquer over and over again but that does not negate the fact that blacks, per head, commit far more violent crime on average than any other race. It also does not negate the fact that whites are often the chosen target for those violent crimes.

        The ones on top may be pulling the strings but I don?t see how that forces a black man into raping a white woman?, I don?t see how that forces a black man into looting a store at gun point?.

        The Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Koreans etc in our societies don?t do this despite people at the top pulling the strings so why are you using the notion of divide and conquer as a form of exoneration in this manner?

        The mindless bickering will end when the black communities get their shit together and not one day before because this has nothing to do with enslavement to a system or divide and conquer but rather just plain and simple decent human behaviour, a requirement for any civilised society.

        If anything it is the blacks who are sabotaging the chance for change because they refuse to conform to any standard, preferring disorder and chaos instead.

      2. On the contrary the media/ globalists are trying to SUPRESS racial tension coming from whites, so that we wont secede . the media is suppressing the truth about the crimes and degradation non-whites are doing to white countries so that whites will continue to be in a slumber unaware of their slow kill.

        If they could race-mix us out of existence without any tensions rising they would be more than happy

        1. I dont justify irrational behavior from any race, we just simply cannot generalize entire races, it benefits no one, and gets many innocent people hurt, there are always exceptions you must remember that, try to avoid the concept “black” for that is a word learned by your mind, the mind is not who you are, it’s only a segment, try to become one with what’s in-between your thoughts, build with it, and watch your entire perspective change, if not wait, and allow nature to remind.

          1. In the end you yourself are nothing but a Zio tools who has been tricked into thinking they are helping the problem.

            I want a land for my people, I want to be with people of my own race and culture
            And at the same time I want everyone to have the same, I want there to always be Europeans but it doesnt stop there I want there to always be German French English Irish and so on this applies to the non-white countries as well.
            I want everyone to have a home and a culture they can claim.

            You know what I dont want? A giant brown slave race that has no cultural identity or clear boundaries that is bound in eternal servitude to the globalist.
            When people like you taje race out of the mix you become a globalist puppet.

        2. You have no idea who i am, or what i stand for, i assure you I’m far from liberal, mfers i defend the 2nd amendment almost daily from idiots, that do not understand governments are not there to protect them.

          1. Zio the globalists are not even close to getting my soul, i will never stand for a one world government, nor will i stand for a global currency or anything else, power most be balanced yes, but what you dream is impossible i assure you, in the mean time, we are slave status, the masses are caught in mindless bickering, and things are only getting worse while people like you cause more division amongst the people, making are chances for anything good impossible.

      3. Take it you don’t know slave owners were 50% black 50% white and the first slave owner was black hmm?? Or the fact only the Arab race has not been enslaved at some point is it was them behind virtually all slavery in history, check your facts fool.

          1. You’re a slave right now, the house you think you own isn’t even yours, it’s the banks, stop paying property tax, and find out yourself if that house is really yours.

    2. You’re forgetting that “Black Lives Matter” especially if they’re assaulting, looting, maiming, raping and murdering innocent citizens. We’ve seen countless videos of non-aggressive blacks accidentally bumping into citizens with children and them with children-what a great bunch of people they are.

      They’re not people, calling them animals would be an insult but they embrace the role so well, it’ll change because that’s how they’re raised by other animals. And yet these poor, misunderstood creatures still get the benefit of the doubt by those who are too stupid see through it, let alone breathe.

      I despise trash like them… don’t want to be treated like trash well then….forget it, too late for those cunts.

      1. Saw an interesting video where a presidential candidate said ALL lives matter and was booed by the audience and forced to apologise! The Hilderbeast said the same a few weeks early and got the same reaction! What I found more insulting than the crowd booing was the guy apologising for saying it! They really are the scum of the earth.

    3. for be “savages” they should already know what mean “civilized”…. but… as they didnt know what that mean… we cant call them savage… more “animals”
      even my cat is more civilized than nigga ( and he is not a nigga cat, maybe that explain this)


    4. These people that did this aren’t black guys , they’re NIGGERS !!!! Plain and simple . How could you expect anything different when they come from welfare mothers and don’t know who their fathers are or who the father of their brothers and sisters are ? They’re born into the life ! They’re just a waste of skin . Too bad some white guy who probably came from a good family had to find himself in niggerville , poor guy !!

    5. Yes sir the media and the fucked up culture have us whites as the only racist and no other race assaulting whites gets called a hate crime! The fucking liberals are all for this to get the minority votes by stirring shit just like racist sharpton and Jackson!!

    6. I always shake my head at the total ‘opposite RACISM’ that whites get.

      It’s a absolutely CRAZY what’s going on in todays world.



      IT’S NOT OK to wear Black Face..

      Or for a white to braid their hair

      Or or a white to say ‘black.’

      But because frigging 200 years ago when someones so called ‘ancestors’ made blacks slaves, “I” MUST NOW PAY!!! ..???

      When nearly 74% of white Americans are actually NOT ‘RELATIVES’ OF THESE SO CALLED ‘ANCESTORS’ EITHER!

      Very few ‘original’s survived through till the 21st century! (That’s very TRUE)

      BUT… they still have to pay some kind of ‘price’ for their ‘forefathers, that aren’t their forefathers!’


      Black people straighten their hair, use skin lightening cream, follow customs, traits, mannerisms, religions, dress, food, hairstyles, language that are** ALL ** from historically ‘European’ people. WHITE PRACTICES. But… theres no BIG NOISE ABOUT ‘CULTURE MISSAPROPRIATION’ FOR THIS, IS THERE?

      So….. how is it that they aren’t the BIGGEST RACISTS ON THE PLANET.

      Because… they’re doing ‘EVERYTHING’ we white people are CRUSIFIED AND VILIFIED FOR!


    1. He should have told Keeshan, Tyrone and Jamal (generic black names) that there was a large group of morbidly obese white women 3 blocks away. The black males would have left the white man alone and ran in the direction of the white women ( where be de white butches at?)

  2. I’d say its that idiot’s fault… he has the right to bear arms in ‘muricah thanks to their second amendment… yet he thinks hes safe arround wild niggers?… seriously? What has gone into that retard’s head? Around niggers, ALLWAYS HAVE A FUCKING WEAPON WITH YOU.

        1. True, Now if the white guy fought back and knocked those apes out, the white guy would of went to jail for assault and a hate crime, its best for him to just lay there and wait for the apes to get sleepy and leave. but it looks like at the end of video the apes were taking all his clothes off maybe to rape him 🙁

          1. Im not surprised, the ape’s fragile egos are affected by their conflicting sexual orientation… hence allways trying to prove themselves that they are alphas and shoving their “mudik mudik” into everything that has a hole… 😆

  3. Obligatory fried chicken and watermelon references aside (and the fact that these sub-human fucking Howler Monkeys really make my flesh crawl), what these kinds of posts should be saying to you is that racial discrimination/victimisation is not the one-way street the liberal left and media keep pretending it is.

    The crime statistics, particularly the rape ones, very much show that blacks target whites quite a lot of the time.

    However, there has been a concerted effort by the establishment and the liberal left to blame all the social ills on the whites and completely exonerate the blacks and thus we have white guilt/white privilege vs. the poor, downtrodden blacks. One is always the bully and the other is always the victim.

    Whenever a black created negative situation arises and becomes too big to ignore it always falls back on the past woes again. ?I am terribly sorry about what has happened in the present but the slave trade is to blame for it all?, much like how the Jews fall back on world war 2 to exonerate them of all present day misdeeds.

    It is the same in education as well, because the blacks struggle to compete at the same level as everybody else they get propped up via affirmative action and such and the college/university test standards lowered so that more of them can enrol.

    The end result is a fractured society in constant social/intellectual decline and all so that rich fucks with more money than sense can play their silly little social engineering games and so that the mentally ill far left leaning white liberals can feel better about themselves because they suffer from the terrible ?white guilt? and have low self esteem.

    I keep hearing about equality from our dear leaders but I never see much of it; just agendas, agendas, agendas, it?s enough to give you the shits.

      1. Lol Diane amAbbott would chump out big time, check her getting destroyed by sky news after Duggan inquest found police acted reasonably in the situation. The sky news woman Kaye something started asking how she knows more than the jurors who listened to 70 hours of evidence. Cant stand the bitch, openly racist but still in Liebour party…..

    1. I’m surprised that the story about the fire bomb attack on the Palestinian family,where the Jewish settlers murdered their baby,got a mention on MSM.Well,if it had been a Jewish baby it would be on every news channel 24/7.

    2. bravo, you cannot really put full blame on blacks. They are being tricked into believing that democrats and left liberals stand and care for them when its the exact opposite. I’m reading kirsten powers book on illiberals and how baltimores mayor and governor sold their own people out in order to bate the riots to burn down their town all in order for more government funding to rebuild what was supposed to be built already but that billion was squandered and stolen. The fact is even a 1000 years from now blacks will still not work, sell drugs, live off someone else paying the bill and worst of all they will say wheres my 40 acres and mule from 1200 years ago?

      1. Shut up CUCKservative!!!

        How did Detroit go from one of the most remarkable cities in the world – when it was all white – to, well, the Detroit of today? Thomas Sowell and other Cuckservatives would have you believe it was all about liberal policies and socialism, yet those same policies have helped a country like Norway flourish. Innovation and entrepreneurial activities are commonplace in Norway, similar to the commonplace high rates of illiteracy, corruption among the elected officials, and crime found in Detroit.

      2. How did Detroit go from one of the most remarkable cities in the world ? when it was all white ? to, well, the Detroit of today? Thomas Sowell and other Cuckservatives would have you believe it was all about liberal policies and socialism, yet those same policies have helped a country like Norway flourish. Innovation and entrepreneurial activities are commonplace in Norway, similar to the commonplace high rates of illiteracy, corruption among the elected officials, and crime found in Detroit.

        1. The main reason Norway has flourished is due to them staying Out of the European Union and the single currency. Same applies to Switzerland, although that said, both nations have their own issues. Liberal Socialism has nothing whatsoever to do with it. A left wing government having power does not necessarily mean their policies are of a socialist liberal persuasion, and entrepreneurial qualities are definitely not consistent with such a government’s ideals.

  4. Blacks are cowards. I guarantee, a black guy, if one happened to get into an argument and he, as is the norm, began to raise his voice and become abusive, would cower and shit his pants if one reciprocated his nastiness.
    They believe all White men are afraid of them. We aren’t.

    1. This online battlefront is where the late great neanderthal pink pig-mented man fights his battles now. You are only unafraid when you carry your pistol with you in your confederate flag-embroidered holster. Blaming the so-called Black man for the loss of your freedoms is no different than them blaming you for their current situation. Yellow will be the new white (pink), brown will be the new black, and gud ole’ Uhmurrikkka will fall under new management. All thanks to executive mismanagement by the very people elected by you, the Pinks. Poetic Justice, let freedumb ring!

  5. There are no explanation for such stupid actions of those black low-lifes.. every time I see some video with them, the most often heard words are: damn, stupid, fuck, nigger… and now a game: make one sentence using all those 4 words (plus additional ones).. mine goes like that: damn, I wish I was more stupid so I could fuck all my nigger friends 😀

  6. why the fuck do they all attack in packs like a bunch of chimpanzees on mating season? i don’t get it,,, white Americans are more threatened by blacks than ISIS suicide bombers ! clear ur fucking territories from blacks if you want peace. vote for trump in the next elections.

  7. Herd mentality. Then again, why he was there? Once I hear rap or hiphop music, I take a detour. I should make a GPS voice command. “Entering Ape Jungle neighborhood. In approximately .5 miles, do a U Turn.”

  8. Turned the volume up mid video and just as expected, typical nigliterature’s being yelled “daaaaayyuuumm yoo” “you got knocked da fuh out” “oooaah shit cuuuzz”.

    Niggers, setting black people back since ever.

  9. And I will ask. Where is the on the Fox News, CNN, MSNBC or any other media outlet covering this? No where to be seen. If it was a black guy getting jumped by white guys, holy god. It will be burning the whiteys at the stake. Fuck niggers. They would be better off hanging from a looped noose on every branch of every oak tree in America.

  10. You people are just a bunch of angry white people. This isnt a hate crime. Me and my boyfriend were attacked by a gang of African Americans last year as well. They didnt attack him because hes white they attacked him because thats what gangs do. Gangs are full of aggressive drug dealing gun holding retards. Yall are making this a race issue when its not.

    1. @ohhhkayy, Ok I will remember that for the next time so when a group of white men attack a lone black man it will most definitely not have anything to do with racism at all and the media will be guilty of misrepresentation for reporting it otherwise.

      1. We cant control what and how the media reports things. The media tries to get people fired up. Thats what the media does. We dont tell them what to report. Trust me i hate ghetto black people just as much and wish they would just die (I myself am black) but not all of us think everything is a race thing and not all of us are like this. Being in a situation like this is probably wrong place at the wrong time and stupid black people mixed together

  11. Will this be reported as a hate crime or even reported on mainstream news at all? Most certainly not. “Da YT manz stillz be keepinz us downz!”

  12. I live in rural Alabama and I have some great black friends. I guess it’s about geography and situation they grow up in. After seeing stuff like this I’m torn, I know there’s good in the race but you see so many incidents like this and it kind of makes you callous to all of them.

  13. Typical negro behavior. Starts at the top. Backed up by D.O.J.
    Free to murder, rape and beat the fuck out of whitey and blame it on whitey as well. The country will not be able to rebound no matter who is elected president. The chief Kenyan has destroyed the country. PERIOD….

    1. @davondadude, it is a common theme for black people to state pride and love for their own race whilst at the same time chasing after and procreating with white people.

      The interracial dating statistics show that on average black people, particularly the black men, seek out relationships with every other race but black; with the main focus on white and Asian.

      No other race in the world does this to the same extent as black people, most non-black people predominantly date within their own race first and foremost.

      I also see many black men insulting and putting down black women so as to blame them for the present day sexual preferences of the black male.

      The black communities are imploding at an extremely fast rate. Their behaviour as a group, their dating choices, their attitude towards civilised society and the restraint needed to be part of it, their lack of foresight and future planning ect it is all in fast decline among the black communities and will not end well.

      All the evidence points to the fact that black people hate themselves and wish to distance themselves from everything that makes them black because in truth when a racial community starts making excuses for their peoples bad behaviour instead of condemning the rogue elements and when they stop trying to better themselves intellectually and instead beg for social intervention in order to help them compete and survive they have basically given up on themselves as a race.

    1. It is exactly like chimps..Its in their nature,They can scream racism all they fucking want..But they are chimps..Plain and simple..Name me one prominently black country that is not a fucking shithole..with a zero economy…So we cannot really hate them they are just doing what comes natural..Segregation is key..They simply cannot evolve.. They still burn people alive for being a witch ffs!….Where as we did that about 400 years ago. Facts.

  14. 10 on one? PULL OUT A GUN. It’s called Mob action, and you have the right to assume that your life is in danger. This poor guy probably has facial fractures and possibly broken ribs. It might be a generalization to say that blacks like to attack a single person in mobs, but I’ve seen and heard enough to know that it’s not considered dishonorable like it is in other cultures. Maybe some asian people don’t like rice. FACT is, most of ’em still eat the shit out of that shit

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