Woman Beats Her 6 Year Old Son Out of Frustration with ATM Machine

Woman Beats Her 6 Year Old Son Out of Frustration with ATM Machine

In the city of Labytnangi, located in the Ural region of Russia, a woman with her 6 year old son in tow entered a local convenience store. They approached an ATM machine where she tried to make a withdrawal, but found that there was not enough balance on her account.

Frustrated, she immediately turn to her child and unleashed her wreath on him for not being able to withdraw money. A random person noticed she was senselessly beating the defenseless child and tried to intervene, so the woman took the child outside, where she continued with the beating.

The CCTV video of the abuse made it to the hands of Russian authorities. Consequently, 35 year old Zhanna Voytishek now faces charges for beating her son.

Russia has a problem with feminism comparable to the west, where societal misandry is the enforced norm and women are bred to hate boys and men.

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  1. I don’t know why people just stand around and let her get away with this. If it was a dude, you know he’d be tackled, so why not tackle this bitch and throw her around? I think it would be very justified.

    1. I really hope, and pray to god that i never, ever, come across a degenerate cunt, like this, as that kid would NOT have a Mom. I would knock her out, and hold her there for the Cops, and Ambulance to arrive. And, as a result, her mother would be jailed. But unfortunately,, so would i , i,m sure!

  2. I’m the opposite with my kid at an ATM, I let him do the whole thing (not if there is a long queue though) ever since he was about this age too. He is quite capable of paying for shopping or whatever with my cards!

      1. Lol, nah, once they get to the age where it’s not fun to push the buttons for mum, well they have their own cards by then. That’s the only reason I let them do it, for fun, not to teach them some life skills sort of shit.

        1. @tas Ahhh, you modern day moms. To show how old I am, mom would make me write out her checks and balance the checkbook. Wow, that kick was brutal, like she was kicking a field goal. Then the dwarf toss outside, brutal. This lady just went completely off the deep end.

          1. @BTR, well your mum let you help too! I guess the cards are just the modern day equivalent. I can remember my mum had a cheque book, you don’t see them much these days. And I’m getting on in years too, I have a 19 year old son!

          2. @BTR “dwarf toss” haha, im in tears!!! ….but seriously, that bitch is fucking psycho!!! She immediately turned to the poor kid as if to say, “because i had to buy you FOOD, now im broke and i cant buy (enter selfish unimportant want/desire here)!!!

  3. I don’t know ANY women who have been “bred to hate boys and men” Of course I see women who boss their husbands around, but I don’t know any women who “hate boys”, every woman I know loves their boys very much. I guess it must be prevalent in some big cities?

      1. That’s awful, why did she bother to have kids? I mean I’m sure you’re glad to be here, but the thought of having a mum who doesn’t love you is downright depressing, I hope you have someone who loves you now?

    1. I know one woman that didn’t for a while. She couldn’t stand his terrible two’s, that was her excuse anyway.
      Then she started making up phases like his ugly 3’s, horror 4’s, the not so high 5’s, buy she finally started warming up to him just recently. I thought she was going to kill him once. This is the last time I’ll ever bring this up, damn I hope she’s not a member because she’ll recognize these made up phases. You’re right, I don’t see many moms hating on their boys, just like I don’t think there’s many guys out there that hate their little girls.

          1. Are you in the US? lol, I don’t live anywhere near Sydney, where the really deadly funnel web is, thought we do have a very toxic funnel web called a ‘mouse spider’ not sure why it’s called that? It is a normal looking black funnel web with shades of red around it’s large fangs, it’s not as big as a mouse or anything. We all live with ‘house spiders’ which are a type of funnel web, they are a scary big black spider! They are everywhere.

          2. @ tas tiger You guessed it! Oh ya, I know about those big, beetle eating, mouse spiders. They have some huge and very strong fangs. Everywhere? Yikes, just be safe out there.

      1. She sounds like the pregnant woman who wanted to know the sex of her child. When she was told she was going to have a girl she was ecstatic and did everything in pink; and then the baby was born and she was a he. The woman would not bond with the baby and couldn’t stand to touch him not even a cuddle. I was so shocked this baby had a mother who won’t even look at him properly. I have two sons and naturally I was hoping for a girl the second time. I could not love him more and I knew, in my heart, I was having a boy! They’re my world…

    2. I use to work with this one woman who invited me to her house and she had the cutest little boy, but he had a black eye so I asked her how he got it and she said she got mad at him and hit him, he was only 2 years old, I was so up set and left and went right to a phone and called child protection on her and she found out I was the one reported her and she said she would get even with me. I know she would never come after me because unlike her kid I would fight back. I never found out what happen to the boy she never went back to work after that ,,, could be because I told every one what she did, and she had no friends at work no more.

    3. @tas

      I don’t understand how anyone could hate a child. You have to be really fucked up to hate them (in the abusive way I know some people just don’t like kids).

      Also I can’t stand when I see women are shitty to their husbands/boyfriends bossing them around. I don’t get treating someone that way. I understand arguments or bickering from time to time but some of these women are downright awful to their men and the men just take it…another thing I don’t get.

        1. It really bothers me when I see that. I don’t see the point of being with someone like that. I’d rather laugh and have fun than yell and make my man feel like shit. I’m not saying guys aren’t capable of treating women like shit or make them feel bad about themselves but I see and hear women complain about their man over literally the stupidest shit trying to justify their behavior when really they’re just bitches.

  4. Thank god we usually grant women custody. Especially considering they’re more likely to murder their children with respect to chance of being granted custody. So (women murdering children)/(woman with custody) > (men murdering children)/(men with custody).

  5. It looks cold as fuck! Ironically, that mightve saved the kid from serious damage due to the thick jacket and heavy bundling….not to say it didnt look painful but hopefully it protected his little body a bit. And honestly, that russian bitch looks pretty damn strong!!! Its definitely NOT the first time she beat that poor kid. Imagine what she does in private…and then she just abandons her child and walks away. I bet that hurt him more mentally and emotionally than the kick and toss did physically….to see your mom walk away leaving you alone in the cold after she beat your ass….what a selfish, useless, cunt!!!

          1. @LF I’m thinking she’s a mental drunk bitch. People know she beats him, but they do nothing to stop her. At six, she’s already fucked his mind up. My heart breaks for this little fellow.

  6. Woman: what did you just called me? You’re not going to talk to me like that you little twerp.

    Little boy: I didn’t say anything momma. I swear.

    Man: is everything ok? Did you just kick that kid?

    Woman: we’re practicing a routine. We do a stand-up at the comedy store. We’ll just go outside, my kid wants to play in the snow.

  7. There’s suicide jumpers, carnage filled traffic accidents, bloaters, and then there’s the children getting a beating… The one thing I have trouble watching, children being on the receiving end… Instantly fills me with this primal rage, and thoughts of what I would have done to this woman to save the kid. Damn…

  8. Thinking all machines are candy machines, the kid Ate everything that just came out of the ATM. I’d have been pissed off enough to throw him away too, but I would have probably used the nearest recycling bin because that kind of thing is important these days.

  9. I’m always filled with rage when I see shit like this but I get so sad seeing the child calmly get back up or willingly going with the abuser/follow them not even putting up a fight because they’re so use to it. It really breaks my heart.

      1. I agree people shouldn’t have children if they can’t take care of them or appreciate what they have. Children, animals and the elderly are what makes my blood boil. All three are pretty much defenseless and I hate seeing any abuse towards them.

        1. @LF, im defenseless too! You should take me in and comfort me. I like romantic comedies and long walks on the beach and occasional spankings with spiked belts, but regular leather belts are fine too 😉

    1. That’s exactly what broke me up when watching that guy toss his little step daughter back in the pool over and over. After like the 4th time she was being tossed and pulled out of the pool, she still grabbed his hand while being walked over where he we throw her back in the pool over and over. I’m getting emotional just typing this. That was by far the toughest video I’ve ever seen on this site and won’t watch it again.

      1. Exactly. To this day, after 56 years, I still can’t cry because I learned very young that it would worse.
        The only time I’ve cried as an adult was when my dog died. Unfortunately, my non crying is taken as I’m a cold non caring bitch.
        The kid n the pool did a number on me also. If I ever see anyone do that to a kid….I’m going to jail.

          1. @JustJustine said the wrong thing, my dad would be taken away. These were lies planted on him anyway, but it’s still a scary situation to be in regardless.

  10. She’s not a misandrist. She’s a baby beating count who needs to die. If she were beating her daughter would you call her a misandrist?
    Women aren’t usually raised hating men. There’s way too many males that think it’s funny to fuck over females. Then when they get sick of assholes fucking them over Is when they learn to hate males. Of course the males think it’s harmless fun because they don’t give a shit about the repercussions of their actions. This is where misandrist women come from. For the record, I love men. I adore men. It’s the Asshole boys who think they’re men that I despise.

  11. ?Russia has a problem with feminism comparable to the west, where societal misandry is the enforced norm and women are bred to hate boys and men.? ? Go fuck yourself, already. You just pull this stuff out of your ass, right? Russian female are born to serve and love her man ? the total opposite of your spewing.

    1. @Helvetenskap
      @Ate doesn’t reply….not ever.
      Whether you agree or not you can refrain from telling one of the best writers of this site to fuck himself…at least tell one that will debate with you…keep it respectful because @Ate dedicates a lot of time and his work is appreciated.
      This video occurs in Russia take it up with the lady in the video who must not have gotten the memo about being born to serve, kicking the crap out of her child.

  12. Smacking your son around like that is such a bitch move, whats gonna do to protect himself he looks like hes five. And he didnt do anything . Like, if he bit your finger off id be like yea kick that little fucker .

  13. daamn I’ve taken some asswhoopings from mom before but this bitch just seems to have gone off without cause for it I mean I’d understand if the kid broke something but lil one was just hanging out next to the bitch , I thing I would have beaten the shiz out of that “woman ” till kid asked me to stop , and if cops came before idk what w

  14. I was severely abused as a child and now have a child of my own…I know the effects of my childhood carry through to my adulthood and I struggle to walk that fine line all the time because of my PTSD with my temper to make sure I am not misdirecting it at my daughter…it’s hard…but I have to say this video seriously just made my gut wrench and my heart break for that little boy. When she threw him it gave me flashbacks to when I was a kid…it’s so sad that so many parents get away with this bullshit…

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