Violent Robbery Caught on CCTV in Blackpool

Violent Robbery Caught on CCTV in Blackpool

Violent robbery in which a bag snatcher tried to steal a woman’s purse was captured on CCTV camera in Blackpool, UK. The woman did not let go off her bag so the robber dragged her across the road.

Makes you wonder whether the robber was a local or an immigrant. Bag snatching is very common in places like Thailand. I don’t know what people of Blackpool are like, still I’d put my money on “immigrant”.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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35 thoughts on “Violent Robbery Caught on CCTV in Blackpool”

      1. Definitely agree with Druid on this one, white immigrants definitely outnumber any others in Blackpool. Of course there’s an even bigger chance of it being one of the local smackheads cos last time I went there most of the immigrants I had the pleasure of meeting were actually working on the piers and promenade.

        1. Having been to Blackpool more times than I’d wish on anyone, I’m not surprised in the slightest. An absolute cesspit. However 5mins down the road in Lytham St Annes holds many happy memories of sexytime. Northern girls are definately easier

    1. Well send him my way – i’ll ‘fix’ him, but not in the way he thinks!!!!!

      What do you think he would prefer, karate chop, boxing punch, taser, necklacing, or rubber bullets; Suggestions welcome 🙂

  1. It could be anyone to be honest, our indigenous population here in the UK have been completely dispossessed and our people are desperate to survive. All the jobs go to the cheap foreign workers and rent is astronomical, our working class have been forced on to the welfare state and our government have decided that they do not want a welfare state anymore so a lot of our people now have the choice of starving to death or committing crime.

    Seeing as the bag snatcher tried only to take the bag and at no point used physical attacks or raped or killed the victim I believe it is one of ours, if it was a immigrant they would have attacked, raped or murdered her.

    1. He just looks like yer typical white Northern monkey to me. Brought up on a council estate with thick working class parents, brought up with no disciple or sense of right or wrong. Little shit was probably causing trouble way before he became a junkie.

    2. Yeah, like the Polish cunt who broke into a house in Wolverhampton and battered the old boy and his wife to death for a couple of tvs, cunt had only been in the UK for 8 days, now he’s here for another 34 year, all expenses paid holiday.

  2. What a dick. I don’t care how desparate I get in life, I would never rob another person. I know some see it as survival but it’s still fucked up. All thieves are doing is pushing their problems onto someone else, leaving a void that has to be filled by the honest, hard-working folk. I fuckin hate thieves.

    Anyway, safe travels Mark. Smear yourself in wolf feces so they can’t pick up your trail.

  3. oWhy don’t these fools just rob their grannies!! A lot safer and charges more than likely won’t be pressed. I wouldn’t condone that shit but I mean its getting a lil ridiculous. Shouldn’t they stop and ask for a pin # too, I mean I don’t personally know of any girl that still carries cash even, just daddies credit cards!!

      1. That’s exactly what I was thinking as I was scrolling down reading her comment, fucking lowlife scumbag should visit the doctor and get a methadone script instead of robbing people on the streets.

  4. Now, for those who live in the UK like myself.

    You will probably know already that this is a common occurrence in most of our cities these days. I use to live in London myself, and have also been a victim of immigration.

    If you desire to visit London, I recommend that you strongly research the areas in which you are travelling to; especially if you plan to visit the UK at all!

    Every corner, you will see a group of arabs, muslims and yids rubbing their hands waiting for your purse/wallet to make an appearance.

    As per Empty Souls comment, our heritage and indigenous peoples have been raped and polluted thanks to the liberal democracy we live in today.

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