Woman Beats and Drags Her Little Daughter by Hair in Dominican Republic

Woman Beats and Drags Her Little Daughter by Hair in Dominican Republic

Woman Beats and Drags Her Little Daughter by Hair in Dominican Republic

In the Manoguayabo area of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, a woman was filmed brutally dragging her four year old daughter across the street by the hair while beating her, and then clubbing her with some tube she picked up from the ground.

The woman, who’s of Haitian origin, was identified as Yohanna Dominici. According to local reports, she was with her daughter in a grocery store and the daughter wanted her to buy her some sweets. The mom refused, making the girl cry. That infuriated the woman and the rest is in the video.

A neighbor told El Nuevo Diario that he tried to save the girl from mistreatent but the woman was yanking her off his grasp so hard he had to let go because he feared the girl’s arm could get broken. The woman’s husband told police he’s been victim of her violence many times but never dared report it because no one would believe him in the pussy whipped, female privileged country like the Dominican Republic.

After the incident, the woman was “rescued” from evil patriarchal society and taken to la Unidad de Atención a Víctimas de Violencia de Género (the Unit for Attention to Victims of Gender Violence) – I wish I were kidding!

Here’s Yohanna Dominici being rescued by the medics because you know – it must have been really hard on her having to beat that little child:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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145 thoughts on “Woman Beats and Drags Her Little Daughter by Hair in Dominican Republic”

    1. I’ll take 3 min and no pipe no lock or fuckin room …i guess as a practiced and confessed white knight…to protect a child its ok to stomp a mudhole into an abusive woman .ya know to give her a little downtime..

    2. Fun Fact of the day ~ Most psychopaths are vigilantes. They like to take the law in their own hands and administer their own type of justice.

      Tranquilize that bitch and pull a dexter on her.

      Glad wrap * check
      Knife kit * check
      Unconscious body on gift wrapped on a flat surface * check
      Keep it on the hush hush

    1. Absolutely…i raised 5 kids and I recall many times wanting to fuckin strangle the little fuckers …but I never did …or never beat any of them ….(of course under article 10 of parenting code 6.a beating is 2 hits or more 1 slap with an open hand is not considered)…im just saying she was 4 years old and a slap is sufficient..

  1. Poor Yohanna Dominici i see she hurt her arm beating the kid, it’s sad. On a serious note how weird must it be for a kid one minute you’re asking your mum for sweets the next she’s practically killing you to death. Fucked up

      1. The problem is capialism requires high polpulations, for years in britain they’ve been trying to get women to breed in high numbers offering all sorts of seeteners to no avail. So now they bring iun muslioms who are dumb enough to breed big families, even dumber than your averahe hoodrat.
        This woman should never have been allowed to breed in the first place. There may come a time when we have to choose who can breed and who can’t.

          1. Something will have to happen, politics backed up by terrorism will be the way forward for us, like the IRA. People are sick and tired of islam

  2. Ugh! I knew I shouldn’t have watched that! I can handle just about anything. But I can’t stomach watching this shit very well. Some vigilante justice needs to get served since obviously their child welfare system is fucked. It happens everywhere though. Even the most “civilized” countries you see kids being taken from good homes and children left to die in bad ones.

          1. Wtf! I almost forgot about those! Lol!!! I’m rubbing my leg thinking about those. Ow! On longer road trips my parent kept a fly swatter in the car to smack us with if we got out of hand.

          1. No, I like it strong ! i really like you Gail, you have a vibe, like you know stuff and got it all sorted, i dont know why/ how, does make sense? Lol No !

          2. Well if your amazed by that. You’ll really be shocked that I have done all of the remodeling on my home myself. Not itty bitty shit either. I ripped the whole bathroom floor out and put in a new one when a hidden leak rotted the old one. Pretty proud about that one 🙂

          3. When I’m better I will change my bathroom flooring, any chance of a hand Gail? all the strong coffee you can drink !

          4. When you’re better???? I’m not going to lie. I did it and i did a really good job. But it was a bitch! Lol!!! I’ve been procrastinating doing my master bathroom because of that. The previous owners fucked up when they installed the new flooring before I bought it. The new flooring was thick. And when they put the toilet back in place they didn’t put in a thicker flange it would have needed to accommodate the thickness of the flooring. So the toilet in both bathrooms had a slow leak that gradually grew bigger. By the time it was noticeable it was too late. 🙁

          5. Oh god that sounds expensive and hard work you poor thing, oh I thought I told you, I’ve a broken leg, wrist, hand, collarbone and ribs Lol, that why I’m on here all the time lol

          6. Lol very good, another rider hit my back wheel at 150mph in a race in spain, so i spent time jn hospital there before getting back, I was off here for a month ish, and kboom its my life now lol thank god for you x

          7. No just dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. I had a accident caused by an idiot too. Not near as bad as yours. I switched to snowmobiles. Doesn’t hurt as bad when you wipe out. Unless you hit a tree. Lol. But I am guessing there’s no snow where you’re from? Lol

          8. Funny enough he gained control, slowing to a softer off, french guy, i took the brunt of it lol, still im here, they say i wont be able to play the piano again lol couldn’t before so..

          9. Oh. Wow! I would be pissed! Did the French fuckhead have the courtesy to at least send you flowers at the hospital? I’m petty. I would’ve paid someone to club the shit out of his legs like he was Nancy Kerrigan. Lol!!!

          10. Gail you are a real great mate, thank you for keeping me company today, it means alot, im sure you have better things to do, so go do them lol i wish i could send you flowers or goints lol x

          11. OK I must try to de-gail myself now, damn tougher than I thought ! I’ll try not to wake you in the morning lol il keep the noise down, again thanks Gail, glad your not moody ! Far from it !

  3. Fuck The Black Panther! This bitch needs a spank down from some real black super heroes. Blackteria and Incognegro would swoop in and take a rancid collard green shit in her panties then yank ‘me up to her ears.

  4. What a fucking bitch .
    I have 4 kids & never have I ever beaten them.. they all turned out to be good law abiding citizens & have good jobs etc..

    I know what poverty is like as I went thru it
    and it wasn’t nice..

    1. I always found taking privileges away was more effective than an ass whoopin. I remember being grounded from the phone for 2 weeks sucked wishing my parents would just spank me instead. At least it was over and done with quicker. But with extreme poverty, how do you take away privileges if they don’t have any to begin with?

    1. Yeah I about lost it when she lifted the poor girl by her hair so that her feet weren’t even touching the ground. The whole video was disturbing. I’d like to see some vigilante justice dishing the same treatment out to her that she inflicted on that little girl.

  5. Wallabeast….you just took it out of my mouth…
    Some guys have no idea…..that bitch is build to kill
    There is something in the food …..and the genes…!!!
    A skinny white dude or two would be knocked out in a few seconds….this is a gorilla….
    I say that someone whith no fighting skills and a small or average stature has no chance….imagine on the top of that, that she is fucked up crazy….
    The thing ..with this kind of woa man…is
    To stop her and a metal pipe may not be enough.
    She looks like a lil sedated tho.

  6. Kids don’t need handles, just drag them by the hair if they have any. If they don’t have hair then drag them by a limb and even if the limb bone breaks, the flesh and skin tubing still kinda consolidates the limb as a working handle. Indeed a broken bone in a child’s limb can make it a more flexible and adjustable handle for expedient dragging.
    This video clip is obviously a clip of male-on-female unprovoked gender violence and our collective cognitive dissonance is only able to see a woman dragging a screaming four-year-old child by the hair and switching her dragging arm occasionally in order to better grab whatever beating stick she can comfortably thrash the terrified child with.
    I think all men, all over the world should see this and hang their manly heads in shame for what we have done. That shameful manly head-hanging should also include gay men because they are still of the male gender and as such are part of this problem. How did we get to this guys?

  7. Made it even sadder when the little girl reached out to others for help. She knew the worst was coming when she got home. If mama does that in public, think what she does behind closed doors.

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