Weird Guy Gets Knocked the Fuck Out with a Single Punch

Weird Guy Gets Knocked the Fuck Out with a Single Punch

Does anybody know what exactly is going on here? This tall black guy looks like he could be a homeless bum or something. He doesn’t strike me as your typical bully but then why is he in the other guy’s face?

The short fellow, despite barely reaching up to the big guy’s shoulders, threw a really fast punch to the bug guy’s jaw and knocked him the fuck out in a nice slow fold down.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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70 thoughts on “Weird Guy Gets Knocked the Fuck Out with a Single Punch”

    1. They speak in french. Great art, Moli?re would be proud.
      – Little man says : “Go away ! Leave me alone ! Move !”
      – People around are enjoying the scene and ask for a fight.
      – Then little man says : “You took me for a fag? Are you a fag?”
      – Black man answers : “No, YOU took me for a fag.”
      – Third guy seen on the video says something I don’t understand.
      – Little man answers to third guy : “No you are a fag.”
      – Black man says “You are a fag.”
      – Little man gets angry, he asks “I am a fag? Me, a fag?”
      – And finally little man punches black man.
      – People around shout “K.O. !”

      1. White guy looks like a mini marine. BTW Dammit Mark, I was on a mission for crack, I told you that. And you STILL posted this video of me getting knocked the fuck out on my pursuit of happyness. All I did was tell the guy I’d suck his dick for a crack rock. Next thing I know…..fuckin WHAM!


    As a short guy myself, I know for a fact size don’t mean shit most of the time. And the big black fool probably thought (like most people with height) he had the advantage being tall. All your height does is give me a better line drive to your lower jaw. But he chose the ear/temple? Whatever, it worked.

    The playground must be by the bum’s cardboard box, and the basketball court?

    1. @cgartist18 so you would still love a man if he was throwing punches at you and giving you black eyes O_o ..? I know when women are physically assaulted by their husbands or bfs they tend to stick by them even though they are treated horribly o.o And I know this because I lived amongst Mexican minorities and personally saw a beaner lady knock out her husband with a frying pan and she still loved the guy and recently my friends uncle socked his girlfriend in the face so she gets him arrested and 3 days later she bails his ass out yup it’s sad really ^_^ how I love domestic disputes and assaults < 3

      1. There is a lot of “internet tough guys” that throw that racist shit around here. I’m sure that 98% of the people that say nigger here would never say it to a black person’s face. The other 2% just don’t give a fuck. (If you think you’re that 2%…then you’re probably not that 2%).

        I’m with the crowd that thinks anyone can be a nigger, white, black, yellow, whatever.

  2. From what I could gather, there was some type of confrontation with a family member. I don’t know if it would be a “fam” friend/hommie, or an actual member of kin. Either way, little guy wanted to know how or why brown bean-pole was messing around with “fam” and didn’t like the smart ass remark of something similar to “who/what does it mean to you?”

  3. I’ts french french and not Canadian french, the black dude was saying you don’t have the balls and the white dude was saying: what you think i don’t have the balls i don’t have the balls ? fuck off you don’t have the balls.
    ta Pas de couilles = you dont have the balls ( slang )
    the oui oui oui = yes yes yes its just like saying common common common
    degage = get lost or fuck off
    thank you.

    1. Nice translation.

      How is the current 3rd world immigration in Frnace mate?
      I hear the Africans are imported directly from the African Jungles, from 3rd world huts into 1st world France with all the Benefits…
      One can get the stereotypical image of an African dressed up in a Tuxedo with a Bone shoved through his nose.

    2. Right i am french canadian (Quebec) and its not french canadian language ….
      i do not know the situation in france but regarding montreal, it is a city filled with negroes the situation is critical

      for each negros who gets hit by a white man, you have a hundred of white Children who have been kill and rape by a tribe of negros …..

      usually it is 10 Negroes who beat one white man
      I see a lot of this in real time ……

      it makes me sick to see my government to be more and more close to israel, I mean ZOG

      sorry for my bad english …..

      1. Your English is better than my French, my friend. When I was in France in 1990, the country was already taken over by nigger-lovers. All the media, advertising, sports, music is all about niggers. Made me sick to my stomach.

    1. At the end the black guy said toi tes un pede which means, your a fag.
      as you see in the end the white guy point at him self and say im a fag ? im a fag ? then boom.
      also they used the slang french french word ouf which is actually fou = crazy.
      I’m not sure if this is used in Qu?bec though.
      i would love to live in Qu?bec by the way.

      1. yea you have this expresion in quebec

        You are crazy = Tu est Fou

        Quebec is a nice place but now in Montreal You have So Many immigrants

        A school in Ontarion, you have a school for black only
        no white child can go to this school

        imagine a school for white only, not Jewish and Negro,

        imposible because it would be racist …..


        But for the negros is not the same thing…..

        this is segregation….

        why the negros have more right than a white man in canada ?

        in USA i think you have the mexicano problem, close to the border ….

  4. I remember this video and from memory the back story to this from what i seen was the short guy was with his mates obviously and i think that they were being smart arses to this guy being racist or some shit as a joke and the negro didn’t take it as a joke.. and another story i heard was something to do with that bike you see i can’t remember but i think the black dude almost hit him or something then the racial slurs came out i don’t know but they are just the stories i have been told

  5. Short Guy Complex is in full effect. Never mess with a guy shorter than you. The fact that they’re short makes them feel like they have more to prove, so they’re willing to take it to the limit quicker than us big guys. I know this, because one of my best friends has Short Guy Complex, and I have seen him whoop up on many-a-bigger dudes than himself.

    Always count yourself lucky if you’ve got a Short Guy on your team. (Especially when you’re at a bar with a bunch of young bucks, and you’re too drunk to engage them yourself. I swear I’m not speaking from experience…)

    1. ah, the Naploeon complex is that of which you speak. Short women do it as well, they get up on tables at clubs and shit to make sure every one notices them. I think we should give all short people a slap every time they start mouthing off because they’re feeling insecure.

  6. French junkie immigrant. We see it all the time in London, junkies cost a fortune, free health care, the crimes they commit to finance thier habits. The free legal aid when they get caught and then the cost of eventually incarcerating them, all for them to come out and do the same thing again. Also, the number of children they manage to spawn who will all be taken away from them and be put throught our social services system at some point. Evey time one of them breed, which is far more than anyone else, they cost our country a fortune and leave terrible damage on the innocent little babies who will probably grow up to cost our country a fortune themselves.

  7. No it dosen’t work that way, I’ve seen small little scranwy people beat the fuck out of bigger aggressors. It’ve also seen people get second dan in martial arts training who still couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. I’m a women and so i avoid fighting with people if I can but I’ve been in situations that I couln’t get out of so I’ve delivered knock out punches to big strong men.

  8. There’s a bunch of monkeys in the background, scrambling to take pictures. I bet the scrawny black guy was set up by the punk and his friends who wanted a machismo video of himself to jack off to at home.

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