Violent Nighttime Assault and Robbery Caught on CCTV in Juliaca, Peru

Violent Nighttime Assault and Robbery Caught on CCTV in Juliaca, Peru

A lone man walking down an empty street in Juliaca, Peru was assaulted a robbed by a trio of lowlifes. The incident was caught on a CCTV camera and judging by the zooming and panning, the operator of the camera anticipated the robbery.

The robbers forced the victim to the ground and diligently frisked him for valuables. They must have been satisfied with the loot cause they didn’t bother going after the woman who crossed their path shortly after. Luckily, the next group to cross their path were policemen apparently sent over by whoever monitors the surveillance cameras. Great job catching robbers before they could do away with the loot.

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  1. Crimes like that should warrant a automatic prison sentence. No probation or suspended prison sentence. Fucking arseholes thinking they have the right to terrify someone and just take what they want. Bang them up!

        1. I agree @wicked mama but I also have to point out the fact that one of the lowlifes was* female therefore it must have been her fault (considering the female bashing that’s been going on in recent weeks on here) Lol


          1. Good point sagey, reading all the comments us laydeez seem to have got off scott free on this one. I think people were so distracted with all the anti jew jokes they forgot about blaming us.

      1. The adrenalin kicked in the moment those thugs touched him.

        Now he’s probably going to have to live with that innate terror because of his poor wages limiting counselling opportunities.

        He might turn to alcohol, get fired from his job and then live as a lowlife, meeting his end in a Bar somewhere with some Ruffians.

        Something just doesn’t seem right. But heck! Sterilized meat will rot one day or another, right?

    1. I carry a handy little unit in my vehicle at all times. It is my only safeguard against death really because by the time I call 911, when some juiced up roid monkey road rager is bashing my head against the pavement, a four inch blade stuck in his ribs will do more to save me then trying to call and have the cops leave the doughnut shop.
      Besides, cops don’t hurry to assaults unless they think they will have a chance to shoot someone.

  2. Fucking scum!! I hope those fuck wads see this website and read my thoughts, especially me telling them to rot in hell for shit like this. Wish this had happened in Brazil and there was a lynching team around the corner instead of the cops!! Would loved to have seen Mother Karma work her magic in this situation. Although, have to say was glad the cops were there too. Hope they are enjoying some R&R in a hot and sweaty south American prison, even the dumb bitch, Stupid fucking little fucks who think that they can coast through life by stealing the hard work of others!

          1. Awww shit amnyc..shhhh…you’re gonna make me hurt myself in a second..I’m trying NOT to fap till I’m healed….FUCK…..oh well..i tried… πŸ˜‰

    1. Don’t rush into giving them too much credit. The Jack booted thugs are on a razor’s edge between helping someone out and using excessive force to bully, assault, murder, and basically stomp on people’s Charter, Constitutional, and basic human rights in a heartbeat.
      Well that’s how it is in Canada anyway.

  3. Fucking fuckfaces trying to rob that poor guy who had a bit of a limp. i hope the guy has learnt from this and is now carrying a taser and other helpful tools at all times.
    Also i hope the robbers will regret this forever. How are Peruvian jails?

  4. Theres been people on my back too and immediately walking in those dark corners i always sense something and in that situation you could definately smell something is fishy.
    I would have put my hands right first second on person neck who went behind me and kicked person with foot who is front of me. Then use my elbows to kick person who is holding me in grip
    Then would have moved away with fast steps and started to calm them down and started to find connection between them. If they still dont listen and violent. we all have experienced pain and if still nothing works i would have run away haahaha πŸ˜€
    If your active, fast and aggressive, with movements and sounds you can make them be afraid. unless they use some weapon

  5. Seeing shit like this makes me want to purposely carry fake cheap knock offs of nice things on me when I leave the house. That way if this ever happens to me all the thieving scum will walk away with will be a plastic gold-painted watch and one of those kiddy candy cell phones filled with jelly beans that you can find at the dollar store. If I wanted to risk pissing potential thieves off, I’d have a note in my wallet instead of any form of money that said: “The cash is up my ass & I never wipe. Did you bring gloves with you tonight?”

    1. IDK it would also kind of suck to be mugged, and ass kicked, over cheap ass jewelry as well.

      Better yet: Keep an eye out, fuck “bling”, don’t put yourself into a fucked situation, and walk anywhere knowing your ass wont be the next victim.

      1. I’ll just stuff some Monopoly money in my wallet, then.

        Total seriousness: I’m never in this situation, so I can joke freely. I avoid being alone, and generally stay in at night. There’s nothing to do around here late at night for a sober fellow like myself, anyway. πŸ˜•

  6. I don’t care who the hell you are, unless you’re Mike Tyson or a ninja, you know your community and the chances you take walking around at night. Its a painful truth. Point is whipe your ass and change your britches, THEN buy a gun… Or a katana, whatever floats your boat…

    1. I somewhat agree. See, i would go out at night with a Big-Ass hunting knife & Handgun, wearing pink Flip-Flops & and walking like a drunk, just to invite the Attention of Lowlifes waiting to pounce on the Downtrodden. Then just as they tried to grab be ,i would turn around with both hands cocked & ready, yelling WHO,S Your Bitch Motherfuckers! And watch those lil cunts scatter while i take pot shots at the ground near them. lol. Sounds fun, no ? πŸ˜‰

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